Tarboro NC – Jamica C. Ashley and Geoffrey Cooper Two More Great Journalist Have Left The Area

I hate that Jamicá C. Ashley former reporter at the Tarboro Daily Southerner and Geoffrey Cooper former reporter at the Rocky Mount Telegram have moved on. I truly enjoyed their reporting because they did a great job. However I understand that one must do what they got to do and that is to move on when they are ready.

Jamicá C. Ashley is now a reporter with the Lake Gaston Gazette. I had little to no conversation with Ashley however I truly admired her writings.

Geoffrey Cooper joined AmeriCorps Vista. I had several conversations with Cooper during his time with the Rocky Mount Telegram.

I truly admire young black men and women who are doing great things. I believe these 2 young folks are going places in life because they are on the right track.



When it comes to RACISM we must meet it with ZERO TOLERANCE. Curmilus Dancy II 8/10/11 This is where I stand on all racial issues.

Forget the apology and just step down is where I stand on the Congressman Doug Lamborn reference to President Barack Obama and a Tar Baby.

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Tarboro NC – The Ignant Racist White Women Are Still At It Over On Tarboro 27886 Facebook Page And The Owner Of The Page Betty Nesmith Still Showing Her Ignance Because There Is An Event In Princeville NC Today Also

Just had to see what the Ignant Racist White Folks are saying today on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page  since the “Black Family Day” is going on in Tarboro at Indian Lake. Too bad I am out of town because I can not get some coverage of the event.

But anyhow check out how these Ignant Racist White Women continue to want to speak for black folks about what and where black folks should have events. It is so funny how these Ignant Racist White Women have a problem because there are 2 different events going on. Well I guess they have a problem with several black families having family reunions and other events on the same day. How ignant. It is so funny because obviously these Ignant Racist White Women don’t understand that black folks can attend both events in Tarboro and Princeville because they are only a couple of miles apart.

See for yourself what the Ignant Racist White Women are saying on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page. Read all the comments related to this post.

Patricia Moss  Just read today in the paper that the town of Princeville is hosting a 3 day event.Sounds similar to Sept 3rd event. Why didn’t they combine forces with the event on Sept 3rd? I have only lived here four years. Is there something I am missing? I’ve heard East Tarboro VS Princeville? Please educate me on this!

From the editor: So why do you feel they have to combine forces? Do all black folks have to do things together?

You say you have only lived here for four years are you missing something? Obviously you have forgotten that you are not black and don’t know what is going on in the black community. But what difference should it make to you?

You say you have heard East Tarboro VS Princeville and you want to be educated. So talk to some folks who live in areas but then again my question is what difference should it make to you? Curmilus Dancy II

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Thousands of unmarried couples who are living together in Florida may be surprised to learn that they are actually breaking the law. Under outdated and rarely enforced state laws that have been on the books since the late 1800s, “cohabitation” is actually a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by $500 or up to 60 days in jail. The same penalty applies to adultery – which one Florida woman tried to have enforced for her cheating husband in 2006. (Read more)