Homegoing For Bishop Rev. F.C. Barnes Renown Gospel Singer & Pastor Red Budd Holiness Church Rocky Mount NC

My condolence goes out to the Barnes family on the loss of your love one Bishop F.C. Barnes.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Song: The Rough Side of The Mountain – The Rev. F.C. Barnes & Rev. Janice Brown

Funeral Arrangements per Luther Barnes Facebook Page

Funeral Arrangements for my father, Bishop F. C. Barnes:
Hamilton Funeral Home, Wilson, NC
Memorial Service: Friday, 7-9 pm at Red Budd Holy Church, 1108 Luper Street
Funeral Service: Saturday, 11:00 am at Red Budd Holy Church, Rocky Mount, NC

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Gospel singer Bishop F.C. Barnes dies – Source: Examiner.com

Note: Updated Thursday, July 14, 2011 23:28.

Gospel singer Bishop F.C. Barnes dies – Source: Examiner.com

Gospel singer Bishop F. C. Barnes died this morning. Barnes, who was widely known for “Rough Side of the Mountain”, as well as many other hits, was 82.

Barnes began singing in quartets when he was 14 years old. He would later record six albums with Rev. Janice Brown, and “Rough Side of the Mountain” became the most popular. According to Malaco Records, the album of the same title remained #1 on the gospel charts for more than a year, selling over 500,000 copies. A native North Carolinian, Barnes received The North Carolina Folk Heritage Award on September 12th, 2000. (Read more)

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Homegoing For Bishop Rev. F.C. Barnes Renown Gospel Singer & Pastor Redd Budd Holiness Church Rocky Mount NC

Breaking News – Attorney Teresa D. Bryant Has Rescinded Her Resignation

The board unanimously voted to allow Attorney Teresa D. Bryant to continue to serve on the board throughout her tenure. This does my heart some good because I had begged Bryant to stay on although I respected her reasoning for resigning.

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Attorney Teresa D. Bryant

Edgecombe County Public Schools

Breaking News – Edgecombe County Public Schools Voted Again 3 For Rev. Roy A. Gray And 3 For Thomas Wayne Edison, Here We Go Again

It is sad that the board continues to vote along racial lines I would think however I don’t know that to be true and just a guess. There are only 2 black votes to 4 white votes so therefore 1 white person did the right thing assuming that the 2 blacks both voted for Rev. Roy A. Gray.

Next on the agenda it was time to vote for the board chair and vice chair. Evelyn Wilson current chair made a speech that she was going to give the chair position to Ann Kent current vice chair so the nick picking games can be cut out and it will not have to be displayed for the chair position. Wilson asked the other board members to just vote for Kent. You must see the video to get the full effect of Wilson’s speech. It was so juicy that I don’t know where to begin to talk about it.

After the election of the board chair Ann Kent was elected with 6 votes and Attorney Janice Davidson received 1 vote. Evelyn Wilson was elected as vice chair with 4 votes, Attorney Teresa D. Bryant received 1 vote, Dr. Evelyn Johnson received 1 vote and Attorney Janice Davidson received 1 vote.

The agenda was approved with items added and one being Attorney Teresa D. Bryant asking to be placed on the agenda as a item to rescind her resignation to be voted on later.

Well there you have folks. The board did just what I expected them to do tonight. All those who voted for Edison is just crazy as hell because he campaigned on reducing class sizes. He didn’t answer the questions at the June meeting when they interviewed him. Damn what world is he living in and those board members that supported him?

After tonight I don’t know where this school board is going? I thought I could kind of follow them but now I don’t know. But what I do know I am going to continue to attend the meetings to see where the hell they are going. I do know they want the board to be a 5 – 2 white majority when the district is a black majority.

Dr. Johnson asked the board when were they going to come together as one because they don’t discuss anything and just vote and that was not right.

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Edgecombe County Public Schools

Folks in District 2 you better get out and vote in 2012 because you will have the final answer.