Jason Clark Member Tarboro 27886 Oh But Those Whom I Called Ignant Obviously Don’t Know Remi Muhammad and Melvin Muhammad, Hell Yeah They Will Be On My Ignant List Until They Get It Right

In re: Jason Clark I agree, Taro, but going around calling people "ignant white racists" when he may not even know them is more than agitation. He’s found his niche and he is good at it.

The reason why I say Ignant Racist White Folks is because I am not talking about all white folks, only those who meet my criteria. You are somewhat right my friend about the niche thingy but actually I found my calling.

So all of those ugly things “they” were saying about Remi and Melvin Muhammad, do “they” really know them? I can see them having an issue with Melvin as a councilman because they may not agree with his actions on the board and I call that holding him accountable. But I can not see them treating his wife like she is less human because she organized “The Black Family Day.”

I removed myself from the site because some ain’t ready for me be they black, brown, white and/or other.

And furthermore the Ignant Racist White Folks came after me first  and it all began here: But Mrs. Betty it started here: August 4, 2011 Curmilus Butch Dancy II  Glad someone mentioned this site to me today. Interesting comments. One would think that whomever started the group would invite folks to the group but maybe they do but I was not invited. But now that I am here, I do plan to voice my opinion. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Read more by clicking on the following link to get a better understanding: The Owner White Female Betty Perrin NeSmith Of Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page Responds To The Political Agitator Why She Kicked Me Off Of The Page Due To The Heated Debate Over “Black Family Day”

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