Emotions run high for Princeville residents still recovering from Matthew – WNCT 9

I see this was another heated meeting. Look like I missed a good one.

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Princeville NC – February Regular Monthly Meeting Buyout & Rebuilding Concerns


There are some great concerns about the Buyout and the Rebuilding of Princeville. It has been nearly 2 years and progress has been somewhat slow. But for me I told folk the last time the flood came that it is going to be tough the next time around.

Folk want to preserve the town however all things need to be taken in consideration. The main thing I would think is that if there can be a better dike system and the funds to do it can be obtained is the 1st thing. But that will take a long time.

I think the best thing that came out of the meeting was the conversation around the 4 models that interim Town Manager Gregory Bethea presented as it relates to the Buyout. I totally agree if folk want to consider the buyout then what Bethea presented makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Look at the video and listen carefully to what the Town Manager as to say. He do not live in the town and he will be leaving when a new manager is hired. However I feel that they ought to do whatever they can to keep him until the actual recovery plan model is chosen. Unlike the Princeville Commissioners the interim Town Manager I consider neutral because he is not a resident of the town and will want to do what is best for the residents.

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/IWGowjcHBis
Part 2 – https://youtu.be/acbrQZD8OLoa

Landlords seek buyout in Princeville – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I love it when folk come to me with mess and/or I hear folk talking about mess in person and/or on local radio and tv stations and here on Facebook and they have not done their homework. Folk keep on listening folk just because who they are and not follow up on what they are saying and continue to look ignant. I tell folk to don’t take my word, follow up behind me. However I am going to give you the facts as presented to me after doing my research. If I should error then I am going to make the necessary correction. I took a break from attending the Princeville meetings just to see what kind of information and how it would reach the folk that do not attend the meetings. Folk take the sound bites from the newspaper and it get all twisted. But my videos don’t lie and I don’t either. I am going to see if the Roosevelt Higgs who is allowed to get on the local radio and tv stations and talk about folk. I remember he called the mayor and others slavemasters because they would not allow the folk to be considered in the buyout. I remember in one of the meetings that I videoed when Carlton Jones a realtor who owns houses in Princeville was driving the discussion as if he were concerned about the citizens there and was going after the mayor. Well I knew the story he was trying to look out for himself and other landlords because that was the only way for them to get funds because since they are landlords they would have to rehab their homes out of their own pocket.

PRINCEVILLE — Princeville Mayor Bobbie Jones said 95 homeowners out of the 750 homes in Princeville recently signed up for the buyout option stemming from the flooding of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 that left the town underwater for the second time in the past 20 years.

Jones said the Princeville Board of Commissioners went against his wishes to give town residents the option to take a buyout. Residents also had the option to go with mitigation reconstruction that allows existing homes to be demolished and rebuilt or the option of elevating their homes.

However, Jones said, further analysis revealed that the 95 people that signed up for the buyout aren’t Princeville citizens. (Read more)

School board votes to rebuild Princeville Elementary – Rocky Mount Telegram

TARBORO — Shouts, claps, tears and amens erupted at the Edgecombe County Public Schools special called Board of Education meeting on Tuesday as the board voted unanimously to rebuild Princeville Elementary School at it current location.

“I am elated about the decision,” said Princeville Elementary School Principal Annette Walker. “I am especially pleased for the children and their families.”

Shelia Mayo-DeLoatch, a kindergarten teacher at Princeville Elementary School, wept openly at the decision.

“Princeville has always been my school. It is my home. I have taught there since 2001 and had opportunities to go somewhere else, but I have turned them down because Princeville is where I want to be.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)