Rocky Mount NC – Councilman Andre Knight & Real Estate Developer Troy Davis Help Some Folk To Safety

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Rocky Mount City Council Committee of The Whole Meeting/Regular February 2020 Monthly Meeting

The Committee Of The Whole Meeting where the real presentations and discussions take place. Committee of the Whole Meetings are lead by Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight.

The Regular Monthly Meeting is where the council votes on order of business. During this time Public Comments are allowed. You have to watch them for yourself to see just how ignant that can get. I strongly feel that some speak just to see themselves in the newspaper and on TV video. See the young Black female that talks about the Ignant Racist Social Media Page Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens. There has been a clear White Supremacy B.S. Movement in action lead by this site. I totally agree with this young female. Send All Donations To The DCN News Blog Online TV Through PayPal And Other

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Rocky Mount NC Is Ready To Come Out Of The Woods – In Reference To Beth Wood NC State Auditor Councilmen Andre Knight & Reuben Blackwell

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Rocky Mount NC – Tarrick Pittman Has Filed An Election Protest Against Andre Knight With The Edgecombe County Board Of Elections To Be Heard On Monday October 21, 2019

Funny this guy has has not posted about he has filed an Election Protest against Andre Knight with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections. There will be a preliminary hearing held in the Board of Elections Office on Monday at 4 PM.

Tarrick Pittman lost to Andre Knight in the Ward 1 Rocky Mount City Council Election.

Damn this guy just don’t want to give up.

But the thing about all of this is hell Andre Knight and any citizen could have and still can file a residency challenge against Tarrick Pittman because the evidence is there that his residency could be challenged. This ignant ought to be on the edge that someone do not challenge him.

I received a phone call a couple of days before the election and I said no need to worry about doing it now you need to just wait til after the election and do it if Tarrick should win.

Well maybe those folk need to go ahead and file a residency challenge against him since he want to keep the election going.

Johnny Cunningham had talked to me about filing a residency challenge against him some time ago and I told him to hold off and let someone else do it.

Hell if we had an effective Edgecombe County Democratic Party where Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is the chair, he should have filed a challenge however he can’t do it because he lives in Nash County and has not had a Democratic Party meeting since he was voted in as chair in April.

Hell I may even file a residency challenge against this ignant because I am sick and tired of reading on Social Media where Special Cs are supporting a known criminal over someone they have been trying to paint as a criminal when they have not provided any facts.

The facts are out on Tarrick’s residency changes because in March 2019 in the newspaper he talked about moving to Edgecombe County over a year ago but his voter’s registration shows he voted in Nash County in November 2018. He said he lived on Woodland Ave.

Then he went down to the Edgecombe County Board of Elections and changed his address to Rosewood Ave. Sources say he never lived there.

If proven that Tarrick has lied about his residency this is a Felony Violation.

Well I am going to sit back and see when Tarrick residency will be challenged. I know if I lived in Rocky Mount hell I would have been filed it.

Fact Check That!

Report Back! I’ll Wait!

Now Run & Tell That!

Rocky Mount NC – Nash County GOP Mark Edwards Respond To Andre Knight Concerns About What He Believe Is A Republican Driven Ballot

I find the comments by Mark Edwards chairman of the Nash County Republican Party to be no different of what he claim about Andre Knights comments. However it is a fact there is an illegal ballot but where is the proof about Knight not adhering to standards such as truth and integrity?

Mark Edwards, chairman of the Nash County Republican Party, took exception to that statement.

“If any normal politician made such a remark about the Republican Party, I would ask him to provide some evidence of his accusations. But since this is Andre Knight, I won’t even do that since everyone already knows he does not adhere to standards such as truth and integrity,” Edwards said on Monday. “My problem with Knight’s statements published by the Telegram is that his accusations are false, slanderous and racist. Andre Knight governs by smear and innuendo and so it is no surprise whatsoever he campaigns by smear and innuendo.”

So Mark can you provide proof to what you accuse Andre Knight?

It is a fact that there has been a Republican movement to attempt to unseat Andre Knight from the council since 2003 but actually before he was sworn in. It is a fact that it appears that these Republicans working along with 3 Democrats in particular have partnered to attempt to unseat Knight and Richard Joyner during this election.

I understand Mark you want some proof of what is being speculative however with the attack on the Knight, Joyner, Reuben Blackwell and other Black leadership, it appears that the known Republicans are linked to the ballot until otherwise denounced and asked that those who are responsible to stop it. I would think that is the outcome that Knight and those who are about voter integrity were looking for.

I believe that going to the polls and watching who are giving out what information will somewhat confirm who are behind the ballot that is in question.

Sometimes when bringing up a concern with being able to provide proof or not, something good may come out in the wash. Now the following is something that has me questioning how a man of such a status can say he is knows who is behind the ballot. This is scary because this guys knows of an illegal activity and is choosing not to tell who is behind it.

Nash County board Chairman Robbie Davis said he knows who is behind the ballot, but he is not telling. The person who produced the sample ballots brought copies to his office without Davis asking for them or knowing anything about them in advance and that is the only reason he knows that person’s identity, he said.

“The person who brought the ballots to my office is someone I know, but the person is not a candidate, is not a Republican and is in no way connected to the Republican party. I just don’t feel it is my place to identify them.” Davis said. “The ballots stayed in my drawer. I did not distribute them, but I know a lot of them have been distributed.”

Wow! So This is validation that it is a fact that the ballot in question does exist. But what I can’t get beyond is why would the person responsible bring them to his office. I could understand that Robbie may not have known that the ballot was illegal but now that he knows, then why is he not exposing who the responsible party is. How can he be trusted as chair of the Nash County Commissioners. Will he withhold criminal activity that may take place on the commission and any other boards that he may be a member?

This election and all municipal elections are non-partisan however that has nothing to do with the candidates being registered Democrats and Republicans. So I can’t get beyond that the election suppose to be non-partisan. But that has nothing to do with nothing. How many of the candidates are registered Unaffiliated? None! So the election is a non-partisan race the same as school board members however school board races are done doing regular elections..

It is unfortunate that it has been a Republican lead movement to unseat Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell since 2003 and now in 2019 Richard Joyner has been added to the list since he was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Lamont Wiggins who became Superior Court Judge.

It was rumored in the Black community that a Republican ballot was coming out and several sources contacted me. I said I had an idea of how it was going to go down and it appears that I am correct with what I have read in this article. After reading the article I called the sources and said I told you that I felt that it was going to go down like that.

Thank you Robbie Davis because I have heard that you and a certain person talk daily and that you both keep each other informed about what is going on on each side. However I know how that other person operates so I wouldn’t be scared to bet that some money is involved in this whole scheme but I can’t prove it now. But I am going to follow the money and also keep my ears to the street to see what the Street Team does next.

See original article in the Rocky Mount Telegram: “Nash GOP denies ballot allegations

Rocky Mount NC – City Council Race Heats Up With Sandy Claus (Sandy Roberson) vs The Grinch (Andre Knight)

Sandy Roberson for Mayor

If I am Sandy Claus – Does that make Andre Knight the Grinch?

Hell no it does not make Andre the Grinch because Andre has served the community well. It is unfortunate that some Black Folk have been listening to the Special Cs whom have been trying to discredit him over the years.

Earlier this week City Councilman Andre Knight lobbed a verbal tirade about my campaign calling me Sandy Claus…

It is a fact that during the Moe Deloatch Basketball thingy during the Juneteenth that was sponsored by the city you bought Moe some T-Shirts for the children. You had Sandy Roberson for Mayor on the Sleeves. When I asked Moe about it he got offensive and said that it ain’t going to matter because them Black Folk can’t read talking about the parents of the children. I said really! Sandy Claus came in June!

Shortly after that it was something held at Baskerville School where you were Sandy again when you gave a way school supplies and cooked hot dogs. Sandy Clause delivered.

Sandy Claus did some other things leading up to the early voting.

Sandy Claus delivered in August with book bags for students and bags for the teachers.

Sandy Claus has had some poor folk on the grounds passing out campaign literature and getting paid from what some of the workers say.

well that begs the question – what has his leadership brought to our city. Let’s look:

According to the NC Department of Public Instruction – 50% of our public schools are receiving failing grades

This is too ignant! What does Andre Knight have to do with the school system? This is a Nash County Commissioner job to fund the school system not the City Council. Andre, myself and others have been actively engaged in some school issues over the years and we tried to keep OR Pope School opened but they said it was not suitable for students. Well this week it was reported that a Charter School was looking at being housed there. Where were you? Where were you when the White Girls featured in the Cone Heads attire when we went to the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School Board about that and numerous issues over the years.

We have a failure to curb violent crime, drug related shootings and gang activity

Damn I just love it you have campaigned on working with the Rocky Mount Chief of Police so you are going after the Chief because Andre is not the Chief of Police and has not a damn thing to do with the committing of crime and the enforcement of the law. You say violet crime drug related shootings and gang activity. So how do you know it is drug related shooting and gang activity? I didn’t get that Memo. Oh but Fighting Crime probably got that bit of information.

When comparing our home values in Rocky Mount to other cities nearby we see our home values are declining.

Damn what has Andre got to do with home values declining? But I would think that the housing values are going up with the influx of jobs coming to town and they are not being delivered by Sandy Claus.

earning potential with wages and salaries is lower than the state average.

When in the hell did Andre Knight and the Rocky Mount City Council become responsible for wages and salaries?

The city’s economic development team was dismantled losing us the prestigious National Main Street certification and development throughout downtown has stalled.

Wow! So Bronson Williams this is what Lige Daughtridge was talking about when we were leaving the City Council meeting last week when he said funny how Andre Knight was talking about the Economic Development and he was he (Lige) was on the board. Bronson asked Lige so how many members on the board. So I asked Bronson what in the hell was that all about. The issue of downtown development what does that have to do with Andre so help me understand. I do believe some issues around downtown development has been dealt with.

But if you listen to Andre and his political team – he will tell us that everything is just fine in Rocky Mount.

I have been knowing Andre Knight since the late 90’s and I have never heard him say everything was alright in Rocky Mount. Hell he went to Philadelphia and fought against Rocky Mount receiving the All-American City status. Because Andre recognized and understood then leading up to now that hell no everything ain’t in Rocky Mount so therefore he came back and began to prepare to run for a seat on the Rocky Mount City Council. Because the Ward 1 Seat was coming up, he moved over to the East Side, I repeat to the East Side of Rocky Mount so he could get on the council and help Reuben Blackwell fight for equality for all throught the entire city of Rocky Mount.

Around that same time I encouraged Andre to run for President of the NAACP so I could have some young folk to help me carry out the mission of the NAACP because some of the older folk had digressed to being soft on the fight for freedom and equality. I recognized and understood that if I could get some young folk involved in the fight they could attract young folk to join us.

But Black Folk because of the slave mentality and scared to speak truth to power, many Black Folk were uncomfortable with Andre, myself and some others boldly speaking out so they would be silent when the Special Cs came for us trying to discredit us. But when these same Black Folk needed someone to fight their fight they had/have no problem calling Andre and myself for help.

He wants to criticize my campaign for raising $177,000. I will tell you I would not be able to raise that much money if people were happy with City Hall right now.

I don’t think it is so much of being critical of how much money you have raised but the just showing how much is being spent for a seat on the council that will have very little influence when a Ward Seat is where the Power is but some folk are being mislead to think otherwise. We know what is going on, you are the figure head for the GOP Candidate Lige Daughtridge along with carrying Tarrick Pittman and Gwen Wilkins along for the ride to attempt to UNSEAT Andre Knight and Richard Joyner.

The Special Cs didn’t just become unhappy but been unhappy every since 2003 when the Rocky Mount City Council became a Black Majority Council. But it is understandable that the WSBS (White Supremacy Bull S…) is in full effect because they want to take the city back. They been mad with Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell, Lois Watkins and more recent Richard Joyner.

The folks at City Hall want to keep everything Status Quo. If you like where we are then vote for the incumbents.

Anyone who do not like what the incumbents have done and have in process, then they are being mislead by the Special Cs who have declared WAR on the Black Leadership. Where was all of the energy when Andre Knight was fighting ElectriCities to lower the light bills since Andre Knight, myself and some others found out at Truth Tabernacle when we held a Utilities meeting back in the early 2000’s when Rich Worsinger and the Utilities Commissioner told us about the deal and how it affected Rocky Mount and 20 other cities. It was Andre Knight who fought that fight after getting on the ElectriCities Board and I took off work and went and videoed some of the meetings were they met monthly in Wilson NC.

I will argue that we need new leadership and a new direction at City Hall. We need a new Mayor and City Council who will put Rocky Mount on the right course. That’s what this election is all about.

I am still trying to figure out what the damn course you and the other Special Cs are talking about because this council has been more transparent than any council before them. This council has not been divided on the issues that have come before them and it has not been voting down racial lines but they have been voting together. The mayor has not had a vote since dating back to 2003 so I am trying to figure out what you think you will be able to do but sign off on what the council will put before you.

I believe the voters of Rocky Mount are smart enough to see through all the smokescreens.

Can you please explain what the smokescreens are please educate us. Those of us who have not bought into the WSBS want to know what the smokescreens are so we can have a visual of what you see.

They know our city is falling behind and that’s why it’s time for major change.

They who know? Falling behind, what? I agree and some others agree that it is time for a major change. That is it is time for a Black Mayor to reflect the RACIAL MAKE UP of the city. Hell no I am not saying it is time for a Black Mayor just because but only because there has been a Young Black Man who has been actively engaged in the Rocky Mount City Government business. Bronson Williams has not been only attending the council meetings for years, but he has been a voice for citizens as he has challenged the City Government to do things different and has represented some citizens when they had light bill issues and other. But damn I guess you agree with Kevin Jones that going to a city council meeting for 2 hours means nothing. But damn by not attending the meetings make all the candidates for mayor ignant to the fact of what has been going on over the years. This is why Bronson Williams can be an effective mayor because he already has a repore with many in the community and they could feel good about contacting him to reach out to the council members to handle their concerns unlike you and the others will have to come in and build a relationship with the council members.

Join me in this campaign. I will work to unify our city and will focus on the real issues that impact real people.

So what are the real issues? The real issue is Community Council Lige Daughtridge, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson, WHIG-TV Sandra Smith & Robbie Davis, Fighting Crime Kat, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Barry Rehms, Tales of an Educated Debutante aka Adrian Harrold Wood, Lottie Mae Parker, Pastor Thomas Ray Green, Ron Green, Samuel Battle, Rita Mozzell-Carter, Reggie Barrett, Tarrick Pittman and some others who are blinded by the real trues that have been going on within the city.

Sandy Claus vs The Grinch?

The real Claus came on the scene back in 2003 and has been delivering some good things. The real Grinch just came on the scene in 2019. Go figure!

Sandy Roberson

Candidate for Mayor

I am The Political Agitator The Watch Dog of The East!

Sandy Roberson response to the Video: Rocky Mount NC – United Rocky Mount Press Conference (Sandy Claus Coming To Town) Rocky Mount City Council Election Heats Up!

Council candidates pledge accessibility – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I know for a fact that Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell have answered the call to constituents in the city if they have been contacted. I remember last year someone posted on Facebook that their daughter was having a problem with no lights because the city didn’t get out there to fix the box before they closed on Friday and the daughter worked in Roanoke Rapids so they were staying there until they got their lights right. I contacted Andre and Reuben and they had the folk lights on by Sunday. What folk need to recognize and understand is that once elected you represent the entire city. Citizens will call the council persons that they know make things happen even though they may not be their council person. I have had folk complain to me about Andre basically only because of what they hear about him and I ask them do they know the man and this is what I know. They normally get a different perspective when I tell them to research him for themselves. I have received lots of concerns about Tarrick Pittman not fixing their computers, not returning their property, not paying child support, not paying rent on building which has resulted in him having to move out of the building where he is now and has to pay the city $15,000 and pay the city attorney fees because they had to sue him to get their money. I have also been told that the place he calls his residence he does not live there because the place is vacant and an eviction notice was on the door at one time. But the place was not his anyway and he was living with a female at that location. I know for a fact that because I heard and he told me about his dealings with the Special Cs that have been trying to find someone to run against Andre Knight. Tarrick fell for in the trap.

One of the candidates for a position on the Rocky Mount City Council said he is going to have a “boots on the ground approach” in terms of being available to constituents if elected on Oct. 8.

Tarrick Pittman, who is running in Ward 1, and all of the rest of the council candidates participated in a forum Thursday at Edgecombe Community College’s Rocky Mount campus. Democracy North Carolina led the forum.

The council candidates were asked, other than council meetings, when and how they plan to be available to the city residents they represent if elected.

Pittman, who is in the computer repair business, said he has had an internship program with N.C. Wesleyan College and said he challenged two students to create a Ward 1 cell phone app.

“And through that app, they can communicate with me as the councilman, they can communicate with each other within the community,” Pittman said. “If they’re having events, if there’s crime, if there’s trouble that’s going on in a certain section of the community, they can put that information out — and once that information is out, it’ll come to me or to the neighborhood president.”

Pittman is challenging Ward 1 Councilman Andre Knight, who was asked the question just prior to Pittman.

Knight said the council has been discussing implementing constituent services. Knight said the council has taken on much beyond regular meetings and noted council members field questions from outside their wards.

“A lot of times we are bombarded with phone calls, emails, even visits,” Knight said. “And if you have a full-time job and you are considered part time, it becomes overwhelming.

“And to be effective, you need staff to help you communicate with that district meeting, ward meetings, quarterly meetings and other meetings that we currently have in Rocky Mount.” (Read more)