NEWS ANALYSIS, WHY OBAMA CHOSE CHARLOTTE FOR 2012 – Source: The Wilmington Journal

It is the only Southern state that offered Barack Obama One Stop/Early Voting and Same Day Registration, enabling his 2008 presidential campaign not only to attract a treasure trove of new voters for both the Democratic primary and general election that year, but bank those ballots to eek out a razor slim 14,000-vote victory over Republican rival John McCain. (Read more)


In 1950 the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded its Peace Prize to the first non-White, African-American and United Nations (UN) official Ralph Bunche.  Dr. Bunche sanctioned the “Middle East Problem” and won the Prize for mediations he held between Arabs and Jews in the Israeli-Arab war in 1948-1949 and agreements he brought about between the new state of Israel and four of its Arab neighbors: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

The events unfolding now in Egypt are the latest example of Black leaders have been co-opted in dubious imperialists’ deals.  Settling Egyptian protests requires the U.S. to be “the honest broker” it has never been as each U.S. administration since World War II has dealt with Arab-Israeli conflicts.

Egypt is a North African country whose governments have a history of protecting Western powers’ interests in the region.   For six decades Egypt has played a vital strategic and symbolic role in world settings protecting Colonialist Countries’ interests in the region.  Beginning with Bunche, Blacks were played for rubes, bamboozled every step of the way.   To appease the demonstrators, and really earn his claim to a Noble Peace Prize, Obama will have to change ways the U.S. has traditionally played the region’s people of color.

In Noble Peace Prize ruse 2 in 1978, it was awarded to Muhammad Anwar El Sadat.  Anwar El Sadat was a Black man who served as Egypt’s third President, from October 1970 until his assassination October 1981.  Surely, Sadat was “played” in the Camp David Accords.  Sadat’s negotiations with Israel and the ensuing Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty were vastly unpopular amongst Arabs, resulting in his assassination and Egypt’s suspension from the Arab League.  Many say Sadat was “used” in establishment of the state of Israel and the $1.5 billion Egypt is paid by the U.S.

Light-skinned Ralph Bunche was too used by the West. Bunche believed that the Palestinian Arabs were the big losers in the conflict, and that the agreements he negotiated sealed the fate of the UN’s plan for an independent Palestinian state.  The Palestinians were played as punks as the Israelis kept almost all land they conquered.  Israel had expanded from the UN-allocated 55% of British ruled Palestine to 79%.  Bunche thought that the armistice agreements were intended as the basis for peace negotiations within a year, but these never took place.  The UN and the U.S. called for the rights of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, this never happened. Their fate remains the World’s No. 1 unsolved problem.

In 2009, President Barack Obama became the latest Black victim in the Nobel Peace Prize stunt.  In a move widely seen as being primarily a rebuke of his predecessor, the choice was seen as reversing many of his predecessors’ unilateral policies.   Now is the time for Obama to support the Egyptians by moving away from the imperialistic roles and guidelines the U.S. has used; and reaching out to the Arab & Islamic worlds by addressing the core issue in the region: bringing the Israelis and Palestinians into serious, fruitful negotiations.

Anti-Mubarak protestors are simply sick-and-tired of decades of American-supported shenanigans in their country.  Rather than rush to label whomever the American establishment calls “terrorists”, Black Americans would do well to develop a knowledgeable grasp of the history behind today’s issues.  Britain’s Foreign Secretary says that the Egyptian unrest "underlines the need to drive ahead with the Middle East peace process.  I hope that it underlines to Israeli leaders the need to do that."  It’s time to stray away from the White-controlled media and its typical White-American racist conservative mindset always ready to believe that the U.S. only fights for good causes.  In reality, many of the world’s Muslims view the U.S. as a hostile and oppressive force that blindly supports Israel at the expense of the legitimate rights of Palestinians, and that the current US’s “war against global terrorism” is actually a war against Islam.  Obama must break from traditions of decades of “double standards”, and engage in respectful ways with moderate Arabs & Islamics.

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Politics – Is Too Damn Complicated But I Love It Because I Have A Mind Of My Own And I Can See Through Ignant Black Folks And Ignant White Folks

Democratic Party, Republican Party, Black, White, Liberal, Conservative and whatever. I am familiar with Democrat, Republican, Black, White but Liberal and Conservative and the other I have not been interested in so I can’t speak to them.

When I registered shortly after my 18th birthday on December 25, 1980, I registered as a Democrat simply because my family was a Democrat. Why? Was I taught otherwise? But if I was, would I really have registered with the other party at the age of 18 over my family beliefs since they felt the Democratic Party was good enough for them? I doubt it.

In the early 90’s I actually joined the local Democratic Party by becoming the 3rd Vice Precinct Chair in my Precinct. I then moved on to serve on local Edgecombe County Democratic Party as a 3rd Vice Chair since I was the youngest member.

I will never forget when I joined the Edgecombe County Democratic Party a black person said to me, glad to see you because we need you because you don’t like white folks. I said oh really!! I said I like all folks who treat me with respect. They said that because I used to write weekly letters to the editor about things going on around us to both local newspapers The Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram. They were speaking particular to the point that I had responded to T.C. Cherry a former Highway Patrol and a former Edgecombe County Commissioner. T.C. had written letters talking about black folks stealing out of the Winn Dixie Grocery Store in Rocky Mount and I responded by saying they better watch the whites who worked there as well because when you single out persons for stealing then you open the door for others to be able to steal and get away with it because the focus is not on the others. (Years later a prime example was when I worked at Zip Mart part-time but I worked full-time hours while working another job and farming. I seen some strange things go on because of the persons that were hired, black and white that I felt should not have been hired. I said that to say this, this opened the door for others especially management to do some things because the focus was not on them. I was working there because I wanted to and not because I had to.)

When I joined the Democratic Party the white community was in control. They got everything in the party they wanted because they had the numbers and they also nearly held all the political offices. I challenged black folks to be smart and to do things by the book because this was a new day. These older black folks were very intelligent and if they pulled together they could do some things. Well the problem was you had some black folks who were into politics for the money as they were talking about changing the party leadership but they played both sides so nothing changed. All I heard for years were black folks need to be in leadership roles in the County Party to help level the playing field. They said we need to elect some black folks to local offices. I am proud to say that blacks hold many Elected Offices because we have a black Sheriff, black County County Manager, black Clerk of Court, black District Attorney, black Superior Court Judge and black County Democratic Party Chair. We have a black majority County Commissioner’s board, a black hold the chair position. We have a black Social Services Director. We have a black Board of Elections Director and Chair of the Board as well. However I am not pleased with the leadership of the County Democratic Party because once we took over the roles the Party has gone downward. Those who claim they wanted to see this happen stopped attending the meetings.

One thing I feel was on the same level in the local Democratic Party and that is there were little to no young black or white Democrats (ages 18 – 30) who attended the meetings. (This applies today as well.) Therefore you had no young officers. This is why I was able to serve as the 3rd Vice Chair simply by default, I met the age criteria and there were no one else. Hell there were some black folks who didn’t want me along with some whites. Why? Because I had a mind of my own. I thought things through but most of all I did my research. I kept the Plan of Organization before me and I studied it so I could know what my role was and others as well because they didn’t read the Plan but attempted to carry out how they thought things should be. So I spent my time calling most of the officers out because they were ignant to the rules.

I got so frustrated with the party during the early 2000’s that I changed my party affiliation to Unaffiliated. But after a couple of years I changed back to Democrat. Why? There were no Unaffiliated meetings so therefore I was just that unaffiliated. I have never considered the Republican Party and why would I want to be a Republican in a county that the Democratic party outnumbered them overwhelmingly. So I felt that if I wanted to affect change I had to be to the table with those in the majority so that I could challenge them to do what was right for all people in Edgecombe County so that it would become a better place to live, work and play. I feel good about the role I have played over the years because I know what I stand for and I know what has been accomplished.

The major problem I had was not with white people but with black folks who played both sides but were always preaching they wanted what so many others were saying behind closed doors. Since these black folks (Safe Negroes) new what both sides wanted they could play both sides and that is what they have done for years. One person Rev. Roosevelt Higgs kept mess stirred up within the party and I was ashamed to know the Negro. But the other black folks (those I called intelligent earlier) allowed him to do his mess. Why? Because they supported him but acted as if they didn’t. Intelligent but ignant black folks even stoops to the level of calling him Dr. Higgs today when they know he is not a Dr. but he gave himself that title when his good friend Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Walker became a Dr. I was listening at a local talk show a couple of Saturday mornings ago where the host a young intelligent black female called Higgs Dr. It pisses me off every time a person who holds a leadership position or call themselves a political activist and do ignant mess such as this.

Over the years I have seen some ignant mess as it relates to politics and then most recently I just seen this dude on You Tube “Examining black loyalty to Democrats.” I wonder have this dude been engaged in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to see what role the parties actually play today?

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UPDATED: Olbermann to Current TV as Primetime Host and Chief News Officer – Source: AlterNet

UPDATED: In a conference call, Keith Olbermann and Vice President Al Gore announced Tuesday that Olbermann will host a new, hour-long primetime news show on Current TV beginning in spring. He will also act as Executive Producer of the show and Chief News Officer of the Network. (Read more)

Senate Bill 13






Total General Fund Availability 18,940,011,278


Adjustments to Availability: Senate Bill 897Availability


Improve Tax and Debt Collection Process 3,000,000

Modernize Sales Tax on Accommodations 1,700,000

Department of Revenue Settlement Initiative 110,000,000

Disproportionate Share 35,000,000

Increase Justice and Public Safety Fees 13,930,670 

Transfer from the Health and Wellness Trust Fund  17,045,800

Transfer from Wildlife Resources Commission 8,000,000 

Divert Funds from Scrap Tire Disposal Account 2,500,000

Divert Funds from White Goods Fund 1,200,000

Transfer from Mercury Pollution Prevention Fund 2,250,000

Transfer from Bladen Lakes Special Fund 150,000

Transfer from DACS – N.C. State Fair 1,000,000

Transfer from ECU Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lease and Equipment 

Fund 1,000,000

Transfer from Motorfleet Internal Services Fund 14,000,000

Transfer from Golden LEAF Funds 67,563,760

Transfer from Tobacco Trust Fund 2,800,000


Information Technology Fund 1,000,000

Information Technology Internal Service Fund 7,586,800

ITS Wireless Fund 5,000,000 (911)

Correction Enterprise Fund 3,000,000

One North Carolina Fund 5,208,333

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (various 50

special funds) 1,500,000

Farmland Preservation Trust Fund 1,800,000 

Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission Fund 950,000

Industrial Development Utility 2,500,000

Development Investment Grants (JDIG) 3,000,000

SWCCREP/Expansion 500,000 

Aquariums Special Fund 1,500,000 

Parks and Recreation Trust Fund 8,500,000 

Industrial Commission – IT Projects Fund 1,000,000 

E-Commerce Reserve 4,630,891 


ADD  157,456,866




SECTION 3.1.(a) Effective June 30, 2011, the following amounts are reverted to the General Fund: 


Code Code Description 22

11000 1900 General Assembly Reserve 1,901,522 

13085 1900 Department of Insurance Reserve 1,150,693

SECTION 3.1.(b) G.S. 143C-1-2(b) does not apply to the reversion from the 25 General Assembly Reserve in subsection (a) of this section. 



SECTION 4.(a) Pursuant to Section 2(b) of S.L. 1999-2, the fifty percent (50%) of 29 the 2011 annual installment payment to the North Carolina State Specific Account that would  have been transferred to The Golden L.E.A.F. (Long-Term Economic Advancement Foundation), Inc., is transferred to a General Fund account within the Settlement Reserve Fund to be used to support General Fund appropriations for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. The Attorney General shall take all necessary actions to notify the court in the action entitled State of North Carolina v. Philip Morris Incorporated, et al., 98 CVS 14377, in the General Court of Justice, Superior Court Division, Wake County, North Carolina, and the administrators of the State Specific Account established under the Master Settlement Agreement of this action by the General Assembly redirecting the payment set forth in this section. 

SECTION 4.(b) A General Fund Account is established in the Settlement Reserve Fund. In 2011, the portion of the Master Settlement Agreement payment identified in Section 40 6(1) of S.L. 1999-2 shall be credited to the General Fund Account. The State Controller shall transfer all funds in the General Fund Account to the General Fund. 

SECTION 4.(c) Funds transferred from the General Fund Account to the General 43 Fund shall be deposited in Nontax Budget Code 19978 (Intrastate Transfers) to support General 44 Fund appropriations for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.



SECTION 5. Section 2.2(i) of S.L. 2009-451, as rewritten by Section 2.2(f) of S.L. 48 2010-31, reads as rewritten:

"SECTION 2.2.(i) Notwithstanding G.S. 143C-9-3, of the funds credited to the Health 50 Trust Account, the sum of ten million three hundred ninety-seven thousand dollars ($10,397,000)twenty-two million forty-five thousand eight hundred dollars ($22,045,800) that 1 would otherwise be deposited in the Fund Reserve shall be transferred from the Department of 2 State Treasurer, Budget Code 23460 (Health and Wellness Trust Fund), to the State Controller 3 to be deposited in Nontax Budget Code 19978 (Intrastate Transfers) to support General Fund 4 appropriations for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 fiscal years. These funds shall be 5transferred on or after April 30, 2010."



SECTION 6. Section 2.2(h) of S.L. 2009-451, as rewritten by Section 2.2(i) of S.L. 9 2010-31, reads as rewritten: 

"SECTION 2.2.(h) Notwithstanding G.S. 143C-9-3, of the funds credited to the Tobacco 11 Trust, the sum of five million dollars ($5,000,000)seven million eight hundred thousand dollars 12 ($7,800,000) shall be transferred from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 13 Budget Code 23703 (Tobacco Trust Fund), to the State Controller to be deposited in Nontax 14 Budget Code 19978 (Intrastate Transfers) to support General Fund appropriations for the 15 2010-2011 fiscal year. These funds shall be transferred on or after April 30, 2011."



SECTION 6.1. Section 14.15 of S.L. 2009-451 reads as rewritten:

"SECTION 14.15. The For the 2010-2011 fiscal year, the North Carolina Industrial 20 Commission may retain the additional revenue generated as a result of an increase in the fee 21 charged to parties for the filing of compromised settlements. All over realized receipts. These 22 funds shall be used for the purpose of replacing existing computer hardware and software used 23 for the operations of the Commission. These funds may also be used to prepare any assessment 24 of hardware and software needs prior to purchase and to develop and administer the needed 25 databases and new Electronic Case Management System, including the establishment of two 26 time-limited positions for application development and support and mainframe migration. The 27 Commission may not retain any fees under this section unless they are in excess of the former 28 two-hundred-dollar ($200.00) fee charged by the Commission for filing a compromised 29 settlement."  

Clayton High teachers resign amid test-tampering investigation – Source: WRAL

Clayton, N.C. — Two Clayton High School teachers have resigned amid questions over a state-mandated history test, school officials said Monday.

End-of-course history tests given last week at Clayton High were tampered with, said Lynda Fuller, a spokeswoman with the state Department of Public Instruction. Students in the affected classes will have to take the test again this week, she said.(Read more)