White Candidate should represent District 2 in poll – Source: The Daily Southerner

Now this is just too funny. Here we go again Terry Smith editor of the newspaper trying to justify their movement.

So again something to mislead folks because how many of these people live in the district, how many voted more than once?

See article: “White Candidate should represent District 2 in poll.”

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Repost: Video – Princeville 3 Votes For Redistricting Mapping Although They Fired The Attorney And Without A Public Hearing Tuesday, July 19, 2011 4:00 PM

Click on picture to view: Princeville 3 strikes again Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Commissioners Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Calvin Sherrod. (Video 9 mins. 56 secs.)


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Tarboro NC – Now That Muhammad Has Spoken I Don’t Have To Give My Spill Because She Is The One That Is Responsible For The Black Family Day That Has Spurred Letters To Editor From White Folks

Read the article for yourself: Muhammad: Black Family Day ‘a day for everyone’

I was going to do an article on this but since Muhammad has spoken I am going to pass for now. I have received several messages asking me my take on the issue. I received the much information on the Black Family Day from the flyer to documents if one wants to be a sponsor to vendors and etc.

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Breaking News–Princeville 3 Votes For Redistricting Mapping Inspite Of Firing The Town Attorney And Without A Public Hearing

The Princeville 3 has spoken again.

Today at 4:00 PM the Princeville 3 voted for the redistricting mapping inspite of concerns from Commissioners Gwen Knight and Ann Howell about the town moving forward without an attorney.

Stay tuned video should be up shortly, less than 10 minutes long.

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Crews, Privott voted onto Edgecombe County Cultural Arts Counsil by Terry Smith Editor But The Town Appointment To The North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency Board of Directors Was More Interesting

Now this is damn good, the Tarboro Town Council votes to appoint Jim Alford to replace Sam Nobles on the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency Board of Directors. And certain white folks in racist Tarboro talking about experience and other when appointing folks to boards. So why didn’t Patsy Miller and gang didn’t say something or better yet where is her editorial? Oh she and the like are too busy protesting the Black Family Day. LMBAO!! But this appointment was a done deal before the meeting anyway.

I found the following quote by Sam Noble to be too damn interesting when Councilman Rick Page asked to attend the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency Conference.

Sam Noble did not hesitate.

"It would be hard to explain t taxpayers," Noble said. "You don’t have to go to Asheville to take  part in all their programs."

Sam Nobles is the same one who received a $1000 per month to serve on the Electricities Board that Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight challenged and the Eastern Board no longer receive monies however the Western Board still does. I can’t believe Nobles went there. Oh hell yeah I can because he has gotten his. Obviously he influenced the council not to appoint Page so therefore there must be a hidden agenda since Alford received the appointment. I am so glad I am familiar with NCEMA and Electricities and don’t have to rely on Nobles to tell the story. Yep attended several NCEMPA meetings and seen Nobles in action. So since Alford attended the meetings with Nobles I guess he looked forward to eating at Parker’s Barbecue after each meeting. LMBAO!!

I ain’t gonna spend anytime on the Cultural Arts Council appointment because the article headlines speaks for itself. Rudolph Knight a known historian and a columnist in the Smith’s newspaper shows just how much “they” think of Knight.

Read the article for yourself and see that the headlines should have been the NCEMPA appointment.

Crews, Privott voted onto Edgecombe County Cultural Arts Counsil

Letter to editor: First Annual Black Family Day by Richard Parker Columnist

15 September 2011

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor Smith,

The first annual Black Family Day in Tarboro will be held on September 3rd 2011.

The fifteenth annual Black Family Day in Reidsville will be held on August 27th 2011. Black Family Day reunions are held annually, in many different places. Friends and guests are invited to each event. You are welcome as always.

The Black Family Day celebration is not new, only new to Tarboro, in this area. Once you experience Black Family Day you will be looking forward to the next year and the next Black Family Day.

Black Family Day is a fitting name for our celebration on September 3rd 2011. Please come out and experience the real and symbolic beginning of the wonderful rebirth of our long lost Family way of life. If my memory serves me correctly it was lost about 400 years ago. I was born in Tarboro in 1930.

AND if I remember my 5th grade general science, the color black is the result of the absorption of all wave lengths of color, while the color white is the result of the deflection of all wave lengths of color. Of course, that in no way reflects the relationships between the races. Not that we are color blind.

Please come out and join us on the Common on September 3rd 2011, and help us celebrate Black Family Day .

Richard H Parker Jr
Tarboro NC

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Job Announcement: Temporary Research Assistant Position

Temporary Research Assistant Position

The North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences (NC TraCS) Institute’s Community Engagement Core is accepting applications for a Temporary Research Assistant Position. This position is for approximately 8 hrs of work taking notes for focus groups. Applicants must be available August 2nd, August 16th, and August 30th from 11:45am-1:45pm. There will be an additional date in late August or early September.
Applicants will become members of the NC TraCS Research Assistant (RA) Core to facilitate the hiring process and will be entered into our database as a potential temporary RA. By applying to work on a particular study (or become a member of the core), you are not guaranteed a position. Application to the core, however, will make you eligible to work on any future studies. This is a great opportunity for someone looking for experience working in the world of health research to have a flexible position that pairs you with studies in your local community.

If interested, please send your resume to mahadley@email.unc.edu

NC TraCS is located at UNC-CH and is one of 60 medical research institutions working together as a national consortium to improve the way biomedical research is conducted across the country. The consortium, funded through the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA), shares a common vision to reduce the time it takes for laboratory discoveries to become treatments for patients, and to engage communities in clinical research efforts. It also is fulfilling the critical need to train a new generation of clinical researchers. The CTSA program is led by the National Center for Research Resources, part of the National Institutes of Health.

For more info, visit us online at tracs.unc.edu.

The NC TraCS Institute is the academic home of the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For more information about NC TraCS programs and services, call us at 919.966.6022, email us at
nctracs@unc.edu, or visit us online at tracs.unc.edu.

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Open Letter to The Edgecombe County Public Schools System, Why Didn’t You Use The Robo Call System To Announce The Formal Meeting On Yesterday?

Board Chair Ann Kent, fellow board members and Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley, why didn’t you use the Robo Call to announce the formal meeting you called for yesterday Monday, July 18, 2011?

So what is the purpose of having a system if you are not going to use it?

I can’t get over the meeting being posted with the time, date and place but no purpose, hell I could have understood it better if the time, date and/or place had been left off but the purpose.

Also there should be something on your site that one should be able to receive an email in real time everytime something like this is posted.

But the Robo Call goes to all the homes on your list which consist of not only parents, but business/community leaders and anyone whom have asked to be on the list and what is good about that is if no one answers you can leave a message.

The Daily Southerner Newspaper does not operate on Saturday and Sunday so that can not be used to get the message to the people. The Rocky Mount Telegram can be used however I don’t feel that it should be used alone. However I don’t recall seeing anything it that paper.

Again as I have stated in previous mailings about this issue, you and your fellow board members and Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley know that I am very much interested in personnel issues. I asked this board several years ago that for those whom attend the meetings a list of personnel transfers, retirees, resignations and etc. be made available after you come out of closed session at every board meeting. You honored my request back then. However just recently the list is not available on the night of your meeting but is made available on the next day via your website. I have no problem with that.

Board chair Ann Kent, fellow board members and Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley you ask parents, children and others to follow your policies and procedures so I continue to challenge you to follow your own policies and procedures. It is evident you all would have met and acted upon this matter if I had not inquired about this meeting. But don’t twist it because I am not about trying to get credit for anything because you know I do what I do and has been doing what I do since the early 90’s challenging this board and the Edgecombe County Public Schools System.

Board chair Ann Kent, fellow board members and Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley, I am requesting that you use the Robo Call system to contact the people of Edgecombe County to make them aware of future board meetings be it regular, special and formal meetings. Maybe I am asking too much but I have heard you say you wanted parental and community involvement.

I thank each of you for serving our Edgecombe County Public Schools System however don’t forget the main thing. You serve at the pleasure of the children, parents, community/business leaders and all other interested persons especially those whom participate in the voting process, but not limited to.

As I close, always remember, “I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.”

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