Edgecombe County Democrats That Were On The Call To Appoint A New County Chair Was Because As Follows And Not What Martha K. Johnson Said

First of all the call should not have taken 3 hours and should have been over in 1 hour or less.

The real reason why we were having the meeting unlike why the chair was saying we were is that Rev. Higgs and the entire County Executive Committee including Martha failed to perform their duties after being elected in 2019. A petition was filed shortly after asking for a re-election of the County Officers however the NC State Democratic Party failed to respond to the petition. Somehow it just didn’t get done.

Later another petition was filed and this petition was upheld. The petition was held and Higgs was removed.

I was on a April 6 call with the NC State Democratic Party, Deborah Jordan, Viola Harris, Sarah Peveler, State Chair, State Director, Rev. Higgs and a couple of others. Martha and no other County Officers got on the call. We were trying to get the County Convention together but the State had no information from Higgs about what precincts had met. I told the State Chair and the Director that I would send them the list of the Executive Committee that Higgs gave out when we appointed the Register of Deeds on December 17, 2020. I went to OFFICE DEPOT and made copies of the list of the County Executive Committee and my Precinct Package and had OFFICE DEPOT emailed them to the State Director. I said to call these chairs to see if they are still the chair and if they were not they would be able to tell you if they met and also if they were not they should be able to tell them who the new chairs are.

Higgs acted a damn fool on the April 6 call and said he had no respect for the State Chair.

Martha moved up per the Plan of Organization to carry out the duties of the acting chair until a chair was elected. Well she did ab so damn lute ly nothing to bring the entire Executive Committee together and especially to get precincts organized since she knew they were questions during the County Conventions that she carried out with the help of the State Party doing as less as she possibly could. However I questioned why Martha made it all about her because she should have had a meeting with the other 4 County Officers so that they could make decisions and together. That is the purpose of the (6) County Officers which was down to 5 since Higgs had been removed.

Higgs was removed by the NC State Democratic Party and he appealed. The appeal was upheld.

Some of us had been trying to communicate with the County Officers and they would not respond to us nor the State but Martha was only basically communicating with Don Davis. Wrong answer!

So Edgecombe County Democrats this is the reason why we had to hold an election to replace Rev. Roosevelt Higgs unlike Martha using up all of that time trying to make the petitioners look bad because all they wanted was for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to be a functioning party because up until now the County Officers had not performed their duties.

Now there you have it however I have emails to validate everything I am saying.


Edgecombe County Executive Committee Election Results (July 30, 2020) And The Winner Is Coach Leshaun Jenkins


And The Winner Is:

Coach Leshaun Jenkins  Hometown Tarboro NC   68.5 Nominated by Commissioner/Precinct Chair Viola Harris Tarboro
Martha Knight Johnson  Hometown Tarboro NC   47    Nominated by Precinct Chair Ernest Taylor Rocky Mount

County Officers that voted for Martha K. Johnson
Martha K. Johnson 1st Vice
Gladys Shelton 2nd Vice
Bronson Williams 3rd Vice/Precinct Chair 12-2 He chose to Vote as Precinct Chair so he could vote 6 votes versus 1 vote as 3rd Vice County Chair
However he could have given someone his Proxy to Vote in either capacity so could have really had 7 votes
Tamisha Patterson Secretary
Stephanie Hunter Treasurer

None of the County Officers responded when some of us, myself and some others reached out to them. Now I didn’t try to reach Shelton but could have easily done so by phone but I wanted to do it by internet.

It is sad that these County Officers voted to keep the party right where it was in a mess. This is important because when the Executive Committee is not in session the County Officers can meet and do business. This was the mentality that existed under the leadership of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs no meetings that we the Executive Committee was made aware of. When the County Officers meet they should make the entire Executive Committee although it would be up to the County Officers to allow the Executive Committee to speak during the meeting.

Until these County Officers show me publicly that they want to move the party forward with the rest of us who voted for change and to move forward, then I will look at them sideways.

Precinct Chairs
J.O. Williams, Jr.
Roy Gray
Mary Blackwell Hinton
Doris Howington 1 for Johnson 1.5 for Jenkins
Samuel Branch
Dorothy Tucker
Ernest Taylor
Bronson Williams
Lillie Worsley
Lovie A. Thomas for Evelyn Johnson – Wow Evelyn goes to the same church as Coach Jenkins.

Rev. J.O. Williams, Sr. and Rev. Roy Gray it is sad that you are the only Pastors that voted to hold the party right where it was. I hope you don’t make them kind of choices in your church.

I feel Mary Blackwell Hinton voted for her because they also serve on the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission. But Martha was trying to keep her from being able to vote. Mary said that Higgs said he had the Precinct Meeting and she could not attend and Higgs said Martha could validate it because he gave her the information. She said she had no information. So that lead me to think that Precinct 4-1 where Mary Blackwell Hinton was the Chair and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs was the Vice Chair did not meet. And also the information should have been given to the Chair Mary Blackwell Hinton by Higgs.

I understand why Samuel Branch supported her because he, Martha and I used to have the same Pastor.

I understand why Dorothy Tucker may have supported her because I had to tell Jackie King that Martha was not the one several months ago.

Bronson I understand why he didn’t vote for Jenkins because he supported your opposition when you ran for mayor in Rocky Mount, Jenkins could not vote for you because he lives in Tarboro and even if he did, this was not about you but what was best for the entire county.

I have not seen Lillie Worsley in years so I don’t know her motive.

Can’t believe that Dr. Evelyn Johnson didn’t tell her proxy to vote for Jenkins. They go to the same church. But I understand that, that does not mean anything because Martha Knight Johnson is a Mother in my church.

Only a few Democrats know the role I played in all of this. I was working emails to the County Officers and they never responded. However the emails went to the petitioners for the removal of Higgs, 1st Congressional District Chair, State Chair, State Director and several others.

If anyone know me know that I put my all and all into organizations especially when I hold a title. I represent the county and not just myself so it ain’t about me. Actually I am going to be alright so I am here for the least of these.

I am challenging all Edgecombe County Democrats to let’s make some Good Trouble. It is about us first uniting and then go out and get good Good Democrats elected so we can defeat our opposition in November.

Now whatever you see me post I am speaking for Curmilus Butch Dancy II so don’t get it twisted it that I am speaking for you, you and you. However know that I am going to hold this Chair and everyone accountable for their actions. I have been doing just that since I joined the party so I am not stopping now. The Chair position changed but Curmilus Butch Dancy II passion for Edgecombe County Democrats and all folk in Edgecombe has not changed. My purpose is to help make Edgecombe County a better place to live, work and play.

Visit Coach Leshaun Jenkins on Facebook.

Coach Leshaun Jenkins Voted Chair Of Edgecombe County Democratic Party To Replace Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Who Was Reprimanded By NC State Party

Congratulations Coach LeShaun Jenkins who defeated Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair and Acting Chair since Higgs was removed.

Tonight in a 3 hour ZOOM Virtual meeting the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee met to elect a new chair.

Martha Knight Johnson was nominated by Precinct Chair Ernest Taylor 12-1 Rocky Mount NC Higgs guy.

Leshaun Jenkins was nominated by Precinct Chair 1-1/Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris Tarboro NC.

After Johnson and Jenkins did their nomination speeches the committee voted to appoint Jenkins 68.5 to Johnson 47.

I had posted recently that I would love to see someone young outside of the Executive Committee especially the County Officers, someone that had a Political Science Degree in school or out. Wow! And then someone had reached out to Coach Jenkins. I heard from him just last night and I was excited that he was willing to seek the appointment.

I am disappointed in all of the County Officers 1st Vice Johnson for wanting to move up to chair when she has not done anything. I was disappointed in Gladys Shelton 2nd Vice, Bronson Williams 3rd Vice, Tamisha Dickens Patterson Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer for voting to not allow certain precincts to vote and then they all voted for Johnson. I will look at them sideways until they resign their posts. They need to resign because since Johnson has not done anything that means they have not. I was trying to give Dickens Patterson the benefit of the doubt since she was new to the party. Many on Executive Committee tried to make contact with these County Officers to receive no response. They were not even responding to the NC State Democratic Party Officers. Martha was only responding to Senator Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair who facilitated the ZOOM meeting and did all of the damn work. The County Officers including Martha refused to respond to us. Oh she responded to certain folk because she had an agenda just like she did during the convention when she nominated herself for a position and we knew she was trying to keep some Democrats from voting attempting to steal the Democratic Party County Chair seat. But for the most part and especially some folk who I have been wondering when they would do the right thing and begin to see what I have been talking about for years and I am looking at those Democrats different now because it appears they have seen the light.

Somebody said that Coach Jenkins had not been to any party events. Well hell I don’t remember Dickens Patterson coming to anything but they supported her to be the county chair during the 2019 Convention but I was not there. So what is the damn difference with Coach Jenkins coming fresh? The best thing that could have happened in this season as we move forward.

I remember when Dr. Glenda Knight came seeking an office and I tried to tell her not to listen to Higgs. She lost. I remember when Bronson Williams came when he ran against Shelly Willingham and I told him he had not been coming to any events but he did anyway.

But it makes a difference how to do things. When Clee Atkinson was seeking the Sheriff appointment boy did he work the system and had the support. When Vila Anderson was seeking the Register of Deeds appointment both of these Democrats had not been to county events but it is how you work the system and have the support. When you have someone helping you and you are willing to listen, you can make moves. I am proud to have been able to vote for these 2 and now to add to the list I am proud to be able to vote to appoint Jenkins to County Chair.

This has been a long time coming. I have been fighting trying to keep the party in check over the years and I was made to be the bad guy. All I have wanted was for the party to be united and that meant holding folk accountable for their actions and I ask that they hold me accountable. My videos don’t lie.

This week has been a good week. On Monday I was granted a 1 year no contact order against Higgs because of his numerous nasty harassing phone calls to me about Deborah Faye Dew Jordan, Sara Peveler, African American Caucus, Democratic Women and the Wayne Goodwin NC State Democratic Party Chair.

I am ready to work with the new chair and good Democrats that do not want to leave any Democrat behind. I want to see the Edgecombe County Democratic Party move forward in unity and with a vision. There has been no vision over the past several years and it has been killing me.The vision of working towards November 3 is my focus.

I am challenging all Edgecombe County Democrats to reach out to Coach Leshaun Jenkins and give him your support. Find out how you can get involved in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party so that we can focus on the main thing as we work towards November.

The fight should be with the other party and not our party.

When We Unite We Win!





Deborah Jordan Send Message To Edgecombe County Democrats That Someone Is Impersonating Her As The Party Attempt To Organize To Replace Rev. Roosevelt Higgs County Chair That Was Removed As County Chair

Deborah Jordan

10 mins

Let me say this and be clear to all Edgecombe County Democrats. I do not appreciate the female that is calling the Executive Members saying she is Deborah Jordan from 252-823-0268. This person is also sympathetic to the former chair by saying he was done wrong. The former Democratic party Chair did himself and the people of this county wrong for years by not honoring and caring out his duties. This is all on him, I just assisted with exposing him to the NCDP and others the truth of his lack of leadership. If anyone has a problem with the truth then you are part of the problem and not the solution. My mission now is to support the NCDP efforts to organize the precincts that were neglected or left without directions to organize. The 1st vice chair was asked to step up back in April. From that point it would seem that she would have kept abreast of the ongoing issues and followed through with the Plan of Organization for her role and duties. Time is winding up and I personally would not have been waiting for the call but would have been the caller or emailer. Waiting is why we are here along with people having titles and not carrying out their duties. Don’t do the blame game without checking self first. My number is 252-813-6958 and I will answer anyone that calls with questions or opinions.
For the record I do not have a problem or issue with any Democratic Party Officers except those that are not doing their duties. Shoe fit wear it!

The Political Agitator response: I approve this message.

Ab so damn lute ly!

Now CD2 That!

#Blacklivesmatter #Iwatchedvideo
#Iamnotok #Ibeenengagedbeforenow
#Coronavirusstayfocused #Stayhome

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Edgecombe Democrats seek chairman’s ouster


Click On Photo To Listen To Audio

A petition to remove Roosevelt Higgs as chairman of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party will be heard by state party officials.

On Wednesday, state Democratic Party Executive Director Meredith Cuomo told the Telegram, “The (state Democratic Party) is taking these calls from our fellow Democrats very seriously. In line with the (state) Democratic Party Plan of Organization, the statewide party officers unanimously determined that the matter will proceed to a hearing. The Council of Review, a diverse group of Democrats representing each North Carolina Congressional District, will hear the matter in the very near future.”

The petition is the second time in as many years that a petition has been filed with the state party seeking Higgs’ removal as party chairman.

The petition was filed by Sarah Peveler, president of the Democratic Women of Edgecombe County; Deborah Jordan, chairwoman of the Edgecombe County African American Caucus; Linda Goines, vice chairwoman for precinct 1-4; Janice Bulluck, former chairwoman of precinct 12-3; and Judith Moss, vice chairwoman for precinct 1-2.

The petition alleges Higgs is in violation of the party’s Plan of Organization and asks that he be removed from office.

Peveler, as lead petitioner, told the Telegram, “None of the petitioners can comment because this is a grievance and petition in process under the jurisdiction of the (state) Democratic Party Plan of Organization.” (Read more)

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Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Virtual Meeting Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Refuse To Participate & Tried To Cancel Convention

Chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Tried To Cancel Convention So He Chose Not To Participate Nor Cooperate With The State Party. First Vice Chair Martha Knight Johnson Chaired The Meeting Saturday April 25, 2020 3:00 PM. Lorenzo Pedro Political Director NC State Democratic Party Operated Zoom. Video Begin With Audio Only Then When Meeting Official Begin It Will Be Video.
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Edgecombe County Democratic Party Virtual Meeting Today April 25, 2020 3:00 PM Register As A Delegate Or Just Tune In To See What Is Going On


Thank you for registering for “Edgecombe County Convention”.
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Before the convention, please make sure you know what precinct you live in by looking yourself up here:
Please submit any questions to: support@ncdp.org
Date Time: Apr 25, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

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Edgecombe County Democratic Party It Is Time To Remove Rev. Roosevelt Higgs From The County Chair Position

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has always been uncooperative and just nasty to women in the party. I have basically been the only one to stand up to him over the years and that is why he has a problem with me. Well he has shown the State Office what we have been dealing with over the years. The following conversations are in reference to a Conference Call a few of us had with the State Chair Wayne Goodwin, Political Director Lorenzo Pedro, 1st Congressional District Chair & Senator Don Davis and State Democratic Party Vice Chair Bobbie J. Richardson. Locals on the call was Sarah Peveler Democratic Women, County Commissioner Viola Harris, Tarboro City Council Deborah Jordan, Edgecombe County 3rd Vice Chair Bronson Williams and myself. I wish I had recorded that call because Higgs acted a fool. Can’t blame this on the Coronavirus because this guy was already a bonafide fool. A bully at its best!

Click On Photo To Listen To Audio
Click On Photo To Listen To Audio

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Edgecombe County Democratic Party Virtual County Convention

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party, along with other NC counties, will be holding its virtual Democratic convention on Saturday, April 25.

For good cause and at my direction, the 1st Vice Chair will preside during the county convention call and Chairman Higgs will not preside. (Higgs has also indicated he will not participate or cooperate.)

Further, NCDP Political Director Lorenzo Pedro will be assisting and coordinating the conference call for the convention. His email address is lorenzo@ncdp.org. Look for more information soon.

All delegates elected at precinct meetings and precinct officers are REQUIRED to register HERE >> https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_I8cz7-l-TFCVigBY0Jt4qQ

Because we are unable to obtain all delegate information from Chairman Higgs, I ask that you please SHARE this registration information and link with local Democrats and Edgecombe County Democratic leaders. If you have precinct info, then please contact Lorenzo about how to obtain it. Thank you.


Wayne Goodwin
Chairman, NC Democratic Party

Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Edgecombe County Convention. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the webinar.

Sign up to register and attend your local virtual county convention!


Edgecombe County Democratic Party Need To Get It Together Where Is Their Facebook Page And What Are They Doing?

Tamisha Dickens Patterson

3 mins ·

DW Edgecombe County

14 hrs ·

Pender Room, Edgecombe County Memorial Library
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019
Time: 6-7:30 pm


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE AND STATE SALUTE (I salute the flag of North Carolina and pledge to the Old North State love, loyalty, and faith.)


Approval of Agenda (President)
Minutes of March 24, 2018 Meeting (Secretary)
Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer)

Old Business
ERA Status in NCGA (Goff Bradley)

North Carolina Coordinated Campaign for 2020 (see full timetable attached)

Voter ID Requirements (PowerPoint)
Voter Registration in Tarboro

Appointment Nominating Committee for December Officer Elections
Legislative Agenda Committee (see Nash County Democratic Women attached)

NEXT MEETING: TBA (Bring your own mug!! Coffee and fixings provided!)

$20 Annual Dues are Due! Make checks payable to Democratic Women of Edgecombe County

  • Curmilus Butch Dancy II

    Curmilus Butch Dancy II While you are at it can you post the Edgecombe County Democratic Party meeting where you serve as Secretary.
    On top of that make create a Facebook page for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party so Edgecombe County Democrats can before informed about what the party is doing, what is going on locally, statewide and on the national levels along with upcoming events.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers (6)

Image may contain: text

Rocky Mount NC – Edgecombe & Nash County Democratic Party Officers Will Show You Were They Stand During The Mayor Run-Off Election

It is a damn shame that the Edgecombe & Nash County Democratic Party Officers are hiding behind the Rocky Mount City Council Election is a Non-Partisan Election so they should not get involved. Really! Oh that is because Nash County Democrats are supporting Sandy Claus Roberson.

Hell Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and the Edgecombe County Democratic Party is a damn joke because the party has not held a meeting since Higgs was elected again to be the party chair after Lawrence Taylor was chair for 2 years. Lawrence spent what few dollars that was in the account when Higgs left so therefore I bet the party has no money at this time.

I am going to see if the Edgecombe & Nash County Party going to endorse Bronson Williams the Democratic candidate.

I understand that the Nash County Democratic Party talking about they should not and could not get into the run-off because they want to hide behind the Election is Non-Partisan. Really! So are the Judge Elections and School Board Elections. These Elections have been made Non-partisan over the years simply because . . . Go figure! Yep! It is racially motivated.

I understand that the Democratic Party do not like to support one Democrat over another in a Primary Election and during Municipal Elections because they are all Non-Partisan Categories. However Judge and School Board Elections are on the ballot with Partisan Elections. But the party can choose to support one Democrat over another if they wanted to.

Over the years in Edgecombe and Nash Counties both parties have endorsed a Democratic Candidate in a Non-Partisan Election and also given them money. I repeat endorsed and given the Democratic Candidate money.

Damn folk you better think for yourself because although the Non-Party Elections, the Municipal, the Judge and School Board candidates are not listed on the ballot as Democrat or Republican because it is a Non-Partisan Category, yep Category the candidates are registered Democrat or Republican and not Unaffiliated but it is not on the ballot what party they belong to. So therefore since they are registered as a Democrat that means they belong to the Democratic Party. Damn Bronson Williams is a Vice Chair on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee and is on the County Executive Committee because he is one of the 6 officers.

Nash County Folk you better start attending the Nash County Democratic Party meetings and hold them asses accountable.

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party whereby I am on the Executive Committee because I am a Precinct Chair we never meet until there is a vacancy and then Higgs and a couple of the County Officers try to manipulate the process. Just wait until December when Higgs who live Nash County serving as the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party will call a meeting to make an appointment when someone retires. They manipulated the process when we met to appoint the Edgecombe County Sheriff when we appointed the current Sheriff who were appointed and then elected.

I didn’t attend the Edgecombe County Convention in April when the Election of the County Officers were held and the party voted Higgs back in as chair. However I did have my precinct meeting in March so I am a bonified Precinct Chair and a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee. Some of the folk who had a problem with me challenging the party during every damn meeting that I attend, oh they came to me said I was missed you at the County Convention. Well you see they were against Higgs and Taylor and had realized I was right.

After the election some Democrats filed a petition against Higgs but if failed. I told them what to do and had started a petition but they wouldn’t listen to me. Hell if they had listened to me they would have an effective Edgecombe County Democratic Party but now we have a mess. Well if they like it, I love it! I did my part and will continue to challenge the party whenever we meet.

Folk don’t want to hear these trues but I am going to educate those who follow me whether they like me or not. Don’t like me simply don’t follow me.

Fact Check!
Report Back!
I’ll Wait!

Open Letter To Edgecombe County Democrats Since I Have Been Asked What Need To Be Done About The Party

Since I continue to keep getting questions this is what I recommend needs to be done however I stand to be corrected.

Because of the state of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party and some Democrats have a problem with me this is what I suggest that interested Democrats do.

1. Read The Plan of Organization for yourself

2. File a Petition and/or Petitions

3. Petition 1 I recommend since the former county secretary only had 5 precinct packages all the precinct packages need to be collected because the precincts that tried to mail theirs in the packages were returned because the P.O. Box was closed. Once collected send to the NC State Democratic Party Headquarters so that the county can be in compliance. (But don’t have to wait on the packages can actually go ahead and file the Petition and gather the packages while the party is investigating.)

4. Petition 2 I recommend a complaint or complaints to remove the chair and any county officer that has not performed their duties because of lack of communication not willing to perform their duties per the Plan of Organization due to the lack of communication, quorums not being met doing meetings, allowing votes to be taken on agenda and treasurer’s reports that have been insufficient as it relates to how the monies have been spent and who approved the spending.

5. Send Petition/Petitions to the NC State Democratic Party to investigate their findings and let the chips fall where they lay.

As Bugs Bunny would say, now there you have it plain and simple.

Bronson Williams For Mayor Of Rocky Mount NC?

It is funny how folk didn’t want to support Bronson Williams for the Ward 3 appointment to replace Lamont Wiggins but yet said he need to wait and run for mayor. Really?

Now as active as Bronson has been going to city council speaking out and challenging the council, they didn’t support him for the appointment so what do you think they are going to do when it comes to a city wide election? Work against him. The council had the opportunity to appoint someone to Ward 3 when they can’t vote in the Ward and didn’t listen to the residents.

Folk better pay attention to the distractions from not only white folk but black folk who say they are with you.

Folk keep on playing it safe and not challenging things to the end.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I am going to stand up for what is right and who I feel is right because I know folk on a personal note what they stand for, what they sit for, what they speak out on and what they are silent on.

I repeat I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

If you don’t want to hear these trues then don’t talk to me I don’t give a damn if you are black, brown, white and/or other. I will stand if I have to stand by myself. I am teamMe however I welcome folk who want to stand with me but otherwise I am good.

Now Run & Tell That!

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chairman Lawrence K. Taylor Still Calling Meetings With Democrats But Accomplishing What?

On last Tuesday May 22, 2018 sources say Lawrence K. Taylor that was elected in 2017 had a meeting with the Democrats of the Edgecombe County the secretary only have 5 packages. They were not turned in to the NC State Democratic Party so therefore the county is not organized in my opinion per the Plan of Organization. I am obviously correct since Edgecombe County was not able to vote at the 1st Congressional District Convention.

The 3rd Vice Chair Jim Marrow that was elected in 2017 has not met with them since the chair made a statement at the 1st county officers meeting last year saying no folk said they were not coming to a Nigger Meeting. Sources say Marrow did not attend this meeting. Sources say Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair that was elected in 2017 did not attend the meeting and she is upset because she secured the community college for the County Convention and she is owed money. But it appears that the Lawrence, Martha and Glenda L. Knight 2nd Vice that was elected in 2017 is not united as they started out.

An email went out last month to a few folk on the Executive Committee from Martha Knight Johnson calling a meeting but another email went out from Lawrence K. Taylor saying there would be no meeting. I understand that Martha had called a meeting because Lawrence had agreed to having the meeting but then it was said that Glenda had a problem with the meeting called by Martha without consulting with her. So did the treasurer Stephanie Hunter that was elected in 2017 and the former secretary Yvette Hart-Brown that was elected in 2017 know about the meeting? If they did that mean that Martha, Stephanie and Yvette should have been able to have the meeting because that would have been a quorum if Lawrence and Glenda didn’t want to show up. Well I ain’t counting Jim because he has not been coming to the meetings anyway.

I asked a precinct chair and a couple of other executive committee members did they know about the meeting and a precinct chair said they had received an email from Lawrence asking for some money for the party? Really? Well I don’t get the emails and it is a damn good thing especially about giving Lawrence some money.

But what tickles me is that the it appears that these Edgecombe County Democrats are listening to the 2017 outgoing chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. Funny to me because he has got them messed all up. I know he is sitting back laughing at them because he can say the party has not done anything since he is no longer the chair. However I would say he didn’t do anything when he was the chair. I ask anyone to tell me what he did. Never had a fundraising event or other. The only reason the party was 100% organized is because of the Sheriff Clee Atkinson appointment and he and some others made sure all the precincts were organized in 2017. The only reason the party was in vote builder is because the 1st Congressional District Chair loaded the information in since he was called by Higgs to come and handle the Sheriff appointment. And we know the story about what happened with that so I am not going to rehash that now.

On Saturday morning of the Edgecombe County Convention Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called me and he mentioned to me about the party expense for having the convention that it would be none. But sources say Martha wants her money since she secured a place for the convention. I understand a source tried to tell Martha but she didn’t listen so now it is what it is.

I had done a petition and was waiting on a person to add something to it and they never got it back to me. Well that is fine because if the Edgecombe County Democrats like how the party is out of compliance in my opinion per the Plan of Organization then I love it. I am going to continue to attend the meetings and question the mess because that is my right as an Edgecombe County Democrat. I know the Plan of Organization and I know my rights so if anyone have a problem with me because I don’t move to their tune then I be damn if they ain’t better get the hell over it.

I have been holding Democrats accountable for their actions since I have been active in the Democratic Party and I be damn if I am going to stop now. While you are focusing on me you better start focusing on getting the damn party in compliance. But the thing is folk are hiding behind what the chair ain’t doing so therefore they don’t have to do a damn thing.

I am a die hard Democrat and I have said time and time again I will challenge anyone when it comes to Edgecombe County Politics but not limited to. I will continue to hold the Democrats of Edgecombe County accountable for their actions and I ask that you hold me accountable. But when you come after me you better come correct.

Some folk continue to ask me what can be done about the party and I keep telling them it is in the Plan of Organization. Damn why it is so hard for grown folk and some whom consider themselves highly educated can’t figure out what need to be done. One person said to me that someone had called the NC State Democratic Party and they told them that Edgecombe County need to handle the problem. I said I have said that over and over again that it is written in the Plan of Organization next steps but what it is folk don’t want to deal with what is going on. Yep! The NC State Democratic Party ain’t going to get involved until the petition is filed and then they have no choice but to investigate and make a decision on the fate of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

It is embarrassing to look around to see my neighboring counties and other counties across the state having real meetings and when not sharing good information on their social media pages. Lawrence K. Taylor don’t even work so there is no reason for him to not take the time to learn how to be an effective chair and to post informative information on the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Facebook page.

I understand that Lawrence K. Taylor and Glenda L. Knight along with Barbara Campbell Davis got this thing about it is the precinct chairs and the precincts run the party. Bull … The Plan of Organization states that when the County Officers basically run the county when the Executive Committee is not in session.

Barbara Campbell Davis had the damn audacity to say I was the party’s problem during a Democratic Women’s meeting because of the way I speak. Damn mad because I stand up state my name, my precinct and question the chair about the agenda and the treasurer’s report. How in the hell is that out of order? I also have asked the chair to step down during a time at the mic but damn I can do that and that is not out of order.

What folk need to understand is I am a grown ass 55 year old man and I know the Plan of Organization, I stand boldly and say what need to be said and know I am right about it because I have been in discussion with Campbell Davis and some others who want to talk about the mess with the party selectively.

What I am letting ya’ll know that what you ain’t fitting ready to do is to make the party problems all about me because I know my role and the Plan of Organization and have pulled out sections in the plan for ya’ll to read and to execute but naw ya’ll want to blame me. Well just be correct when you talking about me because I have been doing what I do challenging the party chair and others dating back to the late 80’s when I became active and I will not change now. I am going to continue to say and do what is right.

I know my role do you know yours?







Edgecombe County Democrats “Don’t Blame Me!” for the status of the county party because I am just a precinct chair. I am not the chair nor one of the 5, 4 or 3 left of the County Officers that were elected in 2017. It is clear that there are some problems with the Edgecombe County Democratic Party so don’t act like I started the mess. I been dealing with mess since the late 1980’s I ain’t changed.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Secretary Resigns In A Letter To County Chair Lawrence K. Taylor, Democratic Women & Others

Thank you for your service you came in willing to learn and ready to work. However your job was made difficult. You tried.


To Chairman Lawrence, 

I herby tender my resignation as Secretary of the Executive Committee Board of Edgecombe County effective immediately. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our beautiful community, but I feel that I can be of more help in other ways. 

I look forward to lending a helping hand in the future, helping our Party grow and heal. 

Yours in Christ,

Yvette Hart-Brown