"N.C. Candidates for the Governor’s Seat-Should Stay Focused on the Evacuees of Hurricane Matthew "

With the apparent of uncertainty relative to the victor of the N.C. Governor’s Race.  It is with high hopes and genuine prayers that neither candidate becomes diverted from the ongoing emergency recovery process of the Evacuees devastated by ‘Hurricane Matthew’.

There are invalidated rumors circulating about a possible ‘State-County Buyout’ for individuals of Princeville?  This perspective was mentioned by an executive of F.E.M.A.’s  Washington DC office.

But it seems that there are some uncertainty regarding the immediate future, relative to housing assistance to those effected in catastrophe.  Irregardless whether it is going to be a NC General Assembly’s decision or not.  Some sound-clarity on the situation needs to be kept with transparency, on the front-burner.

Timing is of the utmost importance and it would be a honest, non political and a genuine display of humanity upon both candidates; if they stayed the course of taking care of the ‘people’s business’ first.

Please–in closing; don’t misconstrue this message as ‘our’ being ungrateful.  As God as our witness; we’re genuinely grateful and appreciative of the assistance already received from the authorities and the jurisdictions of which they preside over. I couldn’t imagine how we would have faired without their vital and critical assistance!

Submitted by
Milton Bullock of Princeville
On Behalf of the Displaced Evacuees


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