Rocky Mount City Council And Edgecombe County Commissioners Will Still Meet On Friday Inspite Of Nash Commissioner Withdrawing

Nash County Board of Commissioners had called a meeting with the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners  and the Rocky Mount City Council were going to be included. But Nash Commissioners didn’t want Rocky Mount City Council at the table.

Well the meeting is still on however will go on without the Nash County Commissioners at the table.

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Meeting Cancelled! Not Surprised! Nash County Commissioners And That School Merger/Split Mess!

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Meeting Cancelled! Not Surprised! Nash County Commissioners And That School Merger/Split Mess!

Thank you Bronson Williams for sharing this on your facebook page.

Is it really that serious? Seems to me that Nash County has some strong feelings about the City of Rocky Mount. This cancellation really speaks to the intentions of Nash County Board. See below

The Nash County Board of Commissioners recently requested a special meeting with the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners to discuss the realignment of the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System boundary. Nash County staff was advised last week that the Edgecombe Board had agreed to meet on May 15, 2015 at 11:00 am and proceeded on Friday, May 8th to post the special meeting to the website and make all required notifications accordingly.

On Monday, May 11, 2015, Nash County officials were advised of the intention of Edgecombe County to include City of Rocky Mount officials at the May 15th meeting without the consent of the Nash County board. While Nash County is willing to meet with city officials separately at a later date, the purpose of the scheduled meeting was to meet directly with the Edgecombe County board to discuss the school boundary. The Nash County Board of Commissioners strongly feel, when dealing with such a complex issue, that having twenty-eight people at the initial meeting would be counterproductive.

Therefore, since Edgecombe County Commissioners have expressed that they will not meet exclusively with Nash County Commissioners as requested, the previously scheduled May 15th meeting has been canceled. Edgecombe County was advised of this decision prior to official notice of the cancellation.

Fred Belfield,
Chairman Nash County Board of Commissioners

This meeting will go forward: Black leaders oppose proposal to split school district – Rocky Mount Telegram

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Black leaders oppose proposal to split school district – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: In response to a comment by someone hiding behind a code name.

You will agree with Rep. Collins just to disagree with Councilman Knight and Rep. Willingham so that is nothing new.

I didn’t read where Rep. Collins said what happened 25-30 years ago is not relevant for today? What I read was Rep. Collins said, “However, N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, said that the comparison between events now and in the past are not as simple as Willingham states.

“We are not going back to the same three school system formula as we were before,” Collins told the Telegram. “So I am not sure how you can compare what is going on now with what happened then.”

So what part of the following picture do you and Rep. Collins don’t get because it is clear to me, “Willingham said Nash County “is again reneging on its settlement of this lawsuit and pushing actions to render Edgecombe County and Rocky Mount a racial and economic wasteland.”

“Whether it’s their overt intention or not, they are using the justification of disparities in capital funding and county wealth as a basis to re-segregate the system and re-draw the lines to exclude the predominantly black and lower wealth families of Edgecombe-Rocky Mount along the railroad boundary that they know brings a history of friction that signifies both racial and economic differences,” Willingham said.”

Yep that is the problem if it were more white students I wonder would Robbie Davis be pushing this discussion?

You say have a black Superintendent. Hell some didn’t want him then and some don’t want him now and that is a major issue as well that is being left out of the equation but just last month it was a force trying to fire him.

The whole thing is RACIAL and that is okay for me. What ain’t okay is when folks want to deny it’s racial overtones.

The Nash County Commissioners under the leadership of Robbie Davis is pushing the issue as financial. Well Rep. Collins made some sense when he said, “Collins said that he does see the need for the current system to change.”

“I am in favor of each county paying for the cost of educating the students from their own county,” he said.

“I think that is only fair. I just am not sure if splitting the system along the county line will be necessary to do this,” Collins said. “I think we need to find a way for Edgecombe County to start paying their share of the cost of educating their students. I am just not sure what it is going to take to make this happen.”

But the problem with that is Nash County Commissioners said, “Nash County commissioners have said their main reasons for asking for the county line split of the school system are the inequities in current funding formula and a desire to see Rocky Mount removed from the funding formula because of the strain this causes on utilities costs.”

In other words Nash Commissioners are trying to remove Rocky Mount City Council out of the equation trying to say there are inequities in current funding formula and to use the utilities because that is something that has been a hot issue over the years. Well damn so they don’t want the Rocky Mount City Council to pay anything and the main thing is using the citizens of Rocky Mount against each other.

If Nash County Commissioners are on to something and can prove there are funding inequities then deal with that but why do there need to be a school split? Just makes no damn sense to me but that is just my ignant opinion.

Black leaders oppose proposal to split school district

N.C. Rep. Shelly Willingham, D-Edgecombe, and Andre Knight, president of the Rocky Mount branch of the NAACP, both recently spoke out against using county lines to split schools in Rocky Mount.

Knight said the Rocky Mount branch of the NAACP plans to hold a special meeting on Thursday to discuss the request of the Nash County commissioners to divide the Nash-Rocky Public Schools district along county lines. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m at the OIC Auditorium in Rocky Mount. (Source: Read more)