In Response To: “Let The Healing Process Begin”

Commentary: “Let The Healing Process Begin”

by Milton B. (aka) Dr. Truth:

Contrary to the populous beliefs.  Be ye Black, Brown, Yellow or Florescent-Lamp White/Brown, all lives in actuality should matter, when we look at each other through the eyes of God. 

You are ab so damn lute ly correct should matter but do everybody look at others through the eyes of God? Hell no! So let’s be real and not act as if our opinions not based on facts are the gospel truth!

But let’s cut through the BS; Black lives specifically, Don’t Mean a Damn Thing, regardless how we collectively bite the dust. 

Sir speak for yourself because this Black Man can speak for himself. My Black Life mean the world to me and it is not based on what you nor anyone else think or says.

Did you know that, there’s forceful-element that’s desirous of you getting out of town by any means necessary and ASAP?  No matter how many of us are strategically-eliminated by the various forms of ‘The American Gestapos, the Civid-19 Virus or our very-own, self destructive behavior towards one another

I try to treat all folk like I want to be treated but when they get ignorant, I do too!

Truth be told, evidence has it; that we’ve been the most self destructive culture existing here in North America

Well damn sir who else in North America has endured what we have? Those of us that know how history know our existence.

Check out the Census Casualty Records regarding our past, current and the inclinations we’re destined/projected to pursue-Racially that is.   Are you by chance aware of the century-old, negative traumatic, mental psychological, social/economical deprivation, inequalities, the stressed caused diseases; we’ve (and others before us) have had to endure and tolerate down through the centuries perpetrated by Barbaric-Racism & Jim Crowism? I’m still compelled to believe that we’re all related as; Brothers and Sisters, of the Human Race with different Mothers, yet from the same Heavenly Father! My preference.

Hell yeah I am because I see it everyday some in person and some over the internet. What does all of us being related got to do with anything hell you just said earlier, The American Gestapos, the Civid-19 Virus or our very-own, self destructive behavior towards one another.”

Yea, diabolical, warped-brain racist, bigoted white folks has murdered, insurmountable blacks folks by lynching, torching and burning; to tying young, (photographs) black infants (as gator bait) down by Alligator Infested Rivers/streams here in America-(got to be soulless, heartless diabolically unconscious).  I’m just acknowledging since we’ve been on these shores; not mentioning the trail of bodies during the Mid-Atlantic American Slave Trade/Diaspora.   Can’t waste too much time on facts you’re already knowledgeable of. 

But did you know for a fact; JUST how racists and prejudice Black Folks are against one another within their own families/communities? 

Name some Black Folk that meet the following reference because in my 57 years I truly can’t name not a single one. 

That was a factor of how easy it was for the ‘Massa on De’ Plantation’ to divide and control dem-darkies.   I know you’ve been trying to figure out ‘How in the Hell can We/Black People ‘ferociously proclaim’, (Protesting that Black Lives Mean So Much)?  When spontaneously, there’s a surge of homicides on any given Friday nights thru Sunday nights nation-wide. 

What in the hell does this have to do with Black Lives Matter and Black Crime? I recently posted the following on my blog and sent to the Rocky Mount Telegram as a letter to editor. Black On Black Crime & Police Killing Black Folk

[Somebody has got to start a dialogue that will actually initiate a coming togetherness-Blacks & Whites especially!] 

See that is the problem folk say stuff then end up saying that somebody else ought to do something. Well hell why don’t you start the dialogue? I see dialogue going on all the time but some folk want to change the narrative and get folk off topic.

And stop talking ‘about the whys’ and what’s and when’s-, searching for answers that’s been waiting & ready and accessible, coupled together with ACTION! 

So now you are saying you have the answers. Damn! Just do it!

Both principalities are victims (by designed) of being ACE’s (psychological damaged victims suffering from ‘the cradle to the grave’ of terminal emotional and psychological-disorders).  Manifested by ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ that are the actual results of several generations, systemically transmitted by; ‘mentally disordered’ relatives, parents and Grandparents who continued the flow (genetically) of the sick, ideology down through the vines of ignorance.  These mental/social disorders will follow us throughout infinitum!   Unless there’s an intervening miraculous-process, based and preconceived upon a foundation of Providential Doctrines

Hell some of the folk I have dealt with since I became actively engaged back in the late 80’s that claim to be the leaders are the problem as I see it. They play both sides of politics and will have a straight man going crooked if you let them. I didn’t crack from the resistance I experienced from the old guards who said one damn thing and did another. Oh I been around and I know who the real leaders are. I know you and you know me.

White-folks, along with other puzzled cultures can only imagine ‘are’ we playing some kind of games? 

So why are you attempting to speak for White-folks? See that is the kind of b.s. that tickles the hell out of me. That is what I call trying to play both sides. Now that brings me to the b.s. about All Lives Matter vs Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is included in the All Lives Matter. I dare to question any White-Folk who say White Lives Matter as long as they do not attempt to take away from my Black Life. I agree with them their lives matter but I be damn if I am going to lead the fight for their cause unless I am working closely with them. So just because I am pushing Black Lives Matter from a distance simply because I am not a member of the organized group, don’t be mad with me because I promote Black Lives Matter.

Could it be the reason, why they and the rest of the World are not taking our ‘self annihilative practices-dilemmas’ as seriously as it commands? 

Sir again speak for yourself because this Black Man has been speaking for myself since the late 80’s. Not because I had to join the NAACP because I looked for them because I had an issue. Nope! I went looking for them because I wanted to be a voice for the people. I am a Life Fully Paid Member joined in 1992 and has served as Vice President all of these years. I have served as the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches as the Publicity Chair and been a partner of the HKonJ Historic Thousand On Jones Street March that was started under the leadership of Dr. William J. Barber II and we have around 30 partners.

Sir I joined the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when I turned 18 in 1980. I have been serving as a Precinct Chair, Vice Chair, Former County Chair since the late 80’s.

Sir I have resigned from more community organizations than many have even been a part of because I ain’t got time for mess.

Some groups put me in position simply because I was the youngest person who attended their meetings but I stood my ground.

*[NOTE]* While in reality, there’s this ‘Agenda 21 Universal Plan to Globally-Depopulate Via Mass Elimination’; conjured-up by The United Nation’s conspiracy to balance the Global Economy with the Human Population.  And it’s disguised under the auspices of a so-called Global Economical Sustainable Plan, due to the fact that the World has reached a serious ‘Economically-Disproportional Over-whelming Imbalance-Populated  Status-Universally’.  And they’re already ‘streaming’ via ‘National News Broadcasting Conglomerates’ that Black, Brown, Yellow and Poor Indigenous White Communities are subjected to be the last to receive Coronavirus Vaccinations/Serum (if and when they have it)!   In addition to; NOT having normal accessibility to ICU beds in Hospitals and all the adequate- essential healthcare (that) others will be receiving.

Think it’s a joke?  Each and every community (mentioned above is highly recommended to investigate and initiate some type of awareness/intervention strategic campaign that will reassure them that they will be treated equally-by any means necessary.  For there’s an ultimate plan that the United Nation’s General Assembly are attempting to eliminate/depopulate the entire world of an estimated 5-6 Billion people.  Remember WWII- “The Furor Adolph Hitler” and his plan-’The Jewish Holocaust’; to establish globally the ‘Perfect Master White Race’,…another form of ‘Narcissitic White Supremacy’.  Lest we forget; ‘President Strumpet’ is of the Ideologic, Narcissistic, Blood Thirsty-Power-Greedy German Blood Lineage with identical plans to control the entire world, placing America the primary proponent in the ‘Biblical Prophesied*Millennial Armageddon’!   Oh yea, please make sure those of interest do get a copy of; Donald Trump’s niece/Author- ‘Mary Trump’; new ‘Tell All Book’ don’t know the actual title.  Should be on /in the Amazon, Barnes & Noble Book Store Shelves before August!  Stay tuned to your major, regional and national news networks!  Wash the doorknobs around the house and cars handles;  wear your masks/gloves, wash your hands as well as your entire body, and keep/stay-well-beyond your normal/physical distances!

Sir the rest of this mess I don’t even feel like addressing because I have said enough. I have been there done that.

Thank you my friend for this thought provoking post. I love it!

I am Curmilus Butch Dancy II.

The Professional Political Agitator 

#Blacklivesmatter #Iwatchedvideo
#Iamnotok #Ibeenengagedbeforenow
#Coronavirusstayfocused #Stayhome

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

“The Signs of: The End of Times As America Knows It” By: Milton Bullock International Freelance Writer Columnist/Journalist

With the most unusual, historical phenomenon in the entire existing political history of the United States.  Never, ever has there been more prominence of physical evidence, that we as a nation are about to witness an evolution unlike any we ever could imagine!  What was deemed once as our imagination or psyche, has/was is about to become a realization as prophetically prophesied in Biblical terms.
Speaking specifically with regards to this election from the local, regional, state and federal elected positions.  What once was ‘tacit’, relative to the socially ill tensions between the races, now has all the implied tendencies of pure genuine, bigoted hatred made outright bold and arrogantly visible! Re-assured to remove any and all doubt of the ‘diabolical-dark and evil intent and aspirations’ lurching minutely beneath the surface.
With Presidential Elect Donald Trump selecting and appointing his cabinet and senior staff.  We all; ‘Blacks and non whites and poor, indigenous whites as well’ should be ever so alert and watchful for the ongoing/incoming deceptions that has bamboozled the masses via tacit trickery and fraudulence.  That shall usher and render us all victims of political deceit unlike the country has witnessed since the Civil War!  ‘No truer signs’ has ever darkened the planet as such as now in the 21st Century–the players in their specific roles are being caste by the ‘One’ that we’ve been warned about throughout the Gospel!
The prophetic-biblical division anticipated by ‘the believers’, perpetrated by the deceit of the ‘angels of darkness’. In all actualities; this shall be the preparation thereof, of the preordained-separation of ‘the wheat from the chaffs’ as; predicted in [Mat: 3: 12].  Inclosing, I encourage all of you to (pray and watch) the Heavens as commanded, and tarry not in the least of what is about to unfold, as it shall be as; ‘promised’.  To God be all the Glory and Praise, for the Final and Last Words of Judgment shall be His-[Rev. Chapters: 18-19-20!]
Submitted for Publication By: Milton Bullock/Freelance Writer November 19th, 2016

"N.C. Candidates for the Governor’s Seat-Should Stay Focused on the Evacuees of Hurricane Matthew "

With the apparent of uncertainty relative to the victor of the N.C. Governor’s Race.  It is with high hopes and genuine prayers that neither candidate becomes diverted from the ongoing emergency recovery process of the Evacuees devastated by ‘Hurricane Matthew’.

There are invalidated rumors circulating about a possible ‘State-County Buyout’ for individuals of Princeville?  This perspective was mentioned by an executive of F.E.M.A.’s  Washington DC office.

But it seems that there are some uncertainty regarding the immediate future, relative to housing assistance to those effected in catastrophe.  Irregardless whether it is going to be a NC General Assembly’s decision or not.  Some sound-clarity on the situation needs to be kept with transparency, on the front-burner.

Timing is of the utmost importance and it would be a honest, non political and a genuine display of humanity upon both candidates; if they stayed the course of taking care of the ‘people’s business’ first.

Please–in closing; don’t misconstrue this message as ‘our’ being ungrateful.  As God as our witness; we’re genuinely grateful and appreciative of the assistance already received from the authorities and the jurisdictions of which they preside over. I couldn’t imagine how we would have faired without their vital and critical assistance!

Submitted by
Milton Bullock of Princeville
On Behalf of the Displaced Evacuees

"Attention: Exclusively to-GOP’s Presidential Elect Donald Trump & ‘New SWAMP DRAINERS Advisiory Team’

“SWAMP Capital” of the USA____(aka) as Princeville, NC; the oldest settlement by proud and conscientious Blacks (Freed Slaves) prior of 1865 and oldest Chartered Township in 1885 in all of the United States of America! As a Liberal Minded, Independent Commissioner Milton Bullock (newly elected and oldest) currently serving in office. I’m very much satisfied with interests and high expectations of our newly President Elect Donald Trump and his duly assigned Advisors (known and tagged) as; “The Swamp Drainers!” My (knowing first hand the legacy and the history) of my birthplace Princeville North Carolina and its unpredictable past, present and future bouts with the random-floodwaters brought on through and by the non-retainable forces of ‘The Mighty Tar River Basin’!

For brevity; Newly GOP ‘Presidential Elect Donald Trump and his VP Pence appointed Cabinet’ will have 100% jurisdiction and controll over both chambers and awesome influential powers of The Supreme Court. In addition to more State Governor’s Offices in nearly a century! So when we accept the tagged name as “SWAMP DRAINERS” I personally gets a little excited in a most positive way. Even though Princeville is 99% percent African American there are other poor, indigenous cultures residing within the path and along the banks of the unpredictable Tar River! And beholding to his ‘campaigning pledge and promises’ that he intends to serve and value the lives of all Americans regardless of their ethnicity and their political party affiliations is being tested with this ‘imperative-invitation of emergency!

An invitation as a first display of his genuine-humanitarism; would be to come/send a team of ‘SWAMP DRAINERS’ representatives to assess and analyze the feasible task of circumnavigating the current route of the Tar River from the northern peak of (Person/Vance to Edgecombe, Pitt and Beaufort Counties dumping into The Pamlico Sound). As a public Servant (rarity in these days & times) with dire concerns for the lives of every community threaten by the ravaging flood waters of potential hurricanes and storms, once again this project would be the ideal demonstration (barring politics) for the new administration to examplify their genuine connectivity regarding the pledges and promises announced by our President; Elect Donald Trump.

To all’s concern: I look forward on behalf of all the citizens of NC who resides along these treacherous, unpredictable tributaries that with ‘Global Warming Signs’ being revealed each and everyday in some form of weather patterns; it is not about where or how the next catastrophic flood will occur; but more like WHEN and that is a sure fire fact-WHEN! Or better yet; it could be for the believers that we’re experiencing the fulfillment of ‘The Biblical Prophecies’ observe all the signs-believe it or NOT! Prayerfully and hopefully ‘The SWAMP DRAINERS’ will run across this ‘critical message of intervention’ and reach back to this concerned Commissioner with a response of concern as well as a sign of urgency. To God be All The Glory and Praise!

Submitted by
Commissioner Milton Bullock
Historical Princeville, NC

“When Did Black Lives Ever Truly Matter? Milton Bullock / Freelance Writer Legendary Activist for Human Righteousness

Here we go again;…same old empty rhetoric, perpetrating fallacious news intentionally to attract corporate ad spots while vying for ratings. When it’s all said and done at the end of the day; for the continual acts of tolerating the ‘double standards.’ America has a traditional unique way of returning, ‘back to business as usual.’ While the news pundits and major media networks continue to repeat the same old rhetorical jargon, ‘of how can we resolve this racial, human madness?’ This wretched evilness has been within the human ranks since time evolved and shall remain within our midst; until the ‘end of time’ as we profess to know it. But, let’s not evade the question of the day; and the most logical answer for those able to comprehend the complexities developed by and design by Human beings themselves!

FYI. “Black Lives have never ever mattered since their Creation” and as long as they’re under a tyrannical regime who has had no useful purpose nor respect unless it was for person or cultural gain-the value of Black Lives shall remain null and void and useless occasionally”. Black Lives never ever really mattered to even themselves when one really gets down to the origin of it all! And the remnants we have inherited or coerced by the ruling powers that dominates and writes policy over the insubordinates, are forever bound systemically under such tyranny. So the answer to this ever prevailing question, is HELL NO! Black lives doesn’t matter to Blacks, and it’s for sure as there is a hell, Black Lives does not matter to any ‘non color-non pigmented species of the human race; and until Blacks realizes it, things shall forever remain the same! This is the MOUNTAIN we face, culturally! And who knows; it may be the fulfillment of ‘Providential Prophesy’ of the Highest Order of Creation, to show that when we’ve exhausted and failed to display an overpowering show of human LOVE towards each other. It’s time for Him to bring this earthly journey to a close as we never ever were to perceive it. God has ordered all His Believers to be upon the Earth and NOT apart of it, as it would be ruled and governed by the Ruler of Darkness, and that’s where we currently are; according to His time Frame.

To make my point valid and concrete for the intellectuals regardless of your ethnicity; you’re effected by the outcome wherever you may comfortable reside. But to resolve the continuous deplorable incidents of racial, radical acts of discord. We need to boldly and emphatically educate and inform all Blacks of their ‘pre-disposition’ as an unwanted entity in this land of unwanted immigrants who also don’t really belong. And while in doing so they must become intellectually aware of all the dangers they’re going to be subjected to confront and deal with. Their mindsets and devalued styles of living, attitudes towards respect and self respect that has not been adequately nurtured since slavery. They had not been prepped, introduced nor embraced into this system to be a productive proponent. Perhaps it (the New Country) being invaded and over-whelmed by ex-cons and criminals brought to The Americas tagged as ‘The Original Pilgrims’ deported from the over flowering jail/prison dungeons of England. Arriving upon the Mayflower’ on the shores of Plymouth, Rock RI. in false pretense they were seeking their own land of which they could freely worship according to their Christian beliefs, deceiving the Native Indians in a Thanksgiving ceremony wrapped in a blanket of deceit.

The White man can never ever imagine nor pretend to understand what he rightly couldn’t if his life depended upon it. They could never embrace a culture different from what he had been exposed to and taught compared to what? That is what we must attempt to teach each and every young non-white human being that there’s definitely a difference and there will always be doubled-standards during this earthly passage. Unfortunately these policy makers make the laws for the ultimate protection and security of ‘posterial group’ in essence; (the elite white folks) that enjoys the perks of being the ultimate supreme inhabitants of this country. So when they speak of ‘taking their country back and making it great again’ you can rest assure they’re definitely NOT being inclusive in the least. Is it right or is it wrong; it really depends upon who’s in charge of things and the condition their moral, spiritual consciousness. For there has always been a certain degree of selfishness mankind would always possess. That is why the word; [“Posterity”] is so crucially important to the policy makers and authors of the United States Constitution (first paragraph.)

“The Message to All Genuine/Concerned Blacks/Whites”

For centuries this apparently has been the ultimate curse of ;‘why Blacks and Whites’ can’t, shall not and will not get along with each other. They both are just as opposite in nature as they are in the pigmentation they were created with. Even though racism is a taught and learned behavior, by nature the two being possessed by the devil himself are his primary tools of keeping chaos and confusion activated according to his overall demonic scheme of things. These are the things we must take the time to TEACH all Black/White Children-regardless of what it going to take. Instead of leaving them to be totally consumed by the new social digital world. But then, we must ask ‘where shall we find these teachers’ when the psychological trails has an ever unending trail of oppressed, mental and psychological anguish beyond repair in both principle players.

Believe me when I say; (quotation from the Bible): [that there would come a time when man (God’s Creations) would not listen to sound doctrine]. And I’d dare say; we have come not too far from that particular place and time in our earthly journey. For instance; with all the technology and the ingenuous scholars; senselessly trying to contribute reasoning solutions to the questions of this plaguing social and cultural menace. We have failed miserably in teaching our children (young Black males). That their overall life style; the swaggering pants, the loudness, the vulgarity, the deplorable profanity, their lack of self respect as well as the lack of respect for others. All of the above contributes to non-blacks proliferating their subconscious opinions of generalizing us all as stereotypical denigrates. And the devalue of Black males; and we must strive to educate and inform Black males that their really don’t mean a damn thing, to themselves or any other human being. And if no attempts are made to enlighten and empower the young Blacks with dignity; built upon strong morals and values of integrity. Then nothing ever will change–with a steady flow of exploitative images of (violence, and buffoonery in TV movies and music) which perpetuates a disrespect for life. So until something of this nature happens in some form; we can only expect nothing else; but more of the same. And it is nobody’s responsibility than ours,…The Black People!

Milton Bullock-Freelance Writer & Contributing Journalist
Princeville North Carolina

“Farewell Champ,…My Greatest Friend Among Many” Muhammad Ali by Milton Russell Bullock Formerly of The Platters

“Farewell Champ,…My Greatest Friend Among Many”


Milton Russell Bullock

Close & Personal Friend


‘Muhammad Ali’

Princeville, NC – Reflecting back on my life’s journey, imageGod has blessed me with the honorable privilege to meet and interact with many special and unique individuals of His Creation.  And sadly (from a personal perspective) one of the most genuine, celebrated prolific and profound was my friend, for life,…Muhammad Ali! Our personal friendship goes back as far as 1975; even though prior as an aspiring pugilist myself I found myself (Golden Glove) era a very staunch fan of his. Through the relationship and the friendship, I performed aimage few successful business ventures (promotional/ad projects) for him of which I’m ultimately grateful.  Via the coveted-award winning youth foundation; ‘Do It For The Kids’ we frequently collaborated with ‘Professional Athletes In Action’ to promote nationwide, nationalimage awareness clinics addressing the perils of ‘Drug Abuse/Gang Violence’ while encouraging youth to place high values in embracing education by ‘Staying in School!’

Nevertheless, it was our connected commonality regarding the general well-being and welfare of underserved children around the world that drew us closer than most.  Which inspired me to founding a youth organization; Do It For the Kids! My only regret is; I didn’t get the opportunity to say; “farewell” to one of God’s most dedicated, modern day providential servants as I knew him and him I.  Ali stayed the course of his religious convictions, a sure rarity in these trying times.  And his love for chiimageldren imageof the world as well, shall live in infinitum.  May God bless his soul, his family and the billions of international friends heimage manifested with his gift of everlasting love for his fellowman.

Submitted June 4th, 2016


Commissioner Milton Bullock/CEO & Founder image

Do It For The Children’s Initiatives

Post Office Box 375 imagePrinceville, NC 27886


PS:  Pictorial Attachments: Public Release Granted by

Milton Bullock Publishing Co. /Sole-Owner of Photosimage

Letter to editor: "Keep Religion & Government Separated-Now You Know Why!" by Milton Bullock

Date: October 16th, 2013
ATTN: Major Political Media Wire/Editors & Reporters
RE: "Keep Religion & Government Separated-Now You Know Why!"
Is it any wonder why down through all these many generations of American politics, why the policy and law makers adamantly warned that Religion & Politics should be kept separate.  And now that the veil has been semi lifted for all to see. What more evidence do we need to be more convinced that such a diabolical, demonic prophetic plan in-place; is ideological perfect for a spiritually-deprived, dysfunctional, demonic and Godless nation?  Have we not been justly pre-warned of the horrendous results of tolerating and accepting separation of the Religion & Politics/Government-as well as other essential areas of our lives?
Could it be that our proposed leaders are so demented that they haven’t a clue that these of carnal mind, made laws of arrangements was/is detrimentally-futile to our existence as well as our future.  For some unconscious reason they can’t phantom or comprehend that without God in the equation-the Devil will surely as Hell prevail.  And he brings confusion, blindedness and darkness in various disguises that nourishes upon and of specifically evil contemptuous-ness, wherever (God) is absent.
"This Governmental Shutdown is remnants of his works"–so, welcome to Washington, DC–Satan’s primary den and playground, dubiously scheming each and everyday right before the nation’s and the world’s TV network pundits.  It’s as if there’s a wretched web of evil-darkness draped over each elected politician, law makers eyes and they are clulessly, unaware of being locked in some helpless-lethargic spell.  While there are others standing on the outside, -dumbfounded- who can plainly see how confused and mentally demented the policy makers are in their stumbling over one another trying to clear the fogged stupor that has them trapped.  Even the obvious can’t fully comprehend the source of the rhetorical malfeasance.
Until it is realized by the people of the land and until they decide that this myth of separation of Religion & Government is nothing short of being the ultimate lie of all times!  And until and unless TRUTH, based upon Godly and Christian principles are restored, we shall never recovery from this eternal blindness of eternal darkness and ignorance.
Authored & Submitted by:
Milton Bullock / Freelance Writer and Activist for Righteousness
(252) 823-3740  for verification and comments. 

From the editor: I totally agree that the myth of keeping politics and religion is just ignant. How can it be possible to do such? Why do some people feel that a minister and other religious persons can not serve in politics has always bothered me. Religious folks are supposed to be righteous people so why not want those type of people in politics. You see politics do not have to be dirty and should be clean. When it comes to politics it should be about doing what is right at all times for what is in the best interest of all people.

Milton Bullock is a candidate for the office of Mayor in Princeville NC election to be held on November 5, 2013.