Still Think Both Parties Are The Same?

I know that’s right! Don’t get it when folks say both parties are the same. If that was the case i would not be a Democrat. Do I agree with all Democrats? No! But I don’t agree with the Republicans whose only mission is to not support President Barack Obama just because he is black. But race don’t matter!


General Colin Powell: The Republican Party is Headed for a Brick Wall

The Republican party is in trouble, that’s no secret. It continually marginalizes minority populations and has thoroughly ostracized itself with women voters. Republican General Colin Powell sat down with Bill Maher to discuss the current status of the Republican party.

According to Powell, the GOP has to do more to appeal to minorities and learn to accept compromise, as the founders they so often exalt and call upon did.

Watch the interview below. (Source: Read more)

Herman Cain Feels Left Out By A White Republican Party (VIDEO)

Herman Cain is feeling left behind by his party.

Herman Cain said the Republican Party has a branding problem.

“The RNC sent out a flyer to some of its members talking about potential 2016 presidential candidates. Do you know what they had in common? … ,” he said. “They were all white.” Where was Allen West. Where was Dr. Ben Carson. And have they ruled out the possibility that I might consider another run?”

None of this should surprise Herman Cain. If he kept his eyes open he would have seen that people like him, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and other minorities’ sole purpose is to be used as props. They generally have no power or say in the direction of the Republican Party. (Source)

Bishop Paul S. Morton Says Due to the Recent "Direction" of Democratic Leadership, He Is Coming Out as an Independent – Christian News

Response: I understand where the Bishop is coming from and can relate. The only thing about being an Independent is during the Primary Election you can only vote for on party such as a Democratic or Republican Ballot. You can’t vote for both. So how do you determine which ballot you want? Do you look at the candidates or do you look at the party’s platform? In the General Election it does not matter.

For years, African Americans have voted overwhelmingly for any and everybody on the Democratic ticket. However, due to the recent "direction" of Democratic leadership, Bishop Paul S. Morton is taking a stand. "For the first time in my life I’m coming out as an independent!" he states.

In an exclusive interview, Bishop Morton tells Worship360:

"I have been a Democrat since I started voting in America, but this party is getting farther and farther away from what Kingdom people believe. For too long, Democrats have taken our vote for granted but kingdom people have rights too, and don’t want to be taken for granted. We will not just except anything. (More)

Republican policies seem bent on dismantling public education by Gardenia Hobbs – Rocky Mount Telegram

The public education system in this country was created for two purposes – to prepare our youth to be successful in a career of choice and to provide knowledge and skills that will make them informed and engaged citizens.

I am sure I am not off-track by saying that the majority of our renowned scholars, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, everyday people and yes, politicians, received their educational anchors in a public school system. Now, in this era that stresses preparedness in order to be competitive in a global economy, the Republican legislative majorities in this and other states are on a crusade to destroy the very system that gave them the foundation to launch their careers. They have aggressively passed legislation that eliminates equal educational opportunities for all students as well as the principles of social justice. (More)

19 Times Democrats Tried to Negotiate With Republicans

To hear almost any Republican lawmaker speak in post-shutdown Washington is to hear that Democrats are refusing to negotiate to reopen the government and avert a debt default. It’s a talking point that may be selling well, but it’s only true if you ignore anything that happened before last Monday at about 11 p.m.

Republicans think they’ve hit talking-point gold with the message, as we learned from a candid "hot mic" moment last week when Sen. Rand Paul privately told fellow Kentuckian Mitch McConnell that he didn’t think Democrats had "poll-tested" the "awful" message. " ‘It’s my way or the highway.’ That’s what he’s saying. Complete surrender, and then we’ll talk to you," House Speaker John Boehner told ABC News on Sunday. (More)

GOP leaders insist no overhaul needed – Politico

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Republican Party honchos who huddled here for their first big gathering since the election devoted lots of time talking about the need to welcome Latinos and women, close the technology gap with Democrats and stop the self-destructive talk about rape.

But the party’s main problem, dozens of Republican National Committee members argued in interviews over three days this week, is who delivers its message and how, not the message itself. Overwhelmingly they insisted that substantive policy changes aren’t the answer to last year’s losses. (More)