Some Folks Are So Damn Educated And Knowledgeable About President Obama . . .

Some folks are so damn educated and knowledgeable that they can’t take constructive criticism when challenging them. I love it.

Even those who say they support him throw out bits and pieces and when I challenge them they get so agitated that ignance kick in.

I am so glad I don’t need anyone to validate my self-worth however these folks continue to try to validate themselves.

I don’t give a damn about folks opinion of "our" President because . . .

I don’t give a damn about folks opinion of "our" President because if black folks are not following the real fights such as following the redistricting process across the nation and filing lawsuits to challenge them, then we will be living in pure hell for the next 10 years until the next Census.

Hell I guess "our" President will be blamed for the Republicans re-drawing the lines.

However I will challenge the President haters every opportunity I get as long as time permits.

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In response to a friend on Facebook in response to Herman Cain a black Republican candidate for President.

How many folks knew anything about any President before they became elected? FACT!

To think that the Republicans are going to support Cain is just too ignant. FACT!

You say I will go back to the Democratic Party. Well sir if you and others along with myself do not elect good Democrats from our local communities to go in and fight for us then we get what we get. For me Democrat is a name but a person gets the job done. We get what we elect. I repeat I have been holding Democrats accountable since the early 90’s and you know that. FACT!

I have said it many of times and you know it to be true that black folks who play both sides are the reason why we are in the shape we are when it comes to election time. Look at the safe negroes who sell out during election time because the white man give them a few crumbs. I ride the polls and I see what goes on, I am in the meetings and I know who do what. FACT!

We are not loyal to ourselves in many cases. I have said it over and over again until black folks come together we will continue to get what we get. I don’t give a damn if one is a Democrat, Republican or whatever. Without a black unified vision we will continue to get what we get by "grace" because I feel strongly that we have survived by the grace of God as the black community is so divided, the lack of trust, jealousy and the list goes on. FACT!

You can continue to make it a Democrat/Republican thing but I see it as a black thing.

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