“Farewell Champ,…My Greatest Friend Among Many” Muhammad Ali by Milton Russell Bullock Formerly of The Platters

“Farewell Champ,…My Greatest Friend Among Many”


Milton Russell Bullock

Close & Personal Friend


‘Muhammad Ali’

Princeville, NC – Reflecting back on my life’s journey, imageGod has blessed me with the honorable privilege to meet and interact with many special and unique individuals of His Creation.  And sadly (from a personal perspective) one of the most genuine, celebrated prolific and profound was my friend, for life,…Muhammad Ali! Our personal friendship goes back as far as 1975; even though prior as an aspiring pugilist myself I found myself (Golden Glove) era a very staunch fan of his. Through the relationship and the friendship, I performed aimage few successful business ventures (promotional/ad projects) for him of which I’m ultimately grateful.  Via the coveted-award winning youth foundation; ‘Do It For The Kids’ we frequently collaborated with ‘Professional Athletes In Action’ to promote nationwide, nationalimage awareness clinics addressing the perils of ‘Drug Abuse/Gang Violence’ while encouraging youth to place high values in embracing education by ‘Staying in School!’

Nevertheless, it was our connected commonality regarding the general well-being and welfare of underserved children around the world that drew us closer than most.  Which inspired me to founding a youth organization; Do It For the Kids! My only regret is; I didn’t get the opportunity to say; “farewell” to one of God’s most dedicated, modern day providential servants as I knew him and him I.  Ali stayed the course of his religious convictions, a sure rarity in these trying times.  And his love for chiimageldren imageof the world as well, shall live in infinitum.  May God bless his soul, his family and the billions of international friends heimage manifested with his gift of everlasting love for his fellowman.

Submitted June 4th, 2016


Commissioner Milton Bullock/CEO & Founder image

Do It For The Children’s Initiatives

Post Office Box 375 imagePrinceville, NC 27886


PS:  Pictorial Attachments: Public Release Granted by

Milton Bullock Publishing Co. /Sole-Owner of Photosimage


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