You could be “the one.” Chances are you’re the match who could benefit your kin and kind with a life-saving donation. Every day, thousands of patients with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases hope for a marrow donor who could make a transplant possible for them. Black Americans can help one another by becoming activists and participants in bone marrow donations.

Hundreds of thousands of African Americans long for a bone marrow transplant. Over the past 40 years, bone marrow and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation have been used with increased frequency to treat numerous malignant and nonmalignant diseases. The transplantation success rate is tempered by the fact that the chance of finding a match remains close to 93 percent for Caucasians, but as low as 66 percent for African Americans. The tissue types used for matching patients with donors are inherited, so patients are most likely to find a match within their own racial or ethnic heritage. African Americans need to participate in greater numbers in “Be The Match” programs. It’s not a decision the government has to make, in this instance African Americans have the power to help themselves. Involvement in the “Be The Match” Registry operated by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) enables African Americans to help patients with life-threatening diseases receive much needed transplants. The more African Americans who participate in “Be The Match” programs and events, the more African-American bone marrow will be available among transplantation programs.

Increasing the national registry rolls requires a movement of volunteers from across the country to: plan and coordinate local bone marrow donation events; spread the word; share stories of patients in search of a match and fundraising. One such connection exists between the National Marrow Donor Program and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF). Throughout the month of July, they are raising awareness about the critical need for African Americans to join the “Be The Match” Registry. Growing numbers of African Americans are in need of a transplant. Every year, more than 10,000 patients in the United States are diagnosed with life-threatening diseases for which the best option for a cure could be a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor or donated umbilical cord blood unit. The National Marrow Donor Program is a leader in the field of unrelated marrow and umbilical cord blood transplantation. The NMDP mission is to ensure all patients who need a transplant receive access to treatment. The organization coordinates the collection of hematopoietic ("blood-forming") cells that are used to perform transplants. Patients who need a hematopoietic cell transplant but who lack a suitably matched donor in their family can search the “Be The Match” Registry for a matched unrelated donor or umbilical cord blood unit. The NMDP is headquartered in Minneapolis and manages the “Be the Match” Registry. In its organizational structure, the NMDP operates the C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program to provide a single point of access to marrow donors and umbilical cord blood units for a global network of hospitals, blood centers, laboratories and recruitment centers. Since 1987, NMDP has facilitated more than 40,000 transplants.

More African Americans are needed to enlarge the pool of people who facilitate bone marrow transplants. Too few African Americans know how to help with bone marrow donations. According to medical experts, the majority of donation cases involve no surgery, because in most instances doctors request a non-surgical peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation. In cases where the marrow donation is a surgical procedure, most donors go home the same day. Generally, people who donate marrow receive general anesthesia and feel no pain during procedures. Most marrow donors are back to their normal activities in two to seven days. The “Be The Match” program is worth checking into, in most cases the program will reimburse travel and other costs associated with donations. For information on the “Be The Match” Registry® contact: the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), 3001 Broadway Street N.E., Suite 100, Minneapolis, Minn. 55413-1753 – www.marrow.org

(William Reed is available for speaking/seminar projects via BaileyGroup.org)

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Annual N.C. Utility Savings Initiative Updates

Annual N.C. Utility Savings Initiative Updates

Tuesday July 19th at 9:00 am

Edgecombe Community College, Room 152 Fleming Bldg.

2009 W. Wilson St.

Tarboro, NC

The N.C. Energy Office’s Utility Savings Initiative will conduct it annual update in a series of half-day meetings around North Carolina from Tuesday July 19 through Thursday July 28. The session will cover some timely and interesting topics, including:

· Smart Grid

· Session Law 2010-196 (H 1292) “University Energy Savings/LEA Operational Leases” — Any energy savings realized by constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina shall remain available to the institution and a portion of those energy savings shall be used for other energy conservation measures; and to expand the use of operational leases by local boards of education. (available on line at http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Sessions/2009/Bills/House/PDF/H1292v6.pdf)

· Reaching the 30% Energy Savings by 2015

· EPA Pilot Program

· The New Energy Code

· American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

· Our State Energy Plan

· Role of Energy Managers and Analysts

Because of Session Law 2010-196 (H 1292) “University Energy Savings/LEA Operational Leases” coverage, it will be important for a representative from each University to attend. All the Energy Managers and Analysts currently being funded with ARRA funds must attend one of the sessions.

Sessions will be conducted at six locations around the state in an effort to make it easier for you to attend without extensive travel costs, time or distance. Here is the schedule:

For more information contact Len Hoey, lhoey@nccommerce.com, or call 919-733-1891.

Thompson Introduces Bill to Address Inequities in Federal Education Funding

Washington, D.C. – Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (R-PA) today formally introduced H.R. 2485, the All Children are Equal (ACE) Act, to a standing-room-only audience of reporters, education reform advocates, and supporting organizations. The ACE Act fixes a gross inequity in the way formulas are calculated under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which provides funds to local school districts in order to improve the education of disadvantaged students. (Read more)

Note: Glad to be a member of the North Carolina Rural Education Working Group, we met last month in Rocky Mount NC. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Respect & Protect Our Vote Rally! Wednesday, July 13 at 11:00 AM in Raleigh


From Our Partner Democracy North Carolina
Rally Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 13 at 11 AM in Raleigh)

Dem NC Logo

Dear Democracy Advocate,

On July 13th, the General Assembly is coming back to Raleigh – and so are we!

Republican leaders want to (1) pass new restrictions on voting in North Carolina, (2) adopt redistricting maps that misuse the Voting Rights Act to carve out more strongholds for conservatives, and (3) override Governor Perdue’s vetoes, including the one against the voter photo ID bill.

Please join us on July 13th to make it plain that we won’t tolerate partisan attacks on our right to vote or be represented. GOP leaders have reneged on their promise to bring more openness to government and more jobs to our state’s struggling communities. Instead, they’ve passed laws for their campaign donors and their own partisan gain. Learn more about the rally and RSVP here.

Respect & Protect The Vote Rally

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 ● 11:00 AM
NC General Assembly Building
16 W. Jones St.
Raleigh, NC
Join us! You can RSVP here.

Transportation help available from Charlotte, Greenville and the Triad.

Send your friends to http://bit.ly/iAGgZ9 to RSVP or for more information on the rally.

Thanks and we hope to see you in Raleigh on the 13th!

Adam Sotak,
Organizing Director

Democracy North Carolina

Message From the First Congressional District Chair Don Davis, All proposed NC redistricting maps are in!

**** Breaking News ***

All proposed NC redistricting maps released

The co-chairmen of North Carolina’s Redistricting Committee have released all of the proposed district maps for North Carolina. Please click on US House of Representatives, NC Senate and NC House of Representatives to view a copy of these proposed maps. If passed, subject to review by the United States Department of Justice, then these proposed maps could become effective for the 2012 election cycle.

NAACP NC – Redistricting Conference – Section 5 Meeting in Rocky Mount





6 July 2011



10:00am until 1:00pm

July 16, 2011

Rocky Mount, NC

Dear NC NAACP Unit Leader:

The North Carolina State Conference invites you to participate in our upcoming Redistricting Conference co-sponsored by The Alliance for Black Elected Officials scheduled for Saturday, July 16 at the OIC Building in Rocky Mount, NC.

The purpose is to invite area elected officials, local and state NAACP leadership, and community leaders who live and work in North Carolina’s Section V counties (list attached) to discuss gerrymandering efforts spawned by the ultra-conservative, far right Tea Party Republicans on the national and state levels. These attempts will have a retrogressive effect on voting rights and protections for the next decade and beyond, and we want to ensure that all North Carolinians’ voting rights are protected and not diluted. It is incumbent upon us to educate all elected officials, in particular those whose positions have been created by the protections of the United States Constitution through the 15th Amendment, and by Section V of the Voting Rights Act.

We are inviting Congressman G. K. Butterfield (D-NC 1st District), Congressman Mel Watt (D-NC 12th District), State Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr., Chairman and members of the NC Legislative Black Caucus; Walter Rogers, President and members of the NC Black Leadership Caucus, and Brad Thompson, Executive Director and members of the NC Alliance of Black Elected Officials.

The OIC Building is located at 402 East Virginia Street in downtown Rocky Mount, NC. The conference begins at 10:00am and will end at 1:00pm. Please confirm that you will be joining us by Monday, July 11th by calling Amina Turner, State Executive Director toll-free at 1-866-NC-NAACP OR send an e-mail to ncnaacpoffice@gmail.com with "REDISTRICTING CONFERENCE" in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you there.

Yours in the Spirit of Truth and Justice,


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II




Covered Jurisdictions in North Carolina

40 Counties


Anson County

Hoke County

Beaufort County

Jackson County

Bertie County

Lee County

Bladen County

Lenoir County

Camden County

Martin County

Caswell County

Nash County

Chowan County

Northampton County

Cleveland County

Onslow County

Craven County

Pasquotank County

Cumberland County

Perquimans County

Edgecombe County

Person County

Franklin County

Pitt County

Gaston County

Robeson County

Gates County

Rockingham County

Granville County

Scotland County

Greene County

Union County

Guilford County

Vance County

Halifax County

Washington County

Harnett County

Wayne County

Hertford County

Wilson County

Source: www.usdoj.gov/crt/voting/28cfr/51/apdx_txt.htm.

Tarboro Town Council considers new policy – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Before anything was discussed much less voted on during the Tarboro Town Council meeting Monday night, Mayor Donald Morris said he wanted a policy adopted that would require any items of business that came before the elected body to be referred to town staff for review. (Read more)

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Tarboro Town Council

Bryant to remain on Board of Education – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Unable to decide on a representative for District 2, Attorney Teresa Bryant rescinded her resignation Monday night.

During the regular meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Education, Bryant rescinded her resignation that had been extended until June 30 or when a new board member was appointed.

Note: See video coming in a few hours so you can see who all the speakers were and what really happened at the meeting. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Edgecombe County Public Schools

Edgecombe County Public Schools Resignations, New Hires, Transfers, Reduction in Force, Leave of Absence and Transfers/Reassignments For July 2011

Here it is, see who will be working at your school and/or who have resigned. See the following: Personnel – July 11, 2011.

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Edgecombe County Public Schools

Tarboro NC – Attorney Teresa D. Bryant Interview With The DCN In Response To The Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meeting On Last Night

The following was sent to Attorney Teresa D. Bryant in response to the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board meeting on last night. This was an exciting meeting. Due to the meeting ending around 11:20 PM I asked Attorney Bryant to please respond to The DCN in writing so that we could get home before 12:00 midnight.

Thank you Attorney Bryant for your timely response.

From The DCN

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Attorney Teresa D. Bryant last night you were not given the opportunity to address the legality of you be considered a remaining member on the board of education so therefore you were not allowed to vote. You attempted to address the issue since it was all about you but the board chair Evelyn Wilson opinion was that if you were allowed to respond that it would be a debate with the citizen so she did not think it was right and that the board’s policy is to respond in writing. As I stated during public comments I would love to hear your response.

Will you please share what your response to the legality of you not voting for a candidate to replace you?

I am very pleased with you rescinding your resignation and now you will continue to serve as a board member until the upcoming 2012 election. Was it difficult to consider rescinding your resignation and if so why?

Do you plan to seek re-election in 2012?

Do you have anything you would love to share about your tenure on the board that you have not covered?

Thank you for serving on the board and although you do not live in my district and I can’t vote for you, I am a proud supporter of you because I value what you bring to the board as an attorney. You know policy and procedures and that is what is needed. When policies and procedures are in order, other things will normally take care of itself. I have appreciated your work since you have been on the board because I strongly feel you have the best interest of all the children of Edgecombe County at heart and I look forward to you seeking re-election in 2012.

Response from Attorney Teresa D. Bryant Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Member

July 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Dancy,

First of all, let me say that I appreciate your interest in hearing from me on some issues that I have addressed herein.

Legality of My Voting on My Replacement: My legal opinion is that it would have been improper for me to vote on my replacement. I do not know that I can go so far as to say that it would have been illegal. As an attorney, I have read the words in the statute and in our policy – “remaining” members to refer to those who will be left on the Board after the vacancy. My analysis does not change simply because it so happens that I selected a date to resign that is after the selection date. I also believe that since I had indicated a potential interest in running for the seat in 2012 that it would have been a conflict of interest for me to hand-pick the person (or at least one of them) who I would likely compete with for the seat in the next election.

My Decision to Rescind: I was appointed to the Board in 2007. I recall there being five to seven diverse candidates who were considered and I was appointed by unanimous vote. It was a smooth and non-controversial process. I had no idea that things would go as they have with regards to an appointment to replace me.

I announced my resignation in February, 2011, giving what I thought would be ample time to field some strong candidates to replace me. During the June meeting when no majority decision was rendered, I amended my resignation to extend my time through July. When the same thing happened for a second month last night, I moved to rescind my resignation completely. It was a difficult decision but when I left the room for the vote to be taken on my replacement, I thought of the statement that Mr. Privott made in his impassioned public comments to the effect that “to know the work of the Board, you have to be on the Board” and what I thought about was the fact that what I knew from being on the Board was that the work of the Board had been greatly impeded by this appointment process.

It would have been easier for me to have remained silent and walk away. I had already mapped out plans (career and personal) to consume the time that I had previously spent on Board matters and as early as late last night when I got home from the meeting, I had to begin making a number of adjustments because I have decided to continue to serve. In summary, despite my shortcomings, I believe that having me represent the District is better than having no representation for the District at all and I also believe that my finishing out the term and putting to rest the issue of an appointment was the best thing to do so as not to further impair the work of the Board at a time when there is so much work to be done.

Election in 2012. Since I could not have predicted that I would still be on the Board this month, I think it extremely premature to say what I will or will not do in 2012. I can say that I certainly had planned and still plan to consider running in that election but beyond that, there is no insight I have to offer at this time.

Longevity of Service as an Officer. Prior to the vote on officers, I made a comment about this subject. Four consecutive terms is as many as I can personally vote for the same person to hold an office on this type of Board. I have studied the pros and cons of the same person holding an office for extended, consecutive time periods and even with as fine a leader as we have had, I think there needs to be a break in continuous service and for someone else to step up and lead. I voted for Janice Davidson for Chair and Dr. Evelyn Johnson for Vice-Chair.

My Child. We will enroll her in our school system in the fall. Whether she remains in our school system for the entire school year or returns to private Christian school will not be a decision that will be impacted by my role as a school board member but only by my role as a mother and co-parent who does not have exclusive say about major decisions that affect my child.

The Candidates. I want to thank all of the candidates for applying for the position and vigorously seeking the appointment. I am hopeful that they will be able to assist the District and the school system this year. I believe that they all have much to offer.