Question For Me: Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment Lack Of Communication By Design Because Of Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Mess

These are the kinds of conversations that I am having almost daily by folk who are trying to figure out what is going on. This should not be.

Them: tell me who gets to vote for the sheriff, i was told all democratic elected officials do, is that true

My response: The precinct chair/vice chair of all precincts and all Democratic Elected Officials.

Them: does that that mean i would go to the executive meeting and vote

My response: Are you a registered Democrat?

Them: Yes

My response: So you should get a letter from the county party about the meeting whenever the ignant chair Higgs call the meeting.

Them: haha ok so would all our commissioners get a vote if they are registered democrats

My response: Yes all Elected Democrats. Precinct chairs like myself and my vice chair got 1 vote each for a total of 2 votes. Some precincts have up to 26 votes.

Them: so then we will get a letter from the democratic party to come to the meeting to vote

My response: Yes suppose to all voting members must be notified.




Edgecombe County: Don’t Want To Hear Anything About Trump If You Ain’t Gonna Talk About Higgs

Don’t want to hear anything about Republican President Donald Trump from folk in Edgecombe County if you ain’t gonna talk about Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party.