Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Of Education Will Vote Again Today On A Candidate to Replace The Unexpired Term Of Attorney Teresa D. Bryant In District 2, Should Have Done The Right Thing At The June Meeting

So will the board do the right thing and appoint a board member in accordance to the make up of district since the district was created for a black to represent. Since Attorney Bryant is black then the appointment should go to a black candidate. But this 4 – 3 white majority board can’t figure that out. However Attorney Bryant did not participate in the voting process in June, so this actually makes the board a 4 – 2 majority white during the voting on a candidate to replace her.

So since the board ended with a tie during the June meeting, I have a question: “Can Attorney Bryant vote because I believe she removed herself during the time of the vote?”

It is a possibility that if Attorney Bryant voted and they voted along racial lines then the board chair could break the tie.





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Edgecombe County Public Schools

Black economic gains reversed in Great Recession – Source: News & Observer (A Must Read)

BALTIMORE — Growing up black in the segregated 1960s, Deborah Goldring slept two to a bed, got evicted from apartment after apartment, and watched her stepfather climb utility poles to turn their disconnected lights back on. Yet Goldring pulled herself out of poverty and earned a middle-class life – until the Great Recession. (Read more)

Tarboro NC – 1st Annual Black Family Day 2011 Join Us Labor Day Weekend Sat, Sept 3rd 2011

1st Annual Black Family Day 2011 Join Us Labor Day Weekend Sat, Sept 3rd 2011

Greetings Family,

First, Please download the BFD Flyer and listen to the attached PSA/Radio Spot BLACKFAMILY mp3 Tell us what you think.

Your Support Is Wanted/Needed

Attached is material for the 1st Annual Black Family Day for Tarboro, NC. It will be held in Historic Downtown Tarboro on The Common. Great efforts was made by the BFD Planning Committee to have this event in the Historic Downtown area. And they are making greater efforts to make this event successful. For those may not be able to make it to the event, we ask that you help support this cause by making a financial donation asap, or if you do plan to attend a financial contribution from you also would be greatly appreciated and needed.

The effort and the outcome of this event, will crown this event the best cultural event east of I95. If you have children The Children Village is going to be off the chain.

The entertainment is very diverse, and I do mean that. So come join us

They have a Facebook page, you may visit and/or get more information from there.
Black Family Day 2011

Their Email:

The IMG jpg attachement is a picture of the committee requesting support and the use of the area at the June council meeting.

The committee has being working hard to keep the spirit and movement going with some opposition, but we know Every Knock Is A Boost.

We plan to have a very wide array of entertainment and activities.

Limited Vending space is available, First come, First Serve.

We hope to have a very large attendance, so If you would like to volunteer to help out that day please contact the committee.

Please forward this email/material to all far and near add to Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc…… Thanks to all, Hope to see you there.

Envy indicates a weakness of the character.
Where envy is there is the absence of generosity, charity and brotherliness.
In fact, it is impossible to feel both envy and kindness towards the same person at the same time.

Your Brother & Friend,
Melvin R. Muhammad

Note: To see the original email with price for ads, vendor requirements, sponsorship and more please email  BlackFamilyDay2011@gmail.com or you can email me @ thedcn@embarqmail.com Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher