They need Black Folk to push their WSBS! It Is Alright To Spend Nearly $300 K On A Race But They Got A Problem With A Black Man Buying Property

Look at who were on the ground during the election. Look at how they paid Black Folk to harass and attempt to make folk vote for Sandy Claus, Tarrick Pittman and Gwen Wilkins.

Can’t wait to see who be on the ground and how much money will be spent in the upcoming Runoff.

But Special Cs talking about Unity.

And the Safe Black Folk talking about the racial division but they support WSBS.

Sources say Samuel Battle and some others started out supporting Kevin Jones but then when Sandy Claus came to town and was able to do what the Black candidates are limited to and that is spend that money, then it was a wrap.

While the focus has been on that Dancy guy trying to discredit me because I have been able to expose what is going on, the WSBS was busy saying mess and Black Folk were questioning my movement when they know I am consistent in my reporting by providing the trues. But Black Folk will believe mess just because Caucasians say it without them providing trues.

Damn they got a problem with a Black man buying property but it is okay to buy damn votes in the Black Community. Black Folk fought and died to vote and now we have Black Folk selling out. Oh hell no I will not be silent and will call them asses out.

Sources say Black Pastors were given gifts. Poor Black Communities given gifts. Teachers were given gifts. Obviously Principals too because they had to have given Sandy Claus permission to do what he did as it relates to the school issues that were brought to light. Moe Deloach business was used as a gift and let’s not forget about the T-Shirts with Sandy Roberson for Mayor on the damn sleeves that were given to the children during the Juneteenth Weekend at the Moe Deloach Camp. Oh and when the Military guy that body was identified and returned to Rocky Mount Sandy Claus and supporters were visible campaigning during the time of the return celebrations.

It is funny as hell to me that Tarrick Pittman has been having residency challenges and it is not clear to where he lives now. What I do know is if I was a voting member of the City Council I would challenge his residency with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections now even after his ass loss since he is still saying little b.s. But maybe folk are waiting til he take care of his court cases that are numerous. You see he still throwing out b.s. even in his thank you to his supporters and then went on to incorporate b.s. in regards to Andre Knight and his supporters.

It is funny to me how Black Folk had a problem with the formation of the United Rocky Mount 2 meetings but don’t have a problem with the Black Folk who have sold out Black folk these Pastors, Community Leaders and others.

It is sad that Black Folk have allowed Special Cs to call me a racist when I have been doing what I do since the late 80s. Hell I have called out more Black Folk by name than I have Special Cs because actually I don’t know those who come for me. They multiply because when they read what a few Special Cs whom I do know, the others get onboard and come for me. Hell they don’t even know me. But they get the same treatment as those I do know since they want some attention from me.

As we are about approach the upcoming Runoff for Mayor of Rocky Mount it will be interesting to see who will push the WSBS Agenda. It will be easier to narrow down who they are but most folk already know who they are scared to call them out.

So from now to November 5 let’s see who the players are on all sides.

Stay tuned!




Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission Meeting Wednesday October 9, 2019, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Another No Show

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson was the topic of discussion again this month during the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission meeting. Damn he has been scared to come to yet a 2nd meeting but felt safe coming to the meeting on Hispanic/Latino meeting sponsored by the HRC on Monday. This racist hide behind Social Media reminds me of how the KKK operates. Steve although you were not at the table your ass sure was on the table again.
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Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Just Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk Damn Why Don’t He Just Listen Sometimes? Monday October 7, 2019

Damn this guy right here is a piece of work! Just look at him. He is an embarrassment to the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission but always trying to put the focus on me. I came to listen but this guy always come with some WSBS. I don’t make this stuff up watch for yourself.
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After the meeting damn fool came over to the side of the room where we were and still trying to give ignant ass advice. Damn listen to him for yourself I don’t make this stuff up. Click On Photo To List To Audio
See what Steve says he tell Black Guys about Window Tint, Big Rims and Booming Music

Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson You Continue To Validate You Are A Bonified Racist!

What in the hell does this have to do with me? First time I have even heard of this story. I have no clue of where this happened and no clue of who the killer is. But even at that I have never robbed nor killed any damn body be they White or Black. Bull S…! Boy you have been a racist every since I met you back in the 90’s. And you say this happened 4 years ago and you want to make folk think that you just got that way. So now I see why you created the B.S. you have on these boards not only locally but across the state. Damn you are good at the b.s. you do. Who in the hell is Dancy and Company? I have never signed anything saying I was speaking for someone other than me. However I probably could but that would only bring assholes like you that come for me after them. Damn oh you talking about Black Councilmembers and their vocal Black Supporters. Damn I am a bully because I refuse to be Silent and has not been since I joined Black Workers For Justice in the late 80’s and becoming actively engaged in the Democratic Party around that time also. I joined the NAACP in 1992 to be a voice for the people. But this ignant ass Steve act as if my family along with other Black folk have not endured racism and other from folk who looked like him. This post right here goes to show why this dude do not need to be a part of any group that is suppose to be for the better of all folk because he has a personal agenda. This sounds like some children mess. Somebody need to get Ralph some help because I be damn if he don’t continue to validate his racist attitude. Damn he has hit 2 home runs this week. I am The Political Agitator and Steve has been agitated! Don’t Blame caus you Ignant!



Council to hear utilities cost update – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I am still trying to figure out why Rich Worsinger would leave the city and then to leave like he did. I believe he got caught up in the WSBS Movement and left angrily. But I used to like him because I thought he was doing a great job. Had been knowing him since the early 2000’s when we invited him and others to our NCCABP meeting at Truth Tabernacle and that is when he and his staff told us about ElectriCities.

The Rocky Mount City Council is going to receive a comparative public service cost analysis from a municipal government official at a work session set for 4 p.m. on Monday.

City Budget and Evaluation Manager Kenneth Hunter, in a memorandum to City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney, said that for fiscal year 2020, the total costs for public services in Rocky Mount are significantly below a group average based on a comparison with 19 municipalities.

Specifically, Hunter said in the memo that based on median home values and average usage of utilities, Rocky Mount residents experience total costs of less than $3,860 per year, which is more than $660 below the group average.

Hunter said that, in fact, Rocky Mount’s costs are more than $1,000 less than four municipalities in the comparison — Apex, Cary, Fayetteville and Wilmington.

Hunter said factors contributing to the lower costs include a more affordable housing market.

He also said they include past adjustments to electric rates intended to provide value and encourage load management.

He also said they include lower-than-average rates for sewer and water services and the application of real user fees for solid waste and stormwater management. (Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Response to Ward 1 Race Featuring Tarrick Pittman



As a supporter of Andre Knight we beat out the b.s. that was endorsed by the Special Cs that you teamed up with to attempt to unseat Andre but the devil was a liar.


Damn your message extended beyond racial barriers. Maybe I will check with the board of elections to see just who voted for you by race. The message by the Special Cs was put out there long before they convinced your ignant ass to be their fall guy.

Damn you say you are surprised by the racial division that exist. Really! Now that is too ignant for someone who has lived here all of these years. But that is understandable though because you seem to be unstable in your existence.

You and others need to stop playing upon the use of throwing out as if y’all are concerned about the children. How man board of education meetings have you, Kevin Jones, Gwen Wilkins, Sandy Claus and the other Special Cs attended?

Damn stood on your own 2 feet that were in line with your values. Really! What 2 feet and what values?


Sounds good so where is Cool Geeks located now and when will you pay the people and/or return their computers that you didn’t repair and didn’t return? What about that part!


Damn you don’t have to buy into crime is happening everywhere because it is a fact. That is just more b.s.


Damn it will be interesting to see what happens in the next coming month or so.

It is a damn shame that grown ass Black folk will allow Special Cs to make an ass out of them. But if you they like it, I love it.

This has been one of the most ignant races I have seen in all of my years. This race brought a whole new meaning to political bullying, lying and just down right nasty. A race that the Special Cs started their WSBS in full force in December and because Tarrick had a business, had a business downtown and served on a board via the Rocky Mount City Council that they thought they had found the right one to unseat Andre Knight.

I have been struggling with how this guy could fight against the council when the city had filed a lawsuit against him and he had to give up the property on Douglas Block trying not to pay rent saying the building had mold. Damn sources tell me that his class reunion met there on at least one occasion.

How in the hell do you turn your back on folk who help you get where you are?

And most of all I have been struggling with how folk support someone who residence has been unknown throughout the process of this election and knowing that it was a pending lawsuit on Cool Geeks location and then the lawsuits for not returning folk equipment.

Not only do I remember what Tarrick role was but also I will not forget those who support messy folk.

Well they tried to say that Andre was messy but they have provided no proof so I don’t count that which I can’t prove unlike some folk count any and everything.

So glad this messy race is over.

Rocky Mount NC – Mayor Race Is A Non-Partisan Race But That Means Nothing

Yes the Mayoral Race is a Non-Partisan Race but that is by design just like Judge Races.

Bronson Williams is a Democrat.

Sandy Claus Roberson is a Republican.

So therefore both are connected to a particular party because neither is registered as Unaffiliated.

So the Non-Partisan B.S. means Ab so damn lute ly Nothing!