Georgia Principal Fired Over “Black People” Graduation Remark – NewsOne

The Georgia principal who chastised “all the Black people” after a handful of individuals prematurely left a graduation ceremony has been terminated, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

After her racially charged comments went viral, Nancy Gordeuk, principal of the private TNT Academy in Stone Mountain, said she made the remarks when she became frustrated that people started taking pictures of the ceremony and leaving before the valedictorian, who she initially skipped in the program, began his speech.

In the video, Gordeuk can be heard saying, “you people are being so rude not to listen to this speech. It was my fault that we missed it in the program. Look who’s leaving, all the Black people.”

An audible gasp rose from the crowd, many of whom left their seats in disbelief.

On Thursday, Georgia NAACP president Francys Johnson confirmed that Gordeuk’s comments led to her “release,” according to AJC. (Source: Read more)