CBC: Impotent, Irrelevant, and Tied to the President in 2012, Even If Obama is the Black Herbert Hoover

Why does the Congressional Black Caucus, forty of the most senior members of the House of Representatives, pretend that touring the country with a phony, embarrassing “job fair” is a substitute for the massive jobs and poverty-reduction programs they should have fought for during the four years they held an overwhelming majority in the Congress, two of them with a black Democrat in the White House? What kind of Colt 45 bottle has the CBC and the black political class crawled into? And is there a way out? (Read more)

Tarboro NC – Retired Secretary of Edgecombe County Public Schools

I seen Juanita Westry retired secretary of Edgecombe County Public Schools on Wednesday in Tarboro NC. Boy did she look good. She looked like she was not under any stress at all because I am assuming that was the case right before she retired. She just didn’t look like she was at peace. Well can’t say that after seeing her on yesterday. But then again I don’t know her like that no more than seeing her at the board meetings. Never really had any dealings with her other than speaking to her when I call to speak to the Superintendent and/or speaking to her at a board meeting. Just maybe I ought to try to get up with her to see if she was ready to retire or what. I am beginning to wonder now since I found out that Sandra Jones didn’t really retire but was forced out. Maybe Westry was too. Oh well.

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Ignant Column – “Black Family Day” Tarboro NC Has Been Moved To Indian Lake

I see the Ignant Racist White Folks on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page are at it again. I see the owner and the administrators allow the Ignant Racist White Folks to continue to post their comments there even after they have asked them to stop beating a dead horse.

I Know I Am Damn Good When I Can Take On A Group Of Racist White Folks Who Are Protesting The Black Family Day In Tarboro NC because I was kicked off the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page and I was only trying to make the Ignant Racist White Folks understand the fight was not with the co-sponsors but with the Town of Tarboro. I said the fight should be if the town followed their own policies and procedures. Obviously they followed them because at the August 8 regular monthly meeting the town voted to allow the “Black Family Day” to be held on The Town Commons.

First of all I don’t give a damn if there is a “Black Family Day” held in Tarboro Edgecombe County where racism is alive and well. I also don’t give a damn if there is a “White Family Day,” or other “Family Day” held in Tarboro but if it was, it would be my decision to choose whether I want to attend.

The Tarboro Town Commons has had things held there such as the Confederate Soldiers Re-enactment and other things that I am quite sure that the majority of black folks didn’t give a damn about the events but their tax dollars were used. However I bet some blacks probably attended each of those events. I didn’t attend because I was not interested. But these Ignant Racist White Folks continue to talk about their tax dollars paying for the “Black Family Day” as if black folks do not pay taxes.

I found it right interesting there were little to no comments about “Black Family Day” on the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page since Hurricane Irene hit The Commons. But I figured the discussion was going on behind the scenes and I see it was after visiting the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page today. I visited it to see what they were saying since “Black Family Day” has been moved to Indian Lake. There was a special meeting held today at the Town Hall in regards to the event. I understand that atleast one councilman wanted the event postponed.

Although Joyce Jefferson a Tarboro 27886 Facebook page member has made several other comments not in favor of the “Black Family Day” she hit the nail on the head with the following statement. But like I have said before, The co-sponsors of the “Black Family Day” had the right to ask to have the event on The Common since the policies and procedures allowed it.

Joyce Jefferson I don’t think the Town Common should be used by any of us. We have two other areas that are more suitable for human use. Each area has picnic tables and restrooms facilities. I’m talking about Indian Lake and Braswell Center.

However Joyce Jefferson only mentioned the the 2 places above that are on the white side of town and didn’t mention the Ray Center/Clark Park that is on the black side of town. Do the Ray Center/Clark Park get the same attention as the Braswell Center? Go figure?

Until the policies and procedures are changed then the Town of Tarboro will have to honor just about any reasonable request from citizens and organizations to have events. But since the Ignant Racist White Folks are continuing to speak I bet there will be a change.

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