Sheriff Appointment Process The General Stature, The Plan of Organization & Outline For The Election Process For The Appointment

Read the following on another page about the upcoming appointment process for the Sheriff Office.

From another page: I just heard Democratic chair planning appointment meeting March 23 in Rocky Mount with an open vote, no secret ballots. I haven’t gotten a call.

My response: He can’t do that that would have to be voted on by the entire executive committee. Why do folk let this ass think he can get away with mess?

The chair does things like this when he know folk do not or have not read the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization.

Plus why is he even talking about the process when he announced he was a candidate seeking the appointment but he will do like he have done in the past and right before the vote take place he will remove himself as a candidate.

It is sad the outgoing Sheriff James Knight brought together all races and now the Chair of The Edgecombe County Democratic Party is playing games creating confusion and division around the appointment.

I am requesting the NC Democratic Party 1st Congressional District Chair Senator Don Davis and the NC Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin to send me the entire process per The NC General Statue, The Plan of Organization and what the process will be on the day when the meeting is called for the executive committee to vote.

Sheriff Appointment Process:

The General Statue
The Plan of Organization
Outline for the election process for the appointment