Lawmakers: Rankings largely irrelevant – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator responds:

State lawmakers from Wilson and Nash counties say a think tank’s legislative effectiveness rankings are a poor barometer of their work in Raleigh.

Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, who rose 40 spots and is ranked 25th of 120 House members in the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research list released this week, said he doesn’t put much stock in the survey.

"Nobody I know stays awake at night wondering exactly where they rank on these things,” Collins said. "I don’t agonize over them. I can’t speak for the other folks.”

Rankings are partially based on effectiveness surveys the lawmakers themselves fill out. Collins and Rep. Susan Martin, R-Wilson, said they didn’t complete the group’s survey.

"I don’t really put much credence in the survey,” Martin said. "I don’t think the ratings are very helpful or accurate. I don’t personally measure myself by those ratings.” (Source: Read more)


The Political Agitator responds: Is it really worth all of this? SMDH! Now this is what is confusing to me, “The recent inspection took place because it was on a re-inspection list because of a failed report from November 2012. At the time, inspectors found that fire extinguishers needed to be serviced and emergency exit lights were not operating properly, Holloman has said. The March 21 inspection revealed that those problems were not fixed.” So failed in 2012 and now again in 2014 so what part of this picture is everyone missing? Somebody help me understand because my ignant ass just don’t get it.

City of Wilson attorneys filed a notice of removal Friday afternoon that apparently pushes a lawsuit filed by state House candidate Mark Bibbs to federal court.

Attorneys Jim Cauley and Brian Pridgen filed the notice on the grounds that Bibbs alleged his rights under the U.S. Constitution were violated in relation to a failed fire and building inspection of his Douglas Street residence.

Instead of the case being heard in Wilson County Superior Court, it appears headed to U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina in Raleigh.

“The result of these filings is to immediately remove the case from the state court and to vest jurisdiction in the federal court (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of N.C.) on the grounds that Mr. Bibbs has alleged violation of his rights under the U.S. Constitution,” Cauley said. (Source: Read more)

Registration issues won’t be solved by ID law – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Well stated but as usual those who think the Republicans figured something out is going to twist the truth. Great article!

A report issued last week by the N.C. State Board of Elections underscored glaring problems with voter registration in North Carolina and elsewhere. But it’s difficult to see how producing a photo ID at the polls will eliminate what might have occurred in the 2012 elections.

Executive Director Kim Strach, who compiled the report, urged caution even as she presented her findings.

A cross-check of voting rolls in 28 states uncovered 765 registered voters in North Carolina who shared the same name, same date of birth and same last four Social Security number digits of voters who were registered in another state. Strach’s investigation determined that those 765 people voted in both states. (Source: Read more)

Bibbs sues city, residents challenge Bibbs – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator responds: Damn this is getting gooder and gooder! Again I ask is it really worth all of this?

State House candidate Mark Bibbs sued the city of Wilson over a failed building inspection Monday, the same day elections officials received a complaint contending he doesn’t live at his registered address and should be ineligible to represent the district in which he’s running.

Presiding Superior Court Judge Quentin Sumner on Monday granted an ex-parte temporary restraining order against the city and scheduled a hearing for 10 a.m. April 19. The order prevents city employees from disconnecting utility service at the building that houses his law office and second-floor apartment until his suit against the city is heard.

Bibbs, a Wilson attorney, prepared the lawsuit and temporary restraining order himself and is demanding a jury trial. The N.C. House candidate claims a March 21 building inspection was politically motivated. An election protest challenging Bibbs’ eligibility to run for office in House District 24 cites the failed inspection as proof that Bibbs is not a lawful resident. (Source Read more)

Attorney Mark Bibbs Challenges Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield For The NC House 24 Seat Wilson And Pitt Counties

I found the race between Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and Attorney Mark Bibbs to be somewhat comical however I am serious as hell about who wins, although I live in the House 23 district.

In October 2012 I was added to the Facebook page

"North Carolina for Mark Bibbs for NC House" to "North Carolina for Mark Bibbs." During that time Bibbs’ page didn’t actually say he was running for what house seat, but it would make one think he was running for the NC House District 8 seat. He lost to Republican Susan Martin.

I received an invite via this same Facebook page in December 2013 stating “Mark L Bibbs is going to run for office and is having a fundraiser at Ward’s Steak and Cheese just across the tracks at 307 Herring Avenue this Wednesday, December 18, starting at 5:30pm.” I had no idea he was challenging Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield who is also a friend on Bibbs’ facebook page.

Recently I have been reading and hearing about the ads where Bibbs and some supporters are challenging some comments that Farmer-Butterfield has made such as she said she had served as the House Majority Whip for 6 years but it was actually 4. She apologized and said she made a mistake. But it is said that Farmer-Butterfield just will not tell the truth, but for me the Bibbs’ facebook page is misleading.

Another challenge was that Farmer-Butterfield said she has had 5 challengers over the years and my friend over in Wilson said it didn’t add up but then said Bibbs made the 5th one. I asked them to explain that but they have not answered my question and actually went off on me.

Although I didn’t live in the district, I remember when Jean Farmer-Butterfield was elected to the NC House in 2002. She ran and successfully beat out the appointed Shelly Willingham. Willingham was appointed to the NC House when he played a role because he was one of 6 on the committee that met in Wilson and voted him in to fill the unexpired term of Toby Fitch who moved on to become Judge. I was serving as the interim County Chair in 1999 – 2000 and I went to Wilson and challenged Willingham to step down from voting to appoint himself.

In 2002 Farmer-Butterfield Rocky Mount campaign team asked me to come to their meeting. They knew that I was active in politics and just because I didn’t live in the district I knew folks that could vote for her. I attended a meeting and I decided I would continue to attend their meetings. The team was awesome.

It appears that Farmer-Butterfield has been serving her district well however Rocky Mount is no longer in her district so I have not kept up with her as much over the past several years because of the redistricting. I have followed her voting record over the years through the NAACP Report Card.

I do know that Farmer-Butterfield has her hands full serving her district, working and having to help with her elderly parents. It makes no sense she has to deal with ignant conversations. I hate that Bibbs, a brother going through all of these extremes to attempt to remove this female from office.

I don’t know Bibbs on a personal note but I have spoken to him on a local white radio station that he used to be on about every week for quite some time. I haven’t heard from him since he has filed to challenge Farmer-Butterfield however he is very familiar with my blog and says he read it regularly.

I do know that I have read in the Wilson Times about some issues Bibbs had when he ran against Susan Martin Republican in 2012 as it relates to DWI and most recently with his residency. My question is is it worth all of this?

Now I am not pointing fingers at Bibbs about the DWI thingy because that was sometime ago however that is going to follow him until . . . But what I do have a problem with is that with Bibbs being an attorney that he would have covered all grounds as it relates to his residency. His moving and leaving his family to live at his previous residency is not really a matter of question from a personal standpoint but it is as it relates to politics. The residency question now takes a new turn because the place of residency has failed inspection and he can’t live there.

Anyone who thinks that Rep. Farmer-Butterfield and her supporters should not be concerned about any and everything that relates to being challenged by Bibbs either don’t understand or don’t care because in order to win one must use all avenues to expose anything that is not the norm. Hell if she and her campaign is not going to fight to keep her seat then what is the purpose of seeking re-election. That would make no damn sense.

I hope everyone do their own homework by looking at what everyone is saying the candidate, the incumbent and their supporters. Don’t just take my word. I tell folks all the time check out what I say because I check out what others say.

I can not vote for Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield but I support and encourage others that can to vote for her. She is the best candidate to choose from so don’t waste your vote.

Vote May 6.





Why Did A Former NC Democratic Governor Write A $1000 Check To An Extreme Tea Party GOP Candidate? by George Fisher

The Political Agitator response:

I am an active Democrat and voter and will not give up but I will challenge DEMOCRATS because they are suppose to be just that a Democrat. Hell giving money to the TEA PARTY or any Republican just ain’t morally right for me. Just my ignant ass opinion. Hell naw it ain’t nothing new for these guys to do this because ain’t no way Senator Helms stayed in office all of those years without Democrats voting for him. But damn to take it to a whole new damn level by blatantly giving money to the Republican Party is a bit much.

Raleigh—NC Welcome to North Carolina, the home of dysfunctional politics mixed with a hint of confusion.

10I’ve included Rep. Justin Burr’s voting record and campaign finance reports!

The title says it all, former North Carolina Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt is indeed writing campaign contribution checks to at least one right wing tea party Republican named Justin Burr. Mr. Burr represents House District 67 in the North Carolina General Assembly.1

Check this out—Justin Burr has Democratic competition.

Here’s what happened:

John Frank, with the News and Observer, originally broke the story that campaign finance reports show former Gov. Jim Hunt contributing $1000 to the Justin Burr for NC House committee. Here is a link to the original story: News and Observer, Raleigh NC

What is interesting about this story is that it was buried in the nosebleed section of the newspaper but it was easy enough to find for people who read the paper every day. And uncharacteristically odd of the News and Observer and all the other media outlets is that no one ever bothered to follow up with former Democratic Gov. Jim Hunt or Tea Party Republican Justin Burr to get his their side of the story.

Public records obtained from the North Carolina Board of elections show with 100% accuracy that Jim Hunt indeed, donated the money. (Source: Read more)


Tarboro NC – Crime, Violence and Drop Outs Decrease for ECPS



For Immediate Release

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Crime, Violence and Drop Outs Decrease for ECPS


Tarboro, N. C. On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the State Department of Education released a Consolidated Data Report which contains information regarding crime and violence in public schools across the state of North Carolina.  In addition, the Department has issued School Crime and Violence tables to supplement the Report.


The data, which contains information for the previous academic year, reveals that corporal punishment, school crime and violence, and short and long-term suspensions have declined across the state.  However, the number of expulsions has increased statewide.


"If all students are to graduate career- and college-ready, they must be focused on learning and the classroom environment should support this,” said Dr. June Atkinson, State Superintendent. “I want to thank our administrators for ensuring that our schools are as safe as possible and encouraging positive student behavior.”


In North Carolina, the number of school crime and violence incidences decreased by 4.8 percent.  The rate of acts per 1,000 students also decreased by 5.6 percent to 7.20 acts per 1,000 students, as compared to 7.63 acts per 1,000 students in 2011-12.


Specific to Edgecombe County Public Schools (ECPS), the total number of acts of school crime and violence decreased by 8.6% from 2011-12 to 2012-13. Just as the state experienced a decrease in the rate of violence acts, the rate declined for ECPS by 3.3 percent. During 2012-13, 71.4% of the schools within the ECPS system reported five or less acts of crime and violence as compared to 60% during 2011-12.  This further demonstrates the downward trend for ECPS. “I am pleased to see an improvement in several indicators in the new NC DPI report”, states ECPS Superintendent of Schools John Farrelly. “The credit goes to our Principals and their school staffs who have made a concerted effort to continue to strengthen our disciplinary structures in all of our schools. Our first responsibility is to provide safe learning environments for all students and staff. This is one of our 5 ECPS core values.”

Across the state of North Carolina, there was a 9.4 percent decrease in short-term suspensions and an 11.6 percent decrease in long-term suspensions.  ECPS experienced a 3.5 percent decrease in short-term suspensions. 


Another key finding from the Report is that the annual high school dropout rate decreased by 18.6 percent decrease in North Carolina.  ECPS realized a slightly greater decrease than the state, 18.9 percent. “While our dropout rate is not where we want it to be, we made great progress last year,” added Farrelly.




Kristian A. Herring

Public Information Officer

(252) 641-2678


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