Council members weigh city’s future at annual retreat–Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

CHAPEL HILL — Discussion, debate and development were among the underlying themes of the Rocky Mount City Council retreat in Chapel Hill this week. (Paid Content)

Note: You guessed it, utilities was raised again and again.

Some community college leaders oppose federal loans – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

RALEIGH — Some community college presidents in North Carolina are banding together against a new law that could make low-interest federal loans an option to nearly 200,000 students, fearing they could lose all financial aid if too many students don’t repay. (Read more)


The racial resegregation of Wake, New Hanover and other county public school systems in North Carolina is the result of the regressive policies of the right-wing, says Benjamin Todd Jealous, president/CEO of the NAACP, and threaten the civil rights gains of the past half-century. (Read more)

Council praised for challenging Sanderson/Council adds $50K to utility fund – Source: The Wilson Times

More than 20 residents showed their support Thursday night to the Wilson City Council for its commitment to challenge the possible construction of a chicken processing plant in Nash County.

In other matters, the council approved:

* Appropriating $50,000 to its utility assistance fund, which helps residents struggling to pay their utility bills. (Paid Content)

I Respect Atty. Bryant’s Decision To Step Down From The Edgecombe County School Board, The Right Thing To Do

After speaking to Atty. Teresa D. Bryant today I respect her decision to step down from the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board.

I remember when Bryant was appointed to the board after Dr. Florence A. Armstrong resigned her post to make a personal and career move. There were many around me who didn’t feel Atty. Bryant was the right choice. I supported her 100% because I felt that her legal knowledge would be a great asset to the board. She also worked as an attorney to other school boards across the state so again I felt she would be a great asset.

I heard some say that during the time Bryant was seeking to be appointed that her child was in private school. I did not learn until today that she had moved her child into the public schools at the beginning of the school year the same year she was appointed. Some also didn’t feel she would be a voice for the community.

I had the privilege to work with her years ago in the Democratic Party. I had no problem with her representing me on the school board however I could not vote for her. But she would represent me because once on the board she represent the whole county.

Atty. Bryant shared with me that her main concern was she had moved her child back to a Christian school. She said she had an issue with having her child in the Christian school when she has preached to parents that they should be involved in their child’s schooling. She said since she has her child in the Christian school that is where her spare time should be focused. I totally agree.

I remember years ago there were a female on the board who had her child in private school. Some others and myself called her out and she did not run in the next election. We also had an issue with the board chair child being in the Nash-Rocky Mount School System but was serving on the Edgecombe County board.

Thank you Atty. Bryant for your service and for doing the right thing resigning your post. Although I feel strongly one can serve on the board and not have a child in the system, I do feel their should be some type of criteria of why that person wants to serve along with the commitment.

I found the conversation that I had with Atty. Bryant to be the same as was reported in The Daily Southerner so read more in depth the reason why Bryant resigned.

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