44 Senate Republicans Sign Pledge To Oppose Any Director Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unless It Is Weakened – Source: Addicting Info

Republicans have simply gone pledge crazy. It’s the newest fad among Republicans. Rather than keeping their oath to protect the American people, Republicans would rather sign pledges to do what their corporate masters want them to do. (Read more)

Democratic Rep: Tea Party Would Love To See Black People ‘Hanging On A Tree’ (VIDEO) – Source: HuffPost Black Voices

WASHINGTON — A leading voice in the Congressional Black Caucus told supporters last week that Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers are devastating the black community economically and would be happy to see black people "hanging on a tree." (Read more)

On Race, the Silence Is Bipartisan – Source: The New York Times

THE economic crisis in the United States is also a racial crisis. White Americans are hurting, but nonwhite Americans are hurting even more. Yet leaders in both political parties — for different reasons — continue to act as though race were anachronistic and irrelevant in a country where an African-American is the president. (Read more)

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Ignant Column: Tarboro NC – So Sad “Black Family Day”

I have been out of town since Thursday so I was unable to attend any events in Edgecombe County over the past several days. So therefore I have had much time to spend on the internet while in New Bern NC trying to keep up with what is going on. I have been trying to see what others are saying back at home and I just love the ignant comments by some.

I was reading the post on the Tarboro 27886 Facebook page by Richard H Parker Jr. pertaining to how wonderful of an experience he had attending the “Black Family Day.” I found the following ignant post to be quite interesting. Carl Benson I thought we wanted to drop this topic of conversation. If it’s fair game again I’ll be happy to contribute. So sad. What Carl Benson is talking about is when Cathy Mitchell Marshall posted about her being invited to the “Black Family Day” before the event took place and she was asked why keep beating a deadhorse because the “Black Family Day” was going to take place and if she and the others didn’t want to attend they didn’t have to go.

Mind you “Black Family Day” has come and gone however and it is an entirely different conversation but obviously Carl Benson don’t get it. Actually I would love to read about what he has to say and if I was a member I would encourage him to say it. LMBAO!! I just love Ignant Racist White Folks.

Anyone who has a problem with what takes place on the Tarboro Town Commons need to take it to the Tarboro Town Council and not make it about the people who request to use the area. The Town have policies and procedures to go by so unless they do not follow them then there is no problem.

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Racist – Last Night I Was Asked The Question Am I A Racist?

Last night I was talking to my cousin and his wife and they asked me was I a racist? They said some white and black people said I am. I loved that question. I told them that I have been called many things.

My answer was black people have another name for me and that is militant not racist but they get the words confused.

I said white people say I am a racist because they are not used to a black man not being afraid to challenge them, that is not the norm. But there is also black folks who are not used to a black man challenging white folks and some are just jealous as hell because I do what I do. But the real deal is I challenge black, brown, white and other folks. Hell I have challenged more black people than I ever will whites because black folks are my biggest concern. They are scared and scared folks will get you killed so therefore I don’t roll with certain black folks. So therefore over the years I have my own way of doing things and my own philosophy of life. I am not limited to what other black folks have to say. Once you know better then you do things different.

Black folks say I am a racist because I say what they want to say but they are afraid to say it. You see black folks will say what needs to be said behind closed doors but afraid to say it publicly. So therefore I get lots of credit because I say publicly what their scared behinds say behind closed doors because I am not afraid.

I have been asked do I plan to run for an office and I said not thinking about it at the moment. Why? Because most black politicians plays both sides and just in office for a name and the benefits package. I said the black politicians would be against me worst than the whites because I would be a threat to them because they know I will call them out. This is why black politicians do not consider me for appointments because they know I have a mind of my own and will not be a “yes” person. So therefore they can’t control me so therefore I don’t have to worry about any of them ever appointing me to anything.

I refuse to tolerate racism but most of all ignorance no matter if they are black, brown, white or other. I don’t care what “they” whomever “they” are call me because I know who I am and whose I am. I will continue to remind all of “them” that I am not an afraid black man. I will say what needs to be said be it behind closed doors, in public, on my blog, in season, out of season and or etc.

“I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.” I am Curmilus Dancy II The Professional Agitator.