“The Signs of: The End of Times As America Knows It” By: Milton Bullock International Freelance Writer Columnist/Journalist

With the most unusual, historical phenomenon in the entire existing political history of the United States.  Never, ever has there been more prominence of physical evidence, that we as a nation are about to witness an evolution unlike any we ever could imagine!  What was deemed once as our imagination or psyche, has/was is about to become a realization as prophetically prophesied in Biblical terms.
Speaking specifically with regards to this election from the local, regional, state and federal elected positions.  What once was ‘tacit’, relative to the socially ill tensions between the races, now has all the implied tendencies of pure genuine, bigoted hatred made outright bold and arrogantly visible! Re-assured to remove any and all doubt of the ‘diabolical-dark and evil intent and aspirations’ lurching minutely beneath the surface.
With Presidential Elect Donald Trump selecting and appointing his cabinet and senior staff.  We all; ‘Blacks and non whites and poor, indigenous whites as well’ should be ever so alert and watchful for the ongoing/incoming deceptions that has bamboozled the masses via tacit trickery and fraudulence.  That shall usher and render us all victims of political deceit unlike the country has witnessed since the Civil War!  ‘No truer signs’ has ever darkened the planet as such as now in the 21st Century–the players in their specific roles are being caste by the ‘One’ that we’ve been warned about throughout the Gospel!
The prophetic-biblical division anticipated by ‘the believers’, perpetrated by the deceit of the ‘angels of darkness’. In all actualities; this shall be the preparation thereof, of the preordained-separation of ‘the wheat from the chaffs’ as; predicted in [Mat: 3: 12].  Inclosing, I encourage all of you to (pray and watch) the Heavens as commanded, and tarry not in the least of what is about to unfold, as it shall be as; ‘promised’.  To God be all the Glory and Praise, for the Final and Last Words of Judgment shall be His-[Rev. Chapters: 18-19-20!]
Submitted for Publication By: Milton Bullock/Freelance Writer November 19th, 2016


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