Nash, Edgecombe should continue to work toward schools solution – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I totally agree!

The potential division of the Nash-Rocky Mount Publlic Schools system is an issue of great concern to me and Cummins Inc. Dividing the school district would have a tremendously negative impact on our entire community.

As the second-largest employer in the area, Cummins has a vested interest in ensuring the area maintains a strong educational system. In fact, we work around the world to create educational opportunities as we believe quality education is critical for healthy communities.

Cummins supported the consolidation of the Rocky Mount City Schools and Nash County Schools into the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools system in 1992, and we continue to support the positive gains that have been made under the consolidated school system, which we believe is in the best interest of the community as a whole. (Source: Read more)

School district tax proposed to avert split – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: Don’t need to raise no taxes. Robbie Davis and crew has attempted to bully Edgecombe County into this mess. School split ain’t happening. Let’s move on!

A proposed compromise to avoid splitting Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools includes the possible resurrection of a school district tax.

The tax district would be a last-ditch measure to pay Edgecombe County’s share of funding to Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools as presented in a proposal by Rocky Mount City Manager Charles Penny.

The proposal isn’t sitting well with either side. Edgecombe County officials would like to maintain the status quo while Nash County officials want to see Rocky Mount removed from the school funding picture altogether.

“We gave it out best effort,” Penny said, adding the plan was drafted with the ultimate goal of preserving current boundaries of the school system. (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount, Edgecombe officials chide Nash board over schools split – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: The video tells the whole story: Photos/Video: Edgecombe/Nash County Commissioners & Rocky Mount City Council Meet To Discuss School Split Mess

Edgecombe County and Rocky Mount officials expressed their adamant opposition to a split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools along county lines at a joint meeting Friday.

The Nash County Board of Commissioners that voted 4-3 to seek legislation to realign the school system dropped out of the meeting earlier this week.

Councilman Andre Knight called Nash commissioners Robbie Davis and Wayne Outlaw cowards for not attending the meeting. Davis and Outlaw have been outspoken in their desire to divide the school system along county lines.

Knight said the school split was part of a conspiracy by members of the tea party in the N.C. General Assembly to turn back the hands of time. (Source: Read more)

Photos/Video: Edgecombe/Nash County Commissioners & Rocky Mount City Council Meet To Discuss School Split Mess

Sorry but I set the camera up and left the meeting and arrived back though before the meeting was over. Sound is kinda low because they didn’t use microphones and I was not in the room to zoom in. Was a very informative meeting and goes to show how Robbie Davis is trying to pull of this mess which is not a financial issue.

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School Split: Nothing Pisses Me Off More Than Black Folks Whom Don’t Attend Meetings But Have The Answers

I get so sick and tired of black folks whom don’t go to meetings but get a report from someone at the meeting and then base their opinion from what that person said. That is okay until you talk to me and I tell you that oh hell no my opinion is not the same as yours so don’t go there. You see I have had an opinion of the school split way before last night so I ain’t the one.

First of all you need to be at the meetings to try to tell me what took place at the meeting and so we can have a real discussion.

I have a problem with your opinion not being based on the real issue at hand but want to make the issue be your opinion of how the people feel when the people have clearly stated at the meeting where they stand. Don’t call me talking otherwise what you feel others are saying but they didn’t say it at the meeting. But the main thing is you say they didn’t say it at the meeting. Well what they said at the meeting was keeping in line with what the actual issue at hand is. Now ain’t nobody got time for folks to attempt to make the issue what they want it to be.

Folks when I deal with issues and people I look at what the issue is and who is bringing it forth.

The issue with the school split is Robbie Davis and 3 more of the Nash County Board of Commissioners say Edgecombe County Public Schools need to pay more money and that the Rocky Mount City Council should not pay anything. Well ain’t a damn thing wrong with the school systems as it stands coming out of the lawsuit filed back in 1991. All school districts have an issue with funding for many reasons. However to make it appear that Edgecombe ain’t paying what they suppose to be paying is another issue and a lie from from I have seen and heard as it relates to the outcome of the merger back in the early 90’s. Dealing with the financial piece is one thing but how to go about it is another.

The problem here with the school split is that Robbie Davis a business and a Nash County Commissioner along with 3 more commissioners are trying to find a way to justify their mission because he but not limited to, has a problem with the black superintendent and more.

There is a hidden agenda that only a few folks knows about while folks like Roosevelt Higgs want to add his spill to the issue trying to say that the people in Rocky Mount City do not want their children to go to Edgecombe County Public Schools. Well sir that is your opinion but not the issue here. And not even totally true because some in the Rocky Mount City goes to Edgecombe County Public Schools so you don’t even know what the hell you are talking about.

Let deal with the Robbie Davis driven issue at hand that deals with the financial piece. Like I said last night and other times, this has nothing to do with academics but only finances so let’s make sure that the Davis argument is shut down so we can continue to move forward. I ain’t going to entertain anyone who wants to talk about their opinion that has nothing to do with the real issue at hand.

So final warning don’t call me nor say anything to me in person if we ain’t going to talk about the real issue at hand the financial myth brought forward by Robbie Davis.

Rocky Mount City Council And Edgecombe County Commissioners Will Still Meet On Friday Inspite Of Nash Commissioner Withdrawing

Nash County Board of Commissioners had called a meeting with the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners  and the Rocky Mount City Council were going to be included. But Nash Commissioners didn’t want Rocky Mount City Council at the table.

Well the meeting is still on however will go on without the Nash County Commissioners at the table.

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Meeting Cancelled! Not Surprised! Nash County Commissioners And That School Merger/Split Mess!

Meeting Cancelled! Not Surprised! Nash County Commissioners And That School Merger/Split Mess!

Thank you Bronson Williams for sharing this on your facebook page.

Is it really that serious? Seems to me that Nash County has some strong feelings about the City of Rocky Mount. This cancellation really speaks to the intentions of Nash County Board. See below

The Nash County Board of Commissioners recently requested a special meeting with the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners to discuss the realignment of the Nash-Rocky Mount Public School System boundary. Nash County staff was advised last week that the Edgecombe Board had agreed to meet on May 15, 2015 at 11:00 am and proceeded on Friday, May 8th to post the special meeting to the website and make all required notifications accordingly.

On Monday, May 11, 2015, Nash County officials were advised of the intention of Edgecombe County to include City of Rocky Mount officials at the May 15th meeting without the consent of the Nash County board. While Nash County is willing to meet with city officials separately at a later date, the purpose of the scheduled meeting was to meet directly with the Edgecombe County board to discuss the school boundary. The Nash County Board of Commissioners strongly feel, when dealing with such a complex issue, that having twenty-eight people at the initial meeting would be counterproductive.

Therefore, since Edgecombe County Commissioners have expressed that they will not meet exclusively with Nash County Commissioners as requested, the previously scheduled May 15th meeting has been canceled. Edgecombe County was advised of this decision prior to official notice of the cancellation.

Fred Belfield,
Chairman Nash County Board of Commissioners

This meeting will go forward: Black leaders oppose proposal to split school district – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount NAACP Hosts Town Hall Meeting about County Line Merger