Longtime city department head resigns – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I remember Rich Worsinger from the early 2000’s when the North Eastern NC Committee on the Affairs of Black People were hosting meetings in Rocky Mount after the 1999 Flood of the Century. We were helping folk with the flood recovery and having meetings about the high utilities. It was a meeting we held at Truth Tabernacle and that is when we learned from Rich and some others from the city about the ElectriCities deal that was made with Rocky Mount. Andre Knight was a member of the NENCCABP along with Lewis Turner, Carol Batchelor, Amanda Taylor, myself and some others.

Rocky Mount’s longest currently serving department head is leaving.

Rich Worsinger, employed with the city for 18 years, tendered his resignation as director of energy resources on Tuesday effective July 1.

Worsinger told the Telegram that he’s going to work for the city of Wilson.

“I haven’t thought about it much today,” Worsinger said. “I’m busy working.”

When Worsinger came to the city in January 2001, Rocky Mount had an undistinguished municipal utility struggling financially with noncompetitive electric rates, aging electric and gas infrastructure and a poor safety record.

Now Rocky Mount is recognized as an industry leader in both the public natural gas and public power arenas. Both utilities are strong financially — the electric and natural gas rates are competitive, the infrastructure is modern, safe and reliable and the safety record is excellent.

Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney said Worsinger has been an asset to the city.

“His years of service, knowledge of electric and gas and commitment to staying on top of industry trends by being involved in various organizations are appreciated,” Small-Toney said. (Read more)

Bettis defends city’s fight against utilities’ merger – Sun Journal

Although the Duke/Progress Energy merger was approved by the Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission a week ago, New Bern’s Mayor Lee Bettis said he is proud of efforts by New Bern and Rocky Mount to stand up to the powerful companies, and with a fiery promise, vowed to go after ElectriCities. (More)

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Progress and Duke Energy Merger

Cities seek compromise on electric revenues – Rocky Mount Telegram

City leaders from Eastern North Carolina decided Wednesday morning to work with state legislators to change a proposed bill limiting how much electric bill payments can be spent on a city’s general expenditures. (More)

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Study panel finds few answers on electric rates – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: They found that refinancing the debt is not an option, Newton said. Doing so would have long-term disadvantages because of the bond market and the nature of the debt.

I hope those ignant host and co-host on and/or those who call in to WHIG TV Morning Show, America In Danger on WHIG TV read this report because I get sick and tired of their ignant comments misleading folks. I have called in several times correcting their ignance.

I just called America in Danger this past Monday night for the 2nd time correcting Robert Cressionnie’s ignance. He asked me the question did I feel it was wrong for the city to take money from utilities to pay for special projects and I said as long as it is legal they can do it and if anyone has a problem with it they need to fight to change it. The damn fool kept asking me the same question saying I was dancing around the answer. I told the damn fool that I was not going to answer the question how he wanted me to. I ended up hanging up on his ignant a . . . I hate it when folks intentionally mislead folks. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

RALEIGH – A legislative committee that has been examining ways to lower electric rates for many residents in Eastern North Carolina is recommending legislation that would limit the amount of money certain cities could transfer from their electric funds to their general funds. (More)

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Skyrocketing power bills tied to city debt in N.C. towns – Source: StarNews Online

RALEIGH | Sandra Coley doesn’t understand why her City of Wilson utility bill sometimes reaches $450 per month.

Coley and her husband keep the thermostat reading high when they’re not at their two-bedroom home during the summer and tell their son to bundle up inside during the winter to stay warm. (Read more)

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Rocky Mount NC: Utilities employees given history lesson on rates–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount Public Utilities Director Rich Worsinger gave a presentation to a group of utility employees Thursday in an effort to better educate them about many of the questions customers commonly ask.

The presentation — which Worsinger designed for the public before realizing employees could benefit from it too — includes the history of why the city got into providing utilities, the city’s debt status, how the city’s rates compare and easy tips to conserve energy. (Read more)

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