My Appointment On The Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Why They Are Challenging Me Not Living In The City

Lindell Kay Rocky Mount Telegram reporter recently did a front page story on me because I am a member of the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission and I live in Tarboro but I receive my mail at the Pinetops Post Office. I live 7 miles out of Tarboro and 3 miles out of Pinetops, however I had the P.O. Box before the flood of 99. The P.O. Box came in good because I never missed a beat with receiving my mail after losing my home and etc. I have been a member of the Rocky Mount NAACP since 1992 and I was appointed as a designee to the N.E.E.D. Inc. Board back in the 90’s and I served as vice chair for several years. We received a stipend and I tried to give mines back but I was not allowed to. I receive nothing serving on the HRC.

The reason why Lindell Kay and some Special Cs are so mad with me is because I would not respond to them about why I was serving on the HRC. I didn’t appoint myself so I feel the answer should come from the NAACP and any questions they had with the city, Lindell and others should just address them.

As I really didn’t think anything of the challenge, it came to me a couple of days ago that the NAACP and the City Council will address the issue and whatever they come up with will be fine with me. It was said that the city council will address the issue and it was said that the ordinance could be changed or they could let it stay like it is.

If I was the one addressing the issue I would say what if the President of the NAACP did not live in Rocky Mount, so he/she could not serve? This would go for the Rocky Mount Chamber as well so if their representative had a business in Rocky Mount but do not live there, or if they just were a Chamber member so they could not be appointed to the HRC.

I am going to leave the technical issue with the residency thingy up to the NAACP and the City Council.

Another thing is Lindell Kay and the Special Cs want to talk about my character and my use of words especially Special C. These Special Cs have been saying whatever the hell they want to say calling Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell along with myself all kinds of names. But yet they don’t know what I mean when I say Special C. My response to them calling us out of our names is to agitate the hell out of them and my use of words do just that. That is what makes me a Professional Agitator. I don’t bother these folk but when they come for me, Andre, Reuben and other black folk but not limited to, my use of words cause them not to be able to sleep at night. Look the comments when the comment on social media and look at who start calling folk out of their names but then when we address them they try to flip the script. Nope! It is documented.

What I can promise Lindell Kay and the Special Cs is that I will attend the meetings and video them monthly even if I am no longer the NAACP designee. So how do you like me now?