Rocky Mount NC – City to observe Christmas and New Year’s holidays

For Immediate Releasea

Rocky Mount, N.C. – In observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day, city offices will be closed Tuesday, Dec. 24 through Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019 and Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2020.

Rocky Mount Public Works has rescheduled garbage recycling and yard waste collection for Wednesdays, Dec. 25 and Jan. 1. Items normally collected on those days will be collected the following Saturdays, Dec. 28 and Jan. 4.

Tar River Transit will not operate Dec. 25 or Jan. 1.

The South Rocky Mount and Booker T. Washington Community Centers, RM Wilson Gym, Rocky Mount Senior Center and Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences will be closed Dec. 24-26 and Jan. 1.

Sandy Roberson Mayor Elect Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page Is Interesting!

Johnny Cunningham this is too damn funny!

These Special Cs are funny to me. Hell they are the ones that have been raising all the hell since December as they were gearing up for the October Election.

They are the ones who started the WSBS Movement and since they couldn’t remove Pastors Andre Knight and Rev. Richard Joyner they don’t know what to do.

Yes Sandy Claus is the new Mayor but he has no power. Maybe by the time they come up with what Transition mean and realize what the role of the mayor is they will come to they will see their WSBS Movement is just that BS!

Now this and other comments on Sandy Roberson page just tickles the hell out of me.

Nancy Oakley Rackley The winds of change are already caressing our City. There seems to be peace settling over our City. Prayers for you and your administration. – They are the ones who have been keeping all the noise but when Black Folk respond to their WSBS they play VICTIM.

Mary P Wells Thanks for keeping us informed I know you’ll do a good job I pulling City back together – Sure would love for this Democrat to explain more in detail what she mean right here.

Mildred Milly Lawrence-Newson Thanks for your transparency and first hand information. – Damn the man has not been sworn in yet and talking about thanks for his transparency. GTHOH!

Randy Adcox Thank you Sandy! There’s an awful lot of good people in this city who’re pulling for you and praying for you to succeed! Stay focused on the task at hand, and feel free to ask for help from us, if there’s anything we can do to help you turn this city around.
#ItsANewDayinRM! – Dude right here is just ignant! He do not live in the city but have a problem because I do not. White Privilege!


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Randy Adcox, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson’s Friend Has A Problem With Black Folk Because We Are Angry People

This Special C do not live in Rocky Mount but because they feel they benefit from White Privilege that they can promote their WSBS. But they have a problem with me because I don’t live in Rocky Mount but I am the 2nd Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP and have much family and folk who allow me to speak for them.

Posted on LoveRockyMount

This is why I don’t go on these pages because they just lie, lie, lie. You respond to what they say and then they get ignant. Hell I am just questioning what you said. Oh but that is the problem, Black Folk ain’t spose to question them. Oh maybe it is because I got some white in me.

See how Randy Adcox just lie, lie, lie.

I posted in response to:

Curmilus Butch Dancy II Monica Hathaway You can’t tell me what I see. I have not said I was right about anything. I just say what I mean and mean what I say.
Nope I am not going to see what you are trying to say when I seen the post and I am actively engaged so don’t need you to think for me.
The Lord intervened in the city hall back in 2003 and he continue to take the City Hall to a new level in spite of haters.

Randy Adcox Wow Curmilus Butch Dancy II! You come on this page and spew your racist hatred and then have the gall to talk about white supremacists comments here?? Warren and Caren constantly monitor this site, and remove any comments that are divisive in any way – except YOURS that is. And they leave YOUR comments here so everyone else can see what type of person YOU are. Your attitude only serves to arouse vitriol and discontent Butch, but you already know that, don’t you? You INTENTIONALLY look for ways to harass, irritate and stir up conflict. And you’re good at it too. You’re a pitiful soul Butch. Your racist commentary has but one goal, and that is to drive a wedge between black people and white people in this city. And for what, Butch? What do you hope to gain by constantly trying to stir up animosity between our two races? It doesn’t matter really. Only a FOOL would listen to or read the garbage you continually put out, and see it as helpful to any worthwhile cause. But you keep doing what you do Butch. The good people of this city black AND white, see you for what you are. And they recognize the poison you spew out daily. You’re no hero Butch, and you’re a far cry from anything resembling a role model, either. You’re just an angry little mad black man with a bad taste in his mouth. I say again, pitiful…just pitiful.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II
Curmilus Butch Dancy II Randy Adcox Warren sent me a Friend Request to join us the group. I don’t come on the page and do not comment on the page but last night was an exception to my rule as it relates to posting on this page.
But when did I call myself an Hero?
But when did I call myself a role model?
Angry! Really!
I represent those whom allow me to speak for them.
I am a Professional and you sir is a Want A Be Player.
My pitiful … be wearing y’all out.
You want to be me. You use my words like Ab so damn lute ly I and other. Y’all follow me.
You say things that you think folk are saying good about me like the things above hero, role model the man because your hate for me is eating y’all up.
Continue on!

Randy Adcox
Randy Adcox Curmilus Butch Dancy II No one that I know, and especially not me, wants to be you! Now go run tell THAT angry little man. 😉

Curmilus Butch Dancy II Randy Adcox LOL!

So Special Cs Over At WHIG-TV Feel Reuben Blackwell Should Not Have Responded To Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount Founder, Really!

Tell me them Special Cs over at WHIG-TV this morning said Reuben Blackwell should not have responded to Warren Daughtridge LoveRockyMount founder. Really!

So they think they can say what they want and Black Folk suppose to accept it. Oh hell no!

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Rocky Mount NC – Councilman Reuben Blackwell Checked Warren Daughtridge Founder LoveRockyMount Ass Who Talked About Blackwell’s Son During Meeting

It is a damn shame that this Special C smart ass had the audacity to come to the meeting to go after Councilman Reuben Blackwell about something his 24 year old son Cooper Blackwell said on Warren Daughtridge’s Social Media page LoveRockyMount. Cooper called Warren and some other Special Cs out. What the Special Cs have a problem with is that they think that White Privilege is the order of the day when it comes to communicating directly and indirectly with Black Folk thinking that we ain’t suppose to respond. When we respond they think play victim. Well these Special Cs better recognize and understand that we ain’t the one. It is obvious that these Special Cs are in denial, don’t give a damn or just ignant to the fact that some Black Folk ain’t going to allow them to promote their WSBS and we are going to be silent. Oh hell no! Some Special Cs have been attacking Black Leadership faithfully since the council became a Black Majority in 2003. Check out the timeline how them asses been in the attack mode since December 2018 as they began gearing up to unseat Councilmen Andre Knight and Richard Joyner in the October Election. Visit Timeline: Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney Under Fire Via Rocky Mount Telegram and read about it for yourself. However my videos don’t lie and you can watch them as well on Youtube.

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I Find The Following Information On Sandy Roberson Mayor Elect Page To Be Quite Damn Interesting!


I agree, “The election is over, and now it is time for our city to come together – unified in an effort to lift up our city.” So just because you have become Mayor folk suppose to just automatically unite? Really!

You say, “During the past two weeks, I have met with the City Manager, I have attended the committee work meeting and the regular session of City Council.” I don’t know anything about you meeting with the City Manager but damn don’t she have a name? You talking about uniting but you don’t even have the damn audacity to call the Intelligent Black Qualified and Bonified Experienced Female name.

Obviously my videos do lie after I have been saying all of this time my videos don’t lie. I captured you and Kevin Jones at the Committee of the Whole Meeting but I did not see you and Kevin come into the regular session of the City Council Meeting.

You say, “I am working through the financials and have received the latest independent, third party audit report of the city’s budget.” Hell that is public information any damn body can get that and they don’t have to be the mayor.

You say, “Kevin Jones and I have been working on the top two, major citizen-led, working groups that I will be appointing in December: The Schools & Jobs Task Force and the Safe Neighborhoods Advisory Committee.” Damn I can’t wait to see how that will play out. Much success.

We will be making those appointments during our first session and putting these citizen-led committees to work – providing valuable input and insight into the major issues facing our city.

So help me understand so these appointments will be newly created appointments to be added to the already appointments made by the council?

Finally, I have been holding a number of meetings with county commissioners, administrators and our DOT Commissioner to get a working relationship and understanding of the many issues ongoing at City Hall.

Wow! Damn sure would love to hear about those findings the many ongoing issues at City Hall. Would love to see what those folk have to say because I am trying to figure out what role they play in what goes on at City Hall.

Damn me being an ignant ass involved political activist I am am missing something. You say you wanted to give inside information on what you all are doing and how you are progressing. Well damn I am not reading any information and damn sure can’t see any progress.

As a political and community activist, 2nd Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP and a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee I represent folk from these areas along with family and friends whom also allow me to speak for them.

I am Curmilus Butch Dancy II The Political Agitator