A film as lost as the girl it glorifies by Courtland Milloy The Washington Post

I know some folks will get pissed off when they read this however I have not seen the movie but this is an interesting take on the movie. Oh well would love to see some comments. C. Dancy II – TPA

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I am sure some of you have already read this, but pass it on anyway; it is really a great piece of writing.  Moreover, it points out many of the issues – and flaws – among our people when it comes to our self images, in addition to the flaws of white folks and their assessment of us (but we already know that, right?).  Oprah’s comment sounded like George Bush when he flew over Katrina ravaged New Orleans; only instead of an airplane, she was in a limo.  Thanks RNN for sending this out.  Peace.  Jim  

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People –

As usual….Brother Courtland tells it like it T-I-izz.


Now that I have seen the movie "Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire," I’m all the more bewildered by its enthusiastic reception, especially in the white media. The fictional story revolves around a black teenager, Claireece "Precious" Jones, who is raped by her father, gets pregnant by him — twice — and endures the depravity of her psychopathic mother. (Read more @ The Washington Post)

I Agree With Calvin Adkins Daily Southerner Sports Editor On The Football Coach of The Year

I totally agree with Adkins on this one. I feel that Coach Danny Ward deserved the coach of the year. If Ward and Cobb records were somewhat identical then maybe I could go along with the group that chose Cobb.

I met a young man recently whom played football and graduated from North Edgecombe several years ago. We talked about North Edgecombe, Tarboro and SouthWest all being in the playoffs. But one thing that stuck with me is that this former football player said that Coach Danny Ward used to be at Phillips Middle School and he would teach the young males the fundamentals and skills before they move on to North Edgecombe High School under Coach Cobb. The former football player stated now Coach Ward has to do it all at the high school, teach them the fundamentals and the skills.

I have known Coach Ward for several years because of my traveling the county attending sporting events. Ward and I both served on the Edgecombe County Recreational Advisory Committee several years ago and I got to know him more in depth.

One good thing about the northern end of the county they have a black male Coach Ward who can relate and inspire the young black males in the poorest area of the county.

See Calvin Adkins’ article in the sports column of the Daily Southerner.

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