FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 23, 2019 City implements security measures Rocky Mount, N.C.


City implements security measures
Rocky Mount, N.C.

To ensure the safety and security of employees and the general public, the city of Rocky Mount has implemented new initiatives.

Residents and city employees will now be greeted by a security officer located on the first floor of the Frederick E. Turnage Municipal Building (City Hall).

Employees are required to display city issued identification badges on their clothing. Visitors to City Hall must sign in with the security officer, identifying their name and the department they would like to visit. The individual will be issued a visitor’s pass, and the respective department secretary will be contacted by phone. A representative from that department will meet the visitor in the first-floor atrium, providing an escort to and from the desired location. At the conclusion of their visit, the visitor will sign out at the security desk and turn in the visitor’s pass.

Visitors to City Hall will also undergo metal detector screening. Additionally, plans are underway for metal detectors in the George W. Dudley City Council Chambers and in the committee room where Committee of the Whole work sessions are held. Next fiscal year, security measures are also expected to be in place for other public city-owned facilities.

Anyone who would like to visit the city manager, please schedule an appointment in advance.

Appointments may be scheduled by contacting Tanika Cooper, executive assistant to the city manager, at 252-972-1327.


Press Release: Work Begins On Sewer Outfall

Media Contact:  Tameka Kenan-Norman       

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chief Communications and Marketing Officer      
Jan. 10, 2018 (252) 972-1333
Work begins on sewer outfall 
Rocky Mount, N.C.-Part of the 5.1-mile sewer outfall that runs from the Fire Training Grounds at 955 Atlantic Ave. to the Tar River Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant near the intersection of NC 97 and Cool Spring Road is undergoing rehabilitation. The Public Works and Water Resources department is overseeing the rehabilitation of 2,000 feet of the 54-in pipe, which transports sewage to the plant for treatment.
The contractor, Layne Inliner, has crews working, weather permitting, to reline the concrete pipe. If all goes as planned, the relining work should be completed by the end of this week.  The work to rehabilitate the manholes and related infrastructure has started this week and will likely extend into next week. 
As part of this work, bypass pumps have been installed at Stith Talbert Park, the Fire Training Grounds, the NC 97 Pump Station and the treatment plant. The contractor will be on site 24 hours a day to ensure that these pumps are operating as intended.
Pumps equipped with sound reduction features will be used at Stith Talbert Park to help minimize sound related concerns for residents in the area. The project is expected to last three weeks or less, depending on the weather.
For more information, call 252-972-1290.