Princeville NC: A Wrenching Decision Where Black History and Floods Intertwine – The New York Times

Residents of Princeville, N.C., are considering the prospect of leaving their town after enduring a 100-year flood for the second time in 17 years.

PRINCEVILLE, N.C. — Betty Cobb’s house is a shell nearly two months after floodwaters went halfway up the walls of her one-story home.

Volunteers have ripped out moldy wallboard. Two small chandeliers hung over the bones of the living and dining rooms, the furniture and the carpeting long gone. On the kitchen counter lay a patchwork of family photographs, their vibrant colors washed away, and a book — “Hurricane Floyd and the Flood of the Century” — saved from the water.

Hurricane Floyd, which roared through here in 1999, was supposed to be just that: a once-in-a-lifetime event that caused flooding the likes of which this town’s residents would never see again.

But that perception was shattered in early October when Hurricane Matthew barreled inland and sent water pouring around a levee built along the Tar River and into the town, inundating hundreds of homes, including Ms. Cobb’s. (Read more)

"N.C. Candidates for the Governor’s Seat-Should Stay Focused on the Evacuees of Hurricane Matthew "

With the apparent of uncertainty relative to the victor of the N.C. Governor’s Race.  It is with high hopes and genuine prayers that neither candidate becomes diverted from the ongoing emergency recovery process of the Evacuees devastated by ‘Hurricane Matthew’.

There are invalidated rumors circulating about a possible ‘State-County Buyout’ for individuals of Princeville?  This perspective was mentioned by an executive of F.E.M.A.’s  Washington DC office.

But it seems that there are some uncertainty regarding the immediate future, relative to housing assistance to those effected in catastrophe.  Irregardless whether it is going to be a NC General Assembly’s decision or not.  Some sound-clarity on the situation needs to be kept with transparency, on the front-burner.

Timing is of the utmost importance and it would be a honest, non political and a genuine display of humanity upon both candidates; if they stayed the course of taking care of the ‘people’s business’ first.

Please–in closing; don’t misconstrue this message as ‘our’ being ungrateful.  As God as our witness; we’re genuinely grateful and appreciative of the assistance already received from the authorities and the jurisdictions of which they preside over. I couldn’t imagine how we would have faired without their vital and critical assistance!

Submitted by
Milton Bullock of Princeville
On Behalf of the Displaced Evacuees

"Attention: Exclusively to-GOP’s Presidential Elect Donald Trump & ‘New SWAMP DRAINERS Advisiory Team’

“SWAMP Capital” of the USA____(aka) as Princeville, NC; the oldest settlement by proud and conscientious Blacks (Freed Slaves) prior of 1865 and oldest Chartered Township in 1885 in all of the United States of America! As a Liberal Minded, Independent Commissioner Milton Bullock (newly elected and oldest) currently serving in office. I’m very much satisfied with interests and high expectations of our newly President Elect Donald Trump and his duly assigned Advisors (known and tagged) as; “The Swamp Drainers!” My (knowing first hand the legacy and the history) of my birthplace Princeville North Carolina and its unpredictable past, present and future bouts with the random-floodwaters brought on through and by the non-retainable forces of ‘The Mighty Tar River Basin’!

For brevity; Newly GOP ‘Presidential Elect Donald Trump and his VP Pence appointed Cabinet’ will have 100% jurisdiction and controll over both chambers and awesome influential powers of The Supreme Court. In addition to more State Governor’s Offices in nearly a century! So when we accept the tagged name as “SWAMP DRAINERS” I personally gets a little excited in a most positive way. Even though Princeville is 99% percent African American there are other poor, indigenous cultures residing within the path and along the banks of the unpredictable Tar River! And beholding to his ‘campaigning pledge and promises’ that he intends to serve and value the lives of all Americans regardless of their ethnicity and their political party affiliations is being tested with this ‘imperative-invitation of emergency!

An invitation as a first display of his genuine-humanitarism; would be to come/send a team of ‘SWAMP DRAINERS’ representatives to assess and analyze the feasible task of circumnavigating the current route of the Tar River from the northern peak of (Person/Vance to Edgecombe, Pitt and Beaufort Counties dumping into The Pamlico Sound). As a public Servant (rarity in these days & times) with dire concerns for the lives of every community threaten by the ravaging flood waters of potential hurricanes and storms, once again this project would be the ideal demonstration (barring politics) for the new administration to examplify their genuine connectivity regarding the pledges and promises announced by our President; Elect Donald Trump.

To all’s concern: I look forward on behalf of all the citizens of NC who resides along these treacherous, unpredictable tributaries that with ‘Global Warming Signs’ being revealed each and everyday in some form of weather patterns; it is not about where or how the next catastrophic flood will occur; but more like WHEN and that is a sure fire fact-WHEN! Or better yet; it could be for the believers that we’re experiencing the fulfillment of ‘The Biblical Prophecies’ observe all the signs-believe it or NOT! Prayerfully and hopefully ‘The SWAMP DRAINERS’ will run across this ‘critical message of intervention’ and reach back to this concerned Commissioner with a response of concern as well as a sign of urgency. To God be All The Glory and Praise!

Submitted by
Commissioner Milton Bullock
Historical Princeville, NC

Princeville NC – The NC and Va Baptist Men and Women are working out Of Pender’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church

The NC and Va Baptist Men and Women are working out of Pender’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Tarboro NC. Mrs. Doris will be there Monday – Friday at 8:00. Stop by, fill out the paper work, she puts in the work-order and they will come and do repairs. The church is located on Howard Avenue on the right, just past the nursery.

If you get to the McNair Road stop light you have gone too far Enter the door on the end.

Princeville NC: Princeville Town Commissioners Host Flood Recovery Meeting Tuesday November 1, 2016

Princeville Town Commissioners hosted flood recovery meeting at Tarboro High School. Meeting was very informative and the resources did a great job of responding to the questions. There were some questions that could not be responded to last night such as questions about a FEMA Buyout.

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Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC – Flood Recovery Meeting Tuesday November 1, 2016 7 PM

Princeville Town Government will be hosting a flood recovery meeting on Tuesday November 1, 2016 7:00 PM at Tarboro High School.

Resources such as FEMA, SBA, Billy Graham/Samaritans and other will be available to help flood victims.

Hurricane Matthews: Princeville NC Distribution Centers Are Located At Gateway To Heaven And St. Luke Church of Christ Both In Princeville

Distribution Centers & Donations

Please direct all monetary donations to the NC Community Foundation. The contact is Ms. Kelly Lee.

Please direct other donations to our donation center – 295 Lakeside Drive, Tarboro, NC 27886.

Our distribution centers will be located at Gateway Church and St. Luke Church of CHRIST, both located in our town.

The kind-hearted people who made these donations requested they be distributed to Princeville residents only; therefore, when you arrive at the distribution centers, please have your FEMA number and proof of residence.

Thanks for understanding.

Bobbie Darnell Jones