Sent To Bronson Williams For Rocky Mount Mayor Facebook Messenger This Is What WSBS Looks Like!

Bronson Williams received this message in his Inbox. This is (WSBS) White Supremacy Bull S…. I bet you will never see such Bronson, Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, myself and others sent to the Special Cs Inbox. We don’t threaten folk. This is a damn shame and if you read this you ought to be outraged. It is time out for folk being silent on issues that should matter. Now to allow us who are vocal to endure this kind of mess and you not say anything means you agree with the WSBS! But now I ain’t talking about scared folk, I am talking about folk who say they ain’t scared and stand for what is right. These Special Cs can harass Black Leadership but when we question them and respond to their mess they play victim.





August 15, 2019

For Immediate Release

(252) 801-0189


Bronson Williams, candidate for mayor of Rocky Mount, was kicked out of a debate sponsored by the Kiwanis Club that was held at the Benvenue Country Club on Thursday, August 15, 2019. Williams who brought his own camera person to capture his image and debate participation was asked by the Kiwanis President, General Arnold Gordon-Bray at the behest of WHIG’s Sandra Smith to leave the event after he refused to have his authorized camera removed.

Prior to the event, the Committee to Elect Bronson Williams had negotiated to have the camera at the event. Williams said that he was of the understanding that bringing a camera would not be a problem. Sandra Smith of WHIG TV said that she was standing her ground and would not capture the debate as long as Williams’s camera was present. Subsequently, Williams’s camera person was asked by Gordon-Bray to move to the back of the room because he didn’t want to interfere with WHIG’s broadcast. After complying with the request, Smith was still not satisfied and refused to capture and broadcast the event, thus delaying the debate.

Williams responded by saying, “General, it was my understanding that I could have a camera at the debate today. That camera has the capability to capture video as well as still photos. And while Sandra Smith may take issue with the camera, I am free to capture my likeness or image anywhere I may go.” After that, Williams was asked by Gordon-Bray to leave along with his camera person. He quietly left without incident.

One of the overarching issues in this campaign has been transparency; however, none of the other mayoral candidates spoke up concerning the lack of general public participation nor fairness and impartiality. Williams believes that standing up for fairness, equity, and transparency are key if we are to move Rocky Mount forward.

For additional information, visit Bronson Williams’s website at


Williams responds to flawed plan

Today, Sandy Roberson’s campaign released a public safety plan that shows he has little knowledge of government and how it supports public safety. There are serious concerns members of our city have when it comes to safety and security. The plan released today falls short and here are the reasons why:

1. According to experts and numerous studies, hiring more police officers can lead to a reduction in crime; however, a more prudent approach, according to research, is the more effective management of police officers and stronger community-policing initiatives. Even their combined impact, though, accounts for only a fraction of the documented reductions.

2. Research has shown that adding more attention to crime-prone areas is effective. However, this can be done with managing existing staff in beats that need the greatest coverage.

3. Policing equipment needs are ongoing, the issues are how do we pay for them and what is the highest priority.  The Rocky Mount Council approved new equipment to have our own lab for bullet shell testing; they also have place shot spotters in strategic places around the city to help them better pinpoint where gunfire is coming from in a designated area.

4. In order to build strong bonds, you have to be engaged with the city. Our police department is engaged and are forming new alliances.  Yet, there remains a feeling among citizens that police are not a part of the communities they serve.  How engaged is candidate Roberson in the city’s various communities?  Beyond recent engagement that came after his announcement to run for mayor, what has he done to forge relationships in any community in Rocky Mount?

5. What training does candidate Roberson have to be effective in evaluating police training models?  Currently, the police department has a number of ways it gathers community input: citizen’s police academy, community-policing initiatives (Coffee With A Cop), officers attending community meetings, etc.

6. The City is currently in the process of assessing the salaries and job descriptions of the Police Department and the entire city.

7. Creating jobs is more than a novel idea, it’s needed; but what is the role of the Mayor in that process? Besides, I thought that candidate Roberson’s first priority was jobs.  Now, he is saying his first priority is crime.  Which is it?  We need a mayor who is clear what the priorities are; but, we can only have that from a person who knows the City. In order to do that, one must know the citizens. Additionally, the Mayor has to have Council support to move on the office’s priorities.

8. What candidate Roberson suggests here can be done; but, ultimately, these programs face funding and marketing issues.

9. The relationship we have with Sheriffs Atkinson and Stone are solid relationships and they (the Sheriffs) are already doing fantastic jobs in combating gun violence, drugs, and a number of other pressing issues. 

“Healing racial and county-line issues” is a great soundbite; but, we have heard this before from previous candidates who became mayor. And yet, we are still talking about the same problems.  That’s because soundbites have and always will lack sincerity. I will be the Mayor committed to citizens because I have always been committed to the people. I didn’t start when I decided to run for political office. In two weeks I will release our citizen-driven plan.

Local TV station moves to downtown location – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This is a good thing looking forward to the upcoming talk shows and other good things.

A local television station is now calling downtown home and the station’s owner said he has found the heart of Rocky Mount to be to his liking.

WNCR in early April relocated to 106 N.W. Main St. after having been off South Wesleyan Boulevard on the southwest side of the city.

“There is a desire to make downtown Rocky Mount a vibrant and lively downtown,” owner Bronson Williams, 33, said of one of the reasons he made the move. “In many cities across America, television stations have a studio downtown.”

Williams was quick to talk up the streetscaped area alongside the railroad tracks, saying, “I didn’t realize until being down here how many people walk up and down the streets downtown. It’s a nice, safe, quiet community.”

As for the criticism and the negatives about downtown having empty buildings and places where landlords have been neglectful, he said, “When I see empty spaces, what I see is opportunity downtown.” (Read more)

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Mess Bronson Williams Was Not Mad Because He Didn’t Win The Chair

I have talked to several folk who have said that they heard Bronson Williams got mad because he didn’t win the chair position because he left the building. Bronson had a funeral in Nashville his uncle who died and the funeral was in Nashville. My funeral was in Pinetops so I know he was late because I was almost late.

I got a text telling me that Bronson was nominated for 3rd vice but he declined. I called him and asked him why he declined and he told me why. He said he came for the chair office and since some folk had promised him what they were going to do and they didn’t, he chose to decline but will continue to serve as a precinct chair.

I heard that Martha Knight Johnson said that Bronson don’t ever finish anything he starts. Well damn she has not done a damn thing as 3rd Vice Chair and has now moved up to 1st Vice. I also understand that during the Sheriff appointment process that she said she was not going to give out precinct information because folk just wanted it to help Clee Atkinson for Sheriff. Ain’t that something.

Damn folk ask folk why they do what they do and stop assuming.

Now as it relates to my relationship with Bronson. We have had numerous disagreements. I recognize and understand he is young and new to the Democratic Party so I am willing to work with him. Bronson has a degree from East Carolina University in Communications and that is what I have been preaching about is lacking within the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. I strongly believe that Bronson could have been a great chair because he does his homework and although I get on him I believe he has much respect for me.

Folk we had an election of new county officers but you better still get involved because until they show me that they are going to carry out their duties then I will still have the same outlook on the party.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct Chair 11-1 I approve of this message and do not need a 2nd.

Another Ignant Moment in History WNCR-TV Moving Forward With Bronson Williams

I just love ignant ass folks. I called in to Bronson Williams Show Moving Forward TV tonight and I responded to some things that had been said about the election. Bronson talked about what was in my letter to him and the people on the station didn’t know who he was responding to. I said I am voting for Taro Knight however I have respect for him.

Mattie Hinton (see facebook page) called in and said the folks supporting another candidate ought to stop calling in. She has a problem with me because she has a issue with Andre Knight when she tried to frame him in a heated issue with the NAACP. Plus she is mad with me because I received a Christmas Card from her daughter in the mail and I wrote "Return to Sender!" Lewis Turner called in behind her and said he hear the tail end of her conversation and that the folks who called in don’t have a clue about what is going on. Well obviously he had had a drink because I know Lewis and he knows me. We have known each other since the late 80’s.

I called back and said I knew that was Mattie Hinton and she is mad with me because of Andre Knight. I said I know Lewis and hell I kept him abreast of what was going on in the school system because Bronson asked what did he think about the Charter School?

I asked Bronson was the show tonight suppose to be just about his campaign? He said no the show started out about the downtown event center and you could call in and talk about anything. I said thank you. I said I would not have called in if the show had been just for his campaign tonight. I said I sat by and called in with less than 10 minutes before the show was suppose to go off. I said if it had been about his campaign only I would not have called in because I would not have disrespected him by calling in and responding to some things said and then saying who I am supporting. I said all of this because you didn’t correct the callers about the show tonight was not just for your campaign only. I said I called in to set the record straight. After I hung up he said there you have Mr. Dancy set the record straight.

But then another ignant ass caller a female that already called in called back and talked about me saying what was I talking about because I said people not telling the truth. She said I act as if I had something to say but was not saying it. This goes to show you that this damn fool don’t know me. She said she didn’t want to get to know me. Well ignant it works both ways I don’t need to know you.

She went on to say she felt like I was doing more harm to the area but damn the ignant ass said she didn’t know me. She said I acted as if I knew everything. Ignant I know what I know so you can get mad all the hell you want to. You can’t take my knowledge away.

Again another ignant moment in history, as I have stated ignant ass folks get mad with you because you know what you are talking about. But this woman says she has 2 degrees. SMDH!

I didn’t even call back to respond to this ignant ass woman. I know what I know, I know who I am and whose I am so I let her have her way tonight. Get that tonight!

Now if Bronson is not going to set the damn record straight on the TV show allowing the folks to think the show was just about his campaign making it appear I disrespected him, then what in the hell will he do in Raleigh when none of us are around. SMDH!

Breaking News – NC House 23 Candidates Will All Be On WNCR TV For A Debate Tuesday April 29, 2014

Bronson Williams, Taro Knight, Shelly Willingham and Rusty Holderness will be on WNCR-TV Tuesday April 29, 2014 9:00 PM for a debate. Darla Slipke County, Political reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram will be the moderator.

I am trying to figure out where the questions will come from since there will not be an audience present to submit questions before the show begin.

Well I can’t wait to see this debate because I am very much concerned who will be elected.

Note: Bronson Williams announced this on WCPS Radio during an interview on this morning.