Frederick Douglass: The Color Line in America (1883) – See How This Relates To “Our” Black President And The Republican Party (Powerful Speech)

The following was shared with me:

Many people wonder why some are so hard on President Obama. Did Frederick Douglass predict the answer many years ago?

“Though the colored man is no longer subject to barter and sale, he is surrounded by an adverse settlement which fetters all his movements.
In his downward course he meets with no resistance, but his course upward is resented and resisted at every step of his progress.
If he comes in ignorance, rags and wretchedness he conforms to the popular belief of his character, and in that character he is welcome; but if he s hall come as a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman, he is hailed as a contradiction to the national faith concerning his race, and his coming is resented as impudence.
In one case he may provoke contempt and derision, but in the other he is an affront to pride and provokes malice.”

Frederick Douglass

September 25, 1883

After 1877, following the withdrawal of Union troops from South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida, Reconstruction officially ended. In theory, African Americans were free, but, in practice, their status was far from equal. The intent of the Fourteenth and the Fifteenth Amendment with regard to African Americans was being whittled away by state legislation in the South and Supreme Court decisions. African American participation in all phases of American life was qualified by prejudice; most avenues of social and economic improvement remained closed. Frederick Douglass, the best-known and most influential African American spokesman of his time, considered these facts and offered a solution in the following speech of September 24, 1883. (Read more)

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One thought on “Frederick Douglass: The Color Line in America (1883) – See How This Relates To “Our” Black President And The Republican Party (Powerful Speech)

  1. When will people of African decent stop trying to fit into the white world. We should develop our own banks and schools. In short, teach our own. It doesn’t mean you can not or should attend white institutions but understand that the white man’s paradise is the black man’s hell.
    Around the world the black man needs to wake up to reality and stop trying to fit in where he is not wanted.
    Education it has been said is the greatest form of revolution, free our minds from being that loyal hound dog to a system and nation that rejects you on every level.
    All this money that flows through our community, we need to direct it to and for our benefit for our children’s future.
    Steve Biko said, “The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”
    Free our minds, America was built on hypocracy, all men are created equally is what they said. Look at what he does and not what he says.
    Also, always remember, the Arabs are not your friend, the also bought and sold Africans.
    We also need to rid ourselves of people who are traitors within.
    He knows are abilities and potential that is why we get the brunt of his devilish behavior, study history, not his story. The western man is psychopathic, history reveals his psychopathic behavior over and over again. Wake up people!!!!!
    May God Bless Us All.


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