Love Volunteering Capturing The Children At My Alma Mater SouthWest Edgecombe

I just love videoing at my alma mater, ball games but I be mad when their grades ain’t right, Hall of Fame, Athletic Banquet, Senior Awards Ceremony, Baccalaureate and Graduation. If these children parents don’t be there to support them, well I am there capturing them via video and photo. I was so happy to see all of these children that received these academic awards and fitting ready to go off to college.

For those whom will not attend college or go on to further your education I hope you will stay productive citizens and do well.

It is my desire and goal to one day have a scholarship fund from The DCN News Blog Online TV.

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Photos/Video: SouthWest Edgecombe Senior Awards Ceremony 2015

Tell me something good can’t come out of Pinetops NC! With strong positive support from family, friends, church and community our children can show them that we are Kings and Queens. Saquan Revis received over $230,000 in Scholarship Funds and will be attending Wake Forest University in NC.
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