Van Holland Owner Of The Tar River Times Black Folk Don’t Be Fooled By This Guy’s Reporting

I have been in too many meetings and held too many conversations with this guy to know that he keeps mess stirred up and folk pay to read his paper? Really? I wish I would promote someone by spending my money on a product that works against me.

Van can be found on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page posting a bunch of untrues. When I call him out he gets mad as hell but if you follow him he will end up responding showing that I was correct because he goes back and try to change his wording. I will not allow the Vans of Edgecombe County to promote untrues and to mislead the folk.

When Van was working at former newspaper that I didn’t subscribe to either, his articles were very bias. And the sad part is the owners were black but since they couldn’t get anyone to work for them, they had no choice but to let Van be their man. But then finally the bond ended and so Van says he is the owner of the Tar River Times.

At the last Princeville meeting Van made a comment in my presence about the Sheriff Appointment. He said that guy Clee Atkinson need to watch who he hangs out with. I said who is that? He said Steve Wadsworth. I said really? Steve is a white male and a very successful businessman and one who has done much for the community. I said why is that an issue? He really couldn’t say much more.

How can an owner of a newspaper show bias when he should expect the whole community to support him? Why would Atkinson and others whom I know of Van has worked against should feel comfortable seeking an ad in the paper and/or just during an interview with him.

Why would the community want to support a paper that is not going to be fair in reporting and also out in public bad mouthing folk? I refuse to subscribe to the paper and never will.

Ok so you don’t get it twisted there is a difference in what Van does and what I do. I am the founder and owner of The DCN News Blog Online TV. I operate out of pocket. I report the whole news because I video the meetings and put my spin on what happened. But the best part is I post the video so I can be challenged and can be called me out if you disagree with my spin. Folk may not agree with me but one damn thing about it, I operate on the facts. I do my homework. However I stand to be corrected and have no problem with retracting, apologizing or just getting something right if need to.

Because I have challenged Van as it relates to the Tarboro Town Council meetings, the Sheriff Appointment and other he has called me a racist. Well Van one damn thing about it you can’t call me sleep and not afraid to challenge you. I know a hell of lot more than you think I do!

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