Open Letter To Edgecombe County Sheriff Deputies & Staff The Retirement Of Sheriff James Knight On To The Appointment

I have a voice and a vote as a precinct chair which make me a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee. If anyone would like to share your concerns/input with me I will be glad to address you individually, in a group via email/social media instant message or by phone. Feel free to contact me and if I miss your call I will respond in a timely fashion.

I am quite sure some of you have some concerns about whether you will have a job when the new Sheriff is in place. Well if you are doing your job then you should not have a problem. Since the deputies and staff works at the pleasure of the Sheriff then it does not matter who the next Sheriff will because he/she can choose who he/she wants to work with him or her.

When I endorse the person whom I am going to vote for I will hold him or her accountable for their actions. I will expect him or her to come in and not make change just for the sake of change but to thoroughly examine if and where changes need to be made. I will stand by the current deputies and staff from what I have seen, not from what I know on the inside because I know nothing about what goes on in the inside. I watch how the deputies and staff carry themselves when they are out in the public such as if they are friendly and are they professional in and out of uniform. I will support the deputies and staff if they should have some issues/concerns that can be shared with me.

What am I really trying to say? I will not support a candidate that will come in and just tear up the department just because they got the power without giving everyone a fair chance. However I will not know what personnel issues that may exist because that is confidential. So I will not just vote on a candidate and that be it, I will continue to monitor how he or she perform and therefore when the next election or appointment should arise, I will be able to be an informed voter.

Any deputy and/or staff member just like I am meeting with candidates seeking the appointment, I extend the opportunity to you for you to share with me your issues/concerns. Your issues/concerns will be confidential and your name will not be attached when I ask the candidates how they will respond to them.

I am suggesting that you come out to the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County Sheriff Forum on Thursday February 16, 2017 6:00 PM at the Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium so you can see and hear from the candidates.

Again if you have any issues/concerns, questions about the process and other I will be more than happy to assist you.

You can contact me at (252) 314-5484, emailto: and/or message me on Facebook. I work a real job from 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM so leave me a message if you should call me in between those hours. I do have 2 breaks and a lunch so it is a possibility I will respond. 


Quote: Republican Power

That is why I have been wondering why folk think that the Democratic Party has power when they don’t have the votes. Yes they can talk and they should but to say they ain’t doing anything, well what more can they do but talk?

I am trusting and believing that time will reveal all trues soon. The people from the Republican Party that are in denial, don’t give or damn or just ignant to the fact that their children will be affected oh when it hit home. This is in regards to education, OBAMACARE and all the things that will affect them.

But time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Curmilus Dancy II – The Watch Dog of The East.