Black Culture Is Not the Problem – The New York Times

The Political Agitator response: This article talks about the root of the problem. Again when we discuss the root cause then we can understand the reaction. But that’s the problem nobody wants to deal with the root of the problem.

BALTIMORE — IN the wake of the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo., commentators noted the absence of black representatives among Ferguson’s elected officials and its police leadership. A Department of Justice report highlighted how Ferguson’s mostly white City Council and its courts spurred on explicitly racist policing, in part to harvest fines from black residents.

Then came Baltimore. The death of Freddie Gray, like those of Eric Garner, John Crawford III, Rekia Boyd and so many other unarmed African-Americans, at first seemed to fit the all-too-familiar template — white cops, black suspect, black corpse.

But unlike New York, Chicago and other cities with white leaders, Baltimore has a black mayor, a black police commissioner and a majority-black City Council. Yet the city still has one of the most stained records of police brutality in recent years. (Source: Read more)

13 current and former North Carolina and Virginia law enforcement officers indicted – 11abc

Root Cause: If The 2 White Officers Had Not Falsely Arrested Freddie Gray!

Root cause: If the 2 white officers had not falsely arrested Freddie Gray then we would not be talking about the death of Freddie Gray, protesting and rioting, 6 officers (3 white and 3 black) being arrested on multiple charges ranging from 2nd degree murder to other minor but major charges. The black officer driving the van has the worst charge 2nd degree murder because of the 2 white officers initiation. I am thinking that the other 4 officers had no idea of the treatment that Gray had received during the initial struggle between Gray and the officers. Well this is just sad but if the black officer had made sure Gray was secured in the van and made sure he got some medical help, well he would not be facing such charges. So now it is what it is everyone is responsible for their role.

Reaction: Now the reactions be it from the protesters and the rioters they must pay. The 6 officers being charged must pay. Reactions comes with a price and one must always think through the root cause before they react because sometimes the reaction could be worst than the root cause. The root cause don’t make it right but 2 wrongs don’t make it right either.

School board questions motivation for performance audit – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: It is quite interesting because it seems as if Robbie Davis is behind all of this. Folks it appears it is more to this than just about splitting the school system.

NASHVILLE – Nash-Rocky Mount school board members raised questions Thursday about Nash County commissioners spending nearly $60,000 for a performance audit of the school system during a joint meeting with commissioners in Nashville.

School board Chairwoman Evelyn Bulluck asked what commissioners are looking for in the audit.

“I am hoping that the study will show the good things that are going on as well as any problems,” county board Chairman Fred Belfield said. “I, for one, am not going to accept a one-sided study.”

Nash County commissioners recently voted to hire Evergreen Solutions to conduct the audit at a cost of $59,500. Though another company came in with a lower bid, commissioners said they felt that Evergreen Solutions would do a more thorough job. (Source: Read more)

Teen faces higher bail than Baltimore cops accused of murder – MSNBC

The Political Agitator response: Well bail amounts for crimes have always been quite interesting however they have a way to come up with them so I don’t know how I can really question the range of bail amounts?

Allen Bullock, a Baltimore teen arrested for smashing a police car window with a traffic cone amid the Freddie Gray protests last week, is reportedly being held on a higher bail than the officers charged on Friday in Gray’s death.

Bullock, 18, who voluntarily surrendered to authorities at the urging of his parents, is being held on $500,000 bail, while the six officers accused in the Gray case were held on a range of $250,000 to $350,000, according to the Associated Press. NBC News has confirmed that all six officers arrested for Gray’s death have since been bailed out. Bail hearings are not open to the public in the state of Maryland. (Source: Read more)