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When I Look Back Over My Life I Won’t Complain

My mom began having heart problems in the late 70’s but then in 1995 my mom was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and she lived til 1997. I spent every night with her in the hospital which was numerous during that time and then when we brought her home I spent every night at my aunt’s house. I went to work the following morning. I got married in June of 1997 and my wife along with my family took care of my mom until she moved on to another home in September 1997.

In August 1998 I was blessed with a baby boy and he had asthma and was in and out of the hospital for a couple of years. When he got older around the 7th grade we had his tonsils removed and the breathing treatments ended.

In September 1999 we suffered a major flood and lost everything except what we took to the shelter on that evening. My wife had the vehicle packed all except what I packed in my vehicle and took with us. My dad had gotten remarried in 1998 so it was nothing but grace that he was not still living with us because he would not have gone to the shelter with us and his life and our lives were sparred.

My dad got divorced and moved back in the home house and since that time he has been flooded out twice more and within less than year’s time. I had to go through the flood 3 times because he had to come stay with my family and I had to handle all of the business.

Over a couple of year’s time span I had to take care of my dad taking medical leaves and staying with him when he had to go through 2 hip operations. I had to take another medical leave when he was in a car accident.

My wife has not worked since we got married in 1997. My daughter graduated from NC Central University and now my son is in his last year (3rd) year at Pitt Community College.

I have struggled all of my life being there taking care of family and others just like my mother did.

During holidays and from time to time I look at how folk go on vacations and enjoy life while I sit around and do nothing. However over the years we have done some things together such as going to a couple of getaways.

One thing about it my family has not asked for much and has been patient with me because I have always been actively engaged in community and political activism. I have spent my entire life trying to make other folk happy and putting my life somewhat on hold.

I owe my family much and just maybe soon and very soon I will make up for some of the time I shoulda coulda have spent with them.

Wilson NC – Sheriff Calvin Woodard Response To Media

This is what was sent to them.

Good Evening,

All cases at the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office involving any crime are investigated by our Office. We do have a detective investigating each of these cases. As part of our investigation, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Enforcement has taken several of the dogs that could be tested to the state crime lab to be analyzed. The state lab report indicates that each dog that was tested showed no signs of trauma, dogfighting, gunshots wounds, broken bones or poisoning. Evidence suggests that these dogs are dying from natural causes or medical issues such as heartworms and their bodies are being disposed of improperly which is still a crime. By conducting interviews, it has been determined that due to certain state regulations the county landfill is unable to take the carcass of any deceased animal or pet. Other than our continued investigation, our goal is to educate our citizens on the proper means of burial or how to dispose of their decease pet.

106-403. Disposition of dead domesticated animals.
It is the duty of the owner of domesticated animals that die from any cause and the owner or operator of the premises upon which any domesticated animals die, to bury the animals to a depth of at least three feet beneath the surface of the ground within 24 hours after knowledge of the death of the domesticated animals, or to otherwise dispose of the domesticated animals in a manner approved by the State Veterinarian. It is a violation of this section to bury any dead domesticated animal closer than 300 feet to any flowing stream or public body of water. It is unlawful for any person to remove the carcasses of dead domesticated animals from the person’s premises to the premises of any other person without the written permission of the person having charge of the other premises and without burying the carcasses as provided under this section.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office has always been committed to investigating and protecting the welfare of our animals in Wilson County. We have taken down and investigated illegal puppy mills, dog fighting cases and improved the adoption rate at the Wilson County Animal Shelter as well as implementing a spay and neuter program for people on limited income. Anyone with additional information can contact the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at 252-237-2118.

Four charged in wake of deputy’s death – Rocky Mount Telegram

Staff Writer

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

TARBORO —- An alleged drunken driver, his girlfriend, a bartender who supposedly overserved him and a bar owner have been arrested in the aftermath of the death of an Edgecombe County deputy who wrecked his vehicle while in pursuit of the driver last week.

State authorities said Richard Howard Walters, 33, of Pinetops, was drinking from noon to 6 p.m. that day. His Altima crashed two-tenths of a mile from the site where Deputy David L. Manning wrecked.

Manning lost control of his cruiser and crashed head-on into on-coming traffic when he turned around to stop Walters about three miles south of Tarboro on N.C. 111, according to the N.C. Highway Patrol.

Walters is accused of running away after the crash. Later, Walters and Kristen Harrell, his girlfriend, were found in possession of drugs when investigators went to his home to interview him.

Troopers asked special agents with N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement to find out where Walters had been drinking. Agents ended up at Melanie’s Place, a liquor-permitted business in Tarboro, said Eric Swain, ALE special agent-in-charge in Greenville.

“We obtained evidence that Walters purchased and consumed the equivalent of 16 malt beverages before driving away from Melanie’s Place,” Swain said. “Even though Walters was in an intoxicated state, he was served malt beverages until the bar closed.”

Bar owner Melanie Whitfield Johnson continued to serve an intoxicated Walters and Cindy Mendenhall, a bar employee, helped Walters jump-start his vehicle’s dead battery, according to warrants.

Mendenhall and Johnson also are accused of trying to mislead investigators about Walters’ level of intoxication.

Walters was charged with driving while impaired, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mendenhall, 34, of Tarboro, was charged with common law obstruction of justice and sale to intoxicated person aiding and abetting a DWI.

Johnson, 47, of Tarboro, was charged with common law obstruction of justice and allowing a violation to occur.

Harrell, 35, of Pinetops, was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


4 arrested in connection to crash that killed Edgecombe County Deputy – 11 ABC


North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement special agents arrested four people Wednesday on alcohol, drug and obstruction of justice charges following the collision and death of Edgecombe County Deputy Sheriff David Manning. The State Highway Patrol charged one of the four with driving while impaired.
ALE special agents initiated an investigation at Melanie’s Place, an ABC permitted business in Tarboro. Special agents obtained evidence that Richard Howard Walters, 33, of Pinetops, had been drinking from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 11, the day of the accident. Walters’ vehicle crashed .02 miles from the site of Deputy Manning’s accident and he fled on foot.
Troopers said they believe Manning turned around in an effort to over-take the intoxicated driver before he lost control of his vehicle and crashed head-on into on-coming traffic.

The State Highway Patrol requested ALE’s assistance in investigating the alcohol source.
“We obtained evidence that Walters purchased and consumed the equivalent of 16 malt beverages before driving away from Melanie’s Place,” said Eric Swain, special agent in charge of ALE’s Greenville district. “Even though Walters was in an intoxicated state, he was served malt beverages until the bar closed.”
Cindy Mendenhall, an employee of Melanie’s Place, had helped Walters jump-start his vehicle’s dead battery. She and permittee Melanie Johnson tried to minimize the truth of Walters’ intoxication and were charged with obstruction of justice.
“This great investigative work is an example of the commitment our state law enforcement agencies have each and every day, said Fst. Sgt. G.E. Rhew. “Our approach at bringing these individuals to justice is based on the collaborative efforts of multiple agencies to ensure that this and every case is treated with the upmost attention.”

The following are charged:
Richard Howard Walter, 33, Pinetops
Possession of marijuana,
Possession of drug paraphernalia,
Kristen Harrell, 35, Pinetops
Possession of marijuana,
Possession of drug paraphernalia
Cindy Mendenhall, 34, Tarboro
Common Law Obstruction of justice
Sale to intoxicated
Aid and Abet DWI (SHP)
Melanie Whitfield Johnson, 47, Tarboro
Common Law Obstruction of Justice
Allow violation to occur