Murdered And Missing Women In Rocky Mount, Why Has There Been No Town Hall Meeting?

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I am concerned about what is going on with the murdered and missing women awareness because I have have posted articles and videos here. I will not be a promoter of mess and I want to make that known at this time. However I hope everyone who are involved are about the business of the children who have suffered a great lost.

I was following the murdered and missing women events beginning with the candlelight service and the bike ride both held at Dr. Martin Luther King Park in Rocky Mount NC. I videoed both events.

I have the videos of both events on The DCN TV and I received several calls and emails from folks whom wanted to donate funds and etc. I directed these folks to some folks and that was the end of that.

Since that time I have not been involved in the events that have taken place. I have an issue with where all of this is going and I do not feel that it is headed in the right direction. It begin all about awareness however I don’t see the level of awareness that I would like to see take place.

I believe people in Rocky Mount and the surrounding counties have been made much aware of the murdered and missing women. It has had statewide attention and some national attention. However some want more national attention. Some say enough is not being done to catch what some is calling a serial killer.

Now that everyone has been made aware of the murdered and missing women, what kind of awareness is being made to attempt to get those who are living the same lifestyles to come off the streets. I don’t hear anyone during their moments of fame reaching out to these women to come off the streets.

Recently Mike Hixenbaugh a Rocky Mount Telegram reporter did an article on a male who was a cross-dresser and some want to link his murder to the murdered and missing women. Well my question is why should there have to be a link? It is my opinion that if a man was to pick up  a person thinking that she is a female but later find out that the person is really a male, I believe the man could have really gotten out of control. The man could have been drinking on top of that and once he found out that she was a he, that he could have lost his mind. But again this is my opinion.

I have read several articles and I have heard many conversations about the murdered and missing women for several months. I read the article a couple of months ago about the money being sent back to the person who donated several thousands of dollars. I would like to know how much of that money was sent back. Did they send it all? Now why would they send any of it back if it was for the children? I am missing something.

I would like to know if the children are really getting the monies that are suppose to be donated on their behalf or is the monies being used otherwise. I hope that some folks are not using the murdered and missing families for their own benefit.

I want to know what more can law enforcement do if no one is coming forward sharing information. I believe that 90% of the time crimes are solved because of information being given to law enforcement.

One last thing for the moment, some say that law enforcement has not done enough, the media has not done enough. So these folks who are saying those folks have not done enough, well what have you done? Where were you before Mike Hixenbaugh came on the scene? It appears the group that call themselves Murdered or Missing Sisters can be credited for keeping the issue in the media since they have had event after event for several months now. Now this leads up to another question, “Who are the Murdered or Missing Sisters?”

There has also been atleast one Rocky Mount City Councilman who have been very vocal on this issue as well.

Now that I have said all of this, when will the town hall meeting take place? Just maybe there will be media from everywhere that will cover the town hall and this time it would be a little different than the candlelight, the bike ride, the talk shows and other.

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