Tom Joyner Rips Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for Their Hatred Toward President Obama

Several days after MSNBC suspended host Mark Halperin for calling President Barack Obama a “d***,” radio host Tom Joyner decided to confront two of the strongest voices in black America for their ill-advised rants against the nation’s first black president. Joyner recently issued a statement condemning Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for turning their personal issues against the president into hateful commentary that’s similar to white racists. Joyner’s full statement is below. –amir shaw (Read more)


5 thoughts on “Tom Joyner Rips Tavis Smiley and Cornel West for Their Hatred Toward President Obama

  1. While I agree that the comment of calling the POTUS a dick was out of line, this is a fine line that needs to be monitored. I do not appreciate him using such language when he is such an educated man. I do not find fault with criticizing the POTUS however, as we must be able to do so in order to hold all politicians in line. If this situation is handled correctly, then there will be an appropriate backlash from him using inappropriate language, but we will still recognize that the news agencies must be able to exercise their rights of freedom of the press without fear of backlash from the general public.


  2. Mr Joyner. We are all in the same boat. Please don’t cut off Mr. Smiley or Mr. West. We are all on the same team. Including Mr. Obama. I sincerely believe that Both Mr. Smiley and Mr. West have the interest of black people first and foremost in their hearts.

    Being the first to do anything is tough. As far as we know if he does anything that directly helps black people; he might be shot. That is a reality! We don’t know that. He had to do so much to distance himself from black people to get elected! Being president has shown us how much power that title has. I say best whishes to all black people everywhere doing things constructive to promote JUSTICE which is guaranteeing that all people are treated fairly and that no one is miss treated and who ever needs the most help gets the most help. Lots of love going out to Mr. West Mr. Smiley. Mr. Joyner. and Mr. Obama.

    “Only love can concur hate.”


  3. tom joyner will support Obama No matter what because he is black. That in itself is Racist. TOM Joyner is the black don imus of Radio. Nearly all Critisizm of Obama is on target. from Cornell west to Rev. Manning. Obama has done nothing-to excell black people OR America. obama works for the same clan that throughout history has worked to suppress black people. the elite. but hey, i guess im just hating on americas firstblack president. pffffh give us a fing break!

    Note: I just love folks who hide behind code names but quick to criticize others. What clan or you speaking of? Who are the elite? Are these the same folks whom he tried to make pay higher taxes, the RICH? Curmilus Dancy II – The Professional Agitator


  4. You guys have got to be out of your irrational ass minds! Firstly Barak Obama is not above criticism. He has thrown black people under the bus as he has made his trek to the presidency. In order to appear as race neutral and as Presidential. I understand the fevor and the adulation of having the First Black President. I ask what has he done to affect poverty in a concerted manner, as his biggest constituents his biggest voting block black people suffers the most! He threw his pastor Rev Wright under the Bus, He threw Minister Farakahn, under the bus, he never spoke out about Sean Bell when he was murdered, He never campaign for the Black mayoral candidate in New York gave him a “shout Out”, He tried to influence the first Black Governor who supported him forcing not to run!! He is far more symbolic than substance! He capitulates when the Tea party and Republic point there fingers in his Chest! You see Tom Joyner Reverend Al Sharpton and Steve Harvey enjoy having a place at the table and an invite when ask to the parties and can’t be objective. When did Black people give white folks license to disrepect us, that we can blame Black folks who critque our President? Barak Obama has made a lot of unecessary mistakes!


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