Obama jobs plan heartens frustrated African-Americans – Source: The Grio

ATLANTA (AP) — President Barack Obama’s jobs pitch is already playing well with blacks, who had grown plenty irked with him over what they perceived as his indifference to their needs.

A day after Obama laid out before Congress his plan to kick-start job growth, many blacks hoped it would translate into reduced misery for them over the coming months. While the country’s unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent, black unemployment has hit 16.7 percent, the highest since 1984. Unemployment among male blacks is at 18 percent, and black teens are unemployed at a rate of 46.5 percent. (Read more)

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Letter Of Thank You And Apology To Betty Perrin NeSmith Tarboro 27886

Thank you for accepting to be my friend. I felt that we could learn more about each other by doing so.

I want to also apologize for any and all comments that I have made about you, to you and your friends be they personal or just as members of the Tarboro 27886 group that I may have offended.

I am an agitator however I stand firm on what I believe in and I try to get people to focus on the real issue and not people because if we deal with the real issue of concern it will take care of the people issue. Many times I am misunderstood but when a person get to know me, they understand me.

I always try to begin a discussion as Curmilus Butch Dancy II the majority of the time according to the subject and if I know the people on a personal note. I start out by challenging others to stay within the policies and procedures of the issue involved and other measurable things and not to act solely on emotions. I always try to challenge the policies and procedures because if I don’t like them I recognize  and understand I must seek to change them.

I always hope the discussions that I get involved in goes well but when it does not I put on my agitator hat but I do it out of love.

So again thank you for accepting me as your facebook friend and please accept my apology. We both live in Edgecombe County and we all need to get along but understand it is okay to agree to disagree as we learn our boundaries of where we can go as it relates to speaking for and seeking to speak on issues that are dear to us. I look forward to being able to agree to disagree on issues in the future. We may not agree on a particular issue but I know we will agree on some issues. Heck I don’t even agree with my wife and family all the time and vise versa.

Question from the Publisher: A Classmate And Friend Posted The Following On Facebook, “If You Work Hard, Pay Taxes And Social Security You Will Never Get Help If You Need It”

If you work hard, pay taxes and social security you will never get help if you need it. Sit on your tail, smoke dope all day, just be an unproductive member of society and I’ll pay for your food and to raise your kids. Wake up American voters and let’s save this country before its too late! Source: Phillip Dupree

My response: But Phillip Dupree how many people report those who abuse the system? So who are worst the abusers or those who do not report them? We have had abusers from years past and will always have them unless someone report them. But this is what happens some complain about what goes on in the world but if one does not seek to change then a change will never come. Also how can we blame the abusers because we do not meet the criteria that has been set up for those of us who work hard, pay taxes and social security? It is the system my friend not the abusers. Plus don’t we see some abusers who works making big money ie: corporate leaders but they end up many times stealing from the system. I believe they hurt us more than the small abusers. But this is just my opinion and one I have been dealing with for many, many years.

Question: I would like to know what you think about this. Please share your intelligent comments, will not tolerate ignant comments.

Thanking you in advance.