Arrington wins race for Nash board seat – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Congratulations Marvin you have been dedicated and worked hard over the years helping to get Democrats elected so now is your time. Thank you for willing to serve. Wow! So Robbie Davis Republican Chair endorsed Dr. Johnson. Marvin will be taking the seat of Mrs. Lou Richardson who is black so therefore it is good a black person is the one to replace her.

Democrat Marvin Arrington has emerged as the winner of the Democrat primary and will likely serve as the next District 1 representative on the Nash County Board of Commissioners.

Arrington garnered 71.21 percent of the vote while his opponent, Dr. Mike Johnson, received 23.79 percent. Arrington had 871 more votes than his opponent.

Even though the primary races do not usually decide the ultimate victory of most races, no Republicans filed to run for the District 1 seat, which has long been held by a Democrat. Barring an unusual write-in vote victory in November, Arrington will win the District 1 seat.

In an interview after the election, Arrington disputed the fact that he did not have a Republican opponent.

“I think my opponent was actually a Republican disguised as a Democrat,” Arrington told the Telegram. (Read more)

In Response To School Board Votes To Hire Project Manager In The Rocky Mount Telegram

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The Opinion of Curmilus Butch Dancy II

So the following appears that the school board and the commissioners are at odds over hiring a project management services. It appears that the Nash County Commissioners wants to run the school board and if that be the case they may as well dismantle the school board. I like it the school board is taking a stand on the hiring of a project manager services.

“School board member Ann Edge made the motion to “authorize the board chair and the superintendent to execute a contract with Cumming Program Management, using a school system form as may need to be modified by the board attorney and interim superintendent to provide initial project management services through the bidding phase in an amount that shall not exceed $167,000, and for the board to request reimbursement of these funds from the Nash County commissioners.”

That motion was immediately and unanimously approved.”

“We have no intention of paying for the use of a project management firm,” Davis said. “I am concerned about this decision because I fear it will slow the progress toward building the new school.”

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Nash County NC – Sheriff Keith Stone Office Addresses The Jail Facilities Issues To The Nash County Commissioners

Sheriff Captain Allen Wilson gives update on the Nash County Jail. After watching Captain Wilson give report this was hard to believe that the jail is in this type of condition that is not good for the inmates nor the staff. This is a damn shame and should be an embarrassment to all of Nash County Citizens. It is more of an embarrassment that Robbie Davis Chair and the entire Board of Nash County Commissioners have attempted to make it Sheriff Keith Stone and his Office the problem here. It is amazing that anyone is working at the jail under these conditions so obviously they must love their job and evidently Sheriff Stone is a good person to work for. From what I know, I support Sheriff Keith Stone and the Sheriff Office. I hate the  have had to endure this attention however I would hope that Robbie Davis and the commissioners would apologize to you and be willing to listen to what they need to know from first hand experience.

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Republican Chair Nash County Commissioner Robbie Davis Takes Financial Resources From Republican Sheriff Keith Stone

This is a damn shame Robbie Davis and his flunky Commissioners have chosen to fight the highest Elected Official in the county over a problem he didn’t create. Hell this is the same crew that ran the first Black Superintendent of Nash County Schools out of town. I could not believe what I was seeing on TV last night when Robbie Davis was on but then again when you know them it makes all the difference. Damn shame! But the sad part is the Democrats on the board Fred Belfield Jr., Lou Richardson and Mary Wells are supporting Robbie’s agenda on anything he does. The Commissioners don’t want to raise taxes so they can say they don’t have a high tax rate like Edgecombe County. But by not raising taxes look at how the schools and the jail have gone underfunded. Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, LoveRockyMount, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV owned by Robbie Davis are not calling out Davis and crew. But these same Nash County folk have no problem with calling out Rocky Mount City Manager, City Council and other Black Folk in leadership.
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Nash weighs leaving gateway partnership – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Nash County Board of Commissioners is considering pulling out of the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.

Commissioners are set to discuss the matter Monday morning at their regularly-scheduled monthly meeting.

An agenda item for the meeting is titled “Commissioners to Discuss the Future Relationship between Nash County and the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.”

Supplimental information includes a statement from County Manager Zee Lamb on an agenda information sheet.

“Commissioners will decide whether to continue to be a partner in the Partnership or to discontinue being a partner and take on economic development as a county department,” Lamb said. (Read more)

Republicans take control of Nash County board – Rocky Mount Telegram

NASHVILLE — Nash County has a new chairman of the board.

Longtime Commissioner Robbie Davis was elected unanimously by the county’s seven-member board Monday to a second term as chairman. He previously served in that position from 2009-10. He was the first Republican chairman in recent history.

“There was a lot of bipartisan good will,” Davis said.

Davis was nominated for the position by Commissioner Wayne Outlaw, a Republican, with a second by outgoing Chairman Fred Belfield, a Democrat.

Outlaw was elected vice chairman with a nomination by Commissioner Lisa Barnes, a Republican, and a second by Commissioner Mary Wells, a Democrat.

Incoming Commissioner Dan Cone gives Republicans a majority on the board. Cone replaces retiring Democrat Billy Morgan. The board now sits at a four-three ratio of Republicans to Democrats. Davis, Outlaw, Barnes — along with Cone — are Republicans. Belfield, Wells and Commissioner Lou Richardson are Democrats.

As chairman, Davis said he plans to focus on two main issues.

“We need to bring jobs to Nash County,” Davis said, adding that Carolinas Gateway Partnership did an excellent job landing the CSX train-to-truck terminal, “but it’s time to turn it up.”

Davis said he also will focus on mending wounds caused by the two-year fight over funding of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools.

“That battle is over, but it left a lot of scars,” Davis said. “Now we need to work with the school board on capital needs.” (Read more)

Local officials applaud school bill – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: So is it really about the following COMPROMISE? “Edgecombe County is to pay a prorated share of all capital spending based on student population and will pick up the payment from Rocky Mount in four years for all operating expenses.” So they want Rocky Mount City Council out of the equation? What will the next Compromise be?

A new state law preventing a split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools is being met with varying degrees of acceptance by local leaders who worked on the issue for years.

Nash County officials are happy with the legislation passed unanimously Wednesday by the N.C. General Assembly, while Edgecombe County officials like the big picture, but are cold on some of the details.

The law closely resembles the final deal offered by Nash County officials to the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners. Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis, who helped introduce the school funding discussion, said he is pleased with the bill. (Rocky Mount Telegram)