Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Called In To FM 92.1 Behind Me On Thursday

The ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called in again trying to discredit my comments about the single parent with 2 children that called in on Tuesday who was appreciating her daughter for doing good in school and not having to go back after Christmas because she has completed her courses to graduate in June. I stated that this lady and her daughter need to be called upon to speak to others be it on the radio, in the churches and in the community to inspire others. I said we are always talking about the negative children.

Again the ignant Rev. tried to discredit me but misleading folks in the process. He said that it was nothing new that children finish school before time so he was going to put a period on that as if he is the one who decides if there should be further discussion on the issue.

My point was is that this child could tell about how she chose to take all the courses needed to require to graduate and not take fill in courses that would make her had to stay in school for the entire senior year. This student could share with others what inspired her to do what she did.

The mother works 2 jobs. This female student not only worked hard to be able to stay at home until graduation but she helps her sibling with his/her school work as well.

Just imagine if this family could share with others what works for them, they may could encourage some other families to do the same.

Again folks we have a so-called reverend who should be trying to say things to encourage folks but instead he is busy trying to discredit and mislead folks. And then folks wonder why some reverends get a bad name.

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Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Called In To FM 92.1 Behind Me On Wednesday

That ignant rascal called in again right behind me on Wednesday trying to belittle me however he can’t do that but in the process he do what he does best mislead folks. He tries so hard to disagree with whatever I call in and say no matter how on target I am. I have no problem with him disagreeing with me but when he tries to twist what I say, then it becomes a problem.

On yesterday the discussion was about parenting. I said we are using parenting too loosely because we know that people are parents simply because they have children however parents of today are so young and some are 15 years or less older than their children so therefore they are children themselves. I said some of these parents do not know how to be parents. Some of the grandparents are not really parents to their children so therefore we have a problem.

I said we all know who are the real parents in our neighborhoods so we don’t need to act like we don’t know. I said what are we doing to help with these children. I said are we reaching out to them.

Higgs called in talking about we don’t need to redefine parents because if they have children they are parents. He said if they have children even if they ain’t but one year older they should be responsible parents.

This man suppose to be a Rev. and get on the radio and try to discredit a few others especially Mrs. Edna Mount and myself since we are regular callers.

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