N.C. Central coach LeVelle Moton shares story of harrowing police stop after watching George Floyd tragedy

The Political Agitator’s response: Now this is messages that impresses me coming forth sharing real stories that relate to what is going on currently verses these guy on Facebook trying to impress folk with pretty words not sharing real and personal experiences that they have encountered personally or some that they know. Time for Real Men to stand up and be heard. Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

LeVelle Moton was a coach at Sanderson High in North Carolina when he was driving his truck in May 2005 with newly crowned NCAA champion Raymond Felton in his passenger’s seat.

Now the head coach at N.C. Central and an NCAA Tournament regular, Moton went on Twitter on Wednesday to share a personal story from 15 years ago as a response to what he saw occur with the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police earlier this week.

Moton wrote that he was speaking on the telephone with his mother as he drove, when he noticed a police car trailing him and then was alarmed to see the car’s warning lights flash and hear the siren blare. When Moton pulled over, he wrote on Twitter, he was not approached carefully and asked for his license, the normal course of events during a traffic stop. (Read more)

If They Would Arrest Police When It Is Captured That They Kill Black Men, Then They Will Not Create Hurting And Angry Responses

Problem is that when a Black Man does something he is charged right then. If this had been a Black Police and a White man I wonder how the white race would have responded? Hell do you see how they responded over ReOpen? White guy get a away with saying he will kill but allowed to come to a protest with a gun?

If they had arrested these killers (wonder have they done something similar before) and/or the Police Chief had immediately came on the news and said I watched the video and this is unacceptable and we are going to deal with it asap.

What is going on is what was created because of how this and other cases have taken place and expected hurting folk to wait.

The protest has different kind of folk involved. You have the peaceful protesters that want to send their message.

You have the angry and don’t give a damn at the moment protesters.

I stand on the side with the peaceful protesters however I recognize a hurting and angry protester side as well. If the hurting and angry protester want to put himself in harm’s way and to risk being killed or going to jail, then they must suffer the consequences.

There are good police and there are bad police. There are police that do shit and then there are police that watch shit happens.

The police that do shit need to get what he deserve and the police that watch shit happen should get the same thing as the one that did the shit.

I too am hurt and angry but I am not going to give Racist Special Cs the luxury of watching me get angry and doing something that will take my voice away. What the hurting and angry protester must recognize and understand is once you remove yourself from the equation after committing a crime during the protest, he has silenced himself.

I am The Political Agitator Curmilus Butch Dancy II  2020


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Bronson Williams Requested City Of Rocky Mount NC Bad Debt Write-off History But Mayor Sandy Roberson & Councilman Lige Daughtridge Care To Talk About That Part

The Political Agitator’s response: Thank you Bronson Williams for requesting and sharing this information. I am going to see how the Ignant Racist Special Cs and the Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk twist this. Now Run & Tell That! I’ll Wait! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020 
Bronson Williams

Just now ·

The City of Rocky Mount has written off $24 million since 1999. Most of which was centered around residential, but we do see business owners benefited from write-offs as well. While attempts to divide and conquer are present we must focus on growing Rocky Mount.

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These Special Cs Thinking They Can Say & Do Whatever To Certain Black Folk

The Political Agitator’s response: Ignant Racist Special Cs and & Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk don’t think White Supremacy ain’t real but that is because their asses has not received emails and received threats. I have been receiving them since the late 80’s. But the problem with Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk is because they have never stood for anything, they have not been threatened. This may be one of the persons that called Councilwoman Chris Miller and Councilman Tj Walker about not going to Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson’s Special Call Meeting. But you see these Racists and Safe Folk don’t want to talk about them TRUES! Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

From: Gomer Saidgrastion <gomersaidgrastion@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 5:45:17 PM
To: Andre Knight <
Subject: Pay your bills

It’s no wonder you people have failed,we have gave you people chance after chance to live among the supreme race, but you people have failed,when we took you out of bondage was the biggest mistake in United States history, there will be a day when you people will once again be placed back in chains to serve the supreme race,may you people burn in hell.god bless because no one else will.rev..gomer saidgrastion CEO and founder of anti nigger inc and author of my father witnessed the exacution of Martin Luther the coon and what a glorious day it was and author of three niggers swinging in a tree and a dog named wc.

Council members chide mayor over press release – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This was one of the best meetings I have attended. Now that Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson has had his Special Called Meeting to satisfy the Special Cs in the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens group they need to wait just like myself for the agencies that Beth Wood NC State Auditor say she has turned had turned her findings over to.

Mayor Sandy Roberson received criticism from the majority of the City Council about his communications via the news media in the aftermath of the recent findings of State Auditor Beth Wood and her team’s probe of the City of Rocky Mount’s finances and operations.

A council special work session was held Tuesday and led by Councilman Andre Knight in his capacity as mayor pro tem. A focus of council discussion was about a press release that Roberson, through a news media contact of his, emailed on May 19.

The press release stated that four council members refused to attend an upcoming emergency meeting of the council.

Of particular issue, as part of the press release, was Roberson and a city police sergeant posed together in a photograph. The photograph showed both holding paperwork of service, apparently in connection with the meeting.

During Tuesday’s work session, Roberson sat quietly. At the end of council discussion of the item, Roberson expressed appreciation for the suggestions and said he would take them under advisement.

During the work session, Councilman T.J. Walker told Roberson, “With the utmost respect that I have for you as an individual, as a businessman and your zeal to be a leader, I believe the way in which you handled this situation was very, very controversial in a time that’s already tense and controversial for our city.” (Read more)