Aulander NC – Homegoing Service For Mrs. Annie White The Wife Of Carl White NAACP President Hertford County/District 11 Director

My condolence goes out to my longtime friend Carl White and family on the loss of their love one Mrs. Annie White whom was a real freedom fighter. When I seen Carl I seen his wife/partner. Their email best describe them carlannie because they were one. Carl my friend I can’t say that I know what you are going through because I have not been in your shoes however this song comes to mind:

Song: Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White & Twinkie Clark

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Viewing – Wednesday, July 20, 2011 6:00 PM – WILDERS FUNERAL HOME, INC. * 816 Commerce Street* Aulander, NC * USA * 27805 Phone: (252) 345-6575 Fax: (252) 345-6577

Homegoing ServiceThursday, July 21, 2011 11:00 AM – Viewing 10:30-11:00 AMEvening Light Church of God and Christ Jesus505 Highway 305 S Windsor, NC

Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Member Ann Kent Now Newly Elected Chair Responds To The Meeting That Was Scheduled For Today, Admits Didn’t Follow Their Policy

Thank you Board Chair Ann Kent for your response, I can’t say timely because you didn’t respond to me until 5:32 PM this evening and the meeting was scheduled for 12:30 PM.

I understand the urgency of the meeting however you ask that the children and me (a citizen) to follow your policy and procedures and this board don’t always follow their own policies and procedures. I have been challenging this board for years that you follow your own policies and procedures as you expect others and myself to do.

Where was the time and place 48 hour notice posted? It was not on the website on Friday evening per several sources whom contacted me after reading my concerns. You have admitted you didn’t follow your policy because the purpose was not listed. Time, date, place and purpose is a given so how was the purpose left out.

I thank you for acknowledging my interest in the system but I don’t need to be thanked. I have followed this board since the early 90’s so I feel like a member of the board. I followed this board long before I had a child to enter the system in 1998.

Thank you for responding to me although it was after the meeting. I am glad I didn’t ask to get off work today to attend the meeting when no action was taken.

The following is the response from Ann Kent: “Thank you for your interest in the board of education. Our meeting today as a susposed to be a quick closed session meeting to fill the two princials positions : Princeville and Pattillo. We tried to have a meeting as soon as the central office staff chose the candidates. We are hoping to have these people in place to begin planning for the fall start of school.

The time and place were posted 48 hours in advance, but the purpose was not listed. The board felt it in the best interest of the community to reschedule the meeting to allow Edgecombe County citizens time to plan to attend the meeting if they choose.

Thank you for your interest in our system.”

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Princeville NC – A Special Meeting Was Called On Thursday On Redistricting, Mayor Recessed The Meeting Until 4:00 PM Tuesday, July

Someone asked me on Friday what was going on in Princeville on Thursday because they had seen a lot of cars there. On Saturday I seen a couple of Princeville Commissioners and a former Commissioner at a meeting and I asked was there a meeting on Thursday. They replied yes and begin to tell me what happened. They asked me had I read the Daily Southerner and I said online but I didn’t see anything. I told them I would buy a paper on Saturday but I forgot it so I bought one yesterday, Sunday.

I read about the meeting in the Daily Southerner and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod said the board needed more time. Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates called for a recess until 4:00 PM on Tuesday July 19.

I plan to attend the meeting on Tuesday and I hope there be more Princeville citizens present at this meeting than it was at the June monthly meeting.

I found it so strange that I received a call from the Princeville Town Hall on Thursday but they didn’t leave a message. I called the number and found out it was someone from the Town Hall. The person asked me what was my boss name and I asked who were they talking about and they said my boss at the radio station. I told the person they must have been talking about Bronson Williams because I do not work at a radio station. So how did they call my number?

I understand they called Bronson at WBOB FM 107.3 because they wanted to talk to his boss about him talking about Princeville on his radio station. Well damn I was told that on Friday, July 15 Mayor Mayor Everette-Oates was either on the station in person or via telephone. I also read it in the Daily Southerner that the mayor was on the show. Bronson posted on Facebook that he was contacted by the mayor and that she was going to tell his boss on him. Now that was too damn funny.

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