It Is Okay If The Preacher Say It

We dress up and go to church and listen to the preacher step on our toes but we don’t want anyone else to step on them.

Some people allow others to think for them, pick and choose who are good for them and many times that is where they go wrong.

I am so glad I can make an informed decision for myself. I am in the business of trying to help folks  whom I feel are doing something for the good of the people push their agenda.

Since I know so many folks and what they are about, I am a threat to them. Why? Because they do not want to be held accountable for their actions. They do not want to be challenged.

I want to be held accountable and challenged because when we hold each other accountable we will stay focused and leave little room for us to stray away.

And then people wonder why we keep getting the same results?

Talking About Morals And Values, Edgecombe County Had To Reimburse Andre Knight For His Attorney Fees

I know of many stories that included some others and myself in the community whom do not have criminal records nor have shown our ass unlike some others who have been promoted and rewarded.

When the children staged a walkout at SouthWest Edgecombe some years ago when a white coach grabbed a black student around the neck where was the letters and support? Hell the children called me and I was there supporting the children and the teachers who supported the children anonymously.

Because of my involvement with helping to solve the matter, the former principal at SouthWest Edgecombe at that time invited me to the cornfield and where was the letters and the support? I was the vice president of the Rocky Mount NAACP and we had asked for his resignation but after Rev. Elbert Lee President, Rev. Richard Joyner Pastor of a local church and member of Community Enrichment Organization who was working with the school system along with some other black folks met without me, they then compromised and made a deal with the principal that they would no longer request his resignation.

There have been many school issues that I have been involved in over the years.

Because of all the mess we have allowed this is why the school system is in the shape they are in today and we can thank our black leaders for selling us out.

Edgecombe County Commissioner Rev. Wayne Hines and a former Edgecombe County Manager Joe Durham removed me from the NEED Inc. Board where I was the vice chair when they knew the board was going to vote out a former director they saved him. We had done our homework and had visited an office in Raleigh to make sure we had our house in order to vote the director out. Nash County Commissioners removed William Hobbs who was the treasurer at the time and we were told they called Edgecombe County and told them to remove me. Hines and Durham came to the meeting and Hines removed me so he could vote. First time either of them had been to a meeting since I had served on the board.

Now to a more recent situation.

Why in the hell have we not seen anything in the local newspapers about Edgecombe County having to pay Andre Knight’s attorney fees several months ago? This is one of the best kept secrets in Edgecombe County at the moment. How do I know? I have contacted both newspapers and asked why they have not ran a story on this. I only got a response from the Rocky Mount Telegram and the reporter told me he was going to do a story. No story as of yet and this has been about 2 months.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs challenged Rev. Andre Knight’s residency and the local board of election that consisted of 2 white females and 1 black male ruled against Knight. The black male voted in favor of Knight while the 2 white females voted against Knight. Knight appealed to the NC Court of Appeals after a lengthy fight and won.

So why has The Daily Southerner nor the Rocky Mount Telegram ran a story on this? They were involved along with Kenneth Pledger who teamed up with Higgs in trying to destroy a young black leader by sending information to the the local board of elections.

I dare you to go to The Daily Southerner and the Rocky Mount Telegram and do a search on Andre Knight to see what you find. Also see what you find here when you type in Ken Pledger’s name.

And black folks say they are about what is good for the black community when we do not support young folks who are trying to make a difference. Our children read the newspaper so if they do not see us supporting each other why in the hell should they think we are going to support them?

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

The Power of the Black Vote

This is a repost. Someone brought this to my attention so I decided to repost it. So now you have it. Click on the following link:

Edgecombe County NC – The Power of the Black Vote in Edgecombe County

Note: See the response I received on a local newspaper forum. As usual black folks sit back and say nothing. However I am glad I don’t have to depend on black folks whom say they are in the struggle.

I Read A Letter In The Daily Southerner Written By Dr. Evelyn Johnson About “Morals And Values, Oh My”

First of all I didn’t need to stumble across this because I am fed up with what is going on in Tarboro/Edgecombe County. I am sick and tired of folks acting as if they are all about the children and Tarboro/Edgecombe County moving forward when they are holding us just where we are.

I called in to a local radio station on yesterday releasing my frustration about what is going on around us.

I want to address the following statement from Dr. Johnson’s letter to the editor, “For years we’ve developed beautiful plans illustrating how schools, churches, communities work together. It sounds good, but why is it so difficult to get the groups to form teams that continuously work cooperatively to improve the community?”

The schools: We have many issues and they are not only issues with our children but with some educators as well. Now so many folks talk about what the parents and children are not doing, well I don’t meet that description so I am going to talk from an involved parent position.

I have been actively involved as an advocate for children long before I had a child in the system. Many folks said in the early 90’s I ought to be glad I didn’t have a child in the system.

I have served on the school’s PTO, School Improvement Team, Board of Education Advisory Committee, Closing the Achievement Gap Committee and other school related initiatives. I have attended the school board meetings faithfully over the years until I just got fed up with going when many times there were no other parents present. The schools say they want parental involvement but I came to the conclusion years ago that is a damn lie.

Look at the age of the school board members and how long they have been on the board. Look at how many of them have children in the system and if they do not, are they really fighting for other folks children.

The churches: I have not seen the churches truly involved over the years. But when there is an issue at the school some pastors will get involved as if they are concerned. Hell they knew there were issues before they were asked to get involved but have chosen to be a safe Negro.

What programs are set up in the local churches to help the youth? Every now and then things are put in place for the so-called at-risk children when in fact all of the children are at-risk. Hell we as black men are at-risk.

Communities: I am going to incorporate community organizations into this category. What is going on in our communities to help our children? What are the community based organizations: School Alumni groups, NAACP, Fraternities, Sororities, Masons, Eastern Stars and others doing to help the children during the school year? It is good to give out scholarships at the end of the school year but the children catch hell all year long.

Where is the retired educators in the communities? What are they doing?

Hell we have allowed other folks to do things in our school system and the Alumni groups set back and didn’t say a word. Look at G.W. Carver in Pinetops. They took the gym and made it an auditorium with carpet throughout the whole gym. They were talking about naming the gym after a white P.E. teacher and I said what in the hell has he done in the community? Hell I don’t even think he lived in the area. I spoke to the Alumni President at that time and asked them why they were not involved in what goes on at the school. Hell for a long time there were no picture of the black principal Samuel A. Gilliam in the school.

I had joined the Alumni as an associated member but dropped out after the 1st year because I had a problem with attending meetings at the school and no Alumni members attended so I had to fight these devils all by myself.

The children: The children are crying for help especially those who are not on the at-risk list. They are being ignored as if they are like we are, I got mines so let the others get theirs. The children want to go to school in a safe and productive environment. They want to learn however they want to be taught and challenged as well. Some of these children who are not at-risk come from some single family homes and other just like those we label at-risk.

My question, in my dealings with the school system serving on the PTO, School Improvement Team and etc., Community Organizations and etc. is when are we going to change the way we do things. We continue to do the same old b.s. and keep getting the same results. I am convinced many don’t want change.

We use our children. During events like Dr. MLK Celebrations and other we use our children to write beautiful essays and they get their moment of fame for a day or 2. During the main event breakfast, banquet and/or etc. the top prize winner get to read their speech and sometimes the 2nd place does but the 3rd place do not. Hell one time a year these children will be recognized but if they are not the top prize winner they are really a nobody.

How many times do we see the children being invited to speak to a standing room only gathering be it during the Dr. MLK Celebrations, NAACP, other organizational banquets and/or etc?

Why we can’t come together? Because the adults are stuck on damn titles. I am so and so, Rev., Rev. Dr., Dr., President, Chair and this and that, while we are losing our children.

Morals: The children are watching us. They see how damn ignant we are. We support adult criminals but yet our children are just doing children things and we write them the hell off.

We allow certain folks in our communities for example, a so-called Rev. to attack one of our young leaders and we sit back silent. We allow the news media to help push the agenda to destroy our leadership and we sit back silent. Not only did he attack that leader but continuously keep confusion in meetings throughout the county. The person is now the chair of the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission under the direction of the Edgecombe County Commissioners which is now a black majority. What in the hell kind of message are we sending to our children?

But when we as a black people try to get something in the local newspapers that will send positive messages to our communities they will not print that.

For instance this letter to the editor from Dr. Johnson a former Edgecombe County Educator made the paper because it is about a little black child and she talks about how we are not together. In my opinion if the racist newspaper thought for one minute that black folks are going to come together they would not have printed it. I say this strongly because of my dealings with the paper and from tracking the local newspapers in the area. I have talked to many black folks who have written letters to the editor and they were not published.

I am convinced that the leaders I have dealt with since the 90’s are not going to come together. I know all of them and what they are all about and the results are in.

Dr. Johnson I read you,  “Tarboro/Edgecombe County:   How many more headlines do we need to read about the enemy preying on our youth before we make some changes?”

But my question is, “Why should it take a headline for us to get it?” We all know what is going on in our communities that we live, work and play but we wait for the headlines. I am aware, I talk to people all the time so therefore I am not moved by headlines alone but by that which I see in the community, that I know and that I hear from people weekly.

I have decided that I am going to change the way I do things.

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher


NC Spin

If you are having trouble reading this email, you may view the online version

Welcome to this week`s electronic update from NC SPIN.

On this week`s edition of NC SPIN we’ll ask our panel to comment on a recent poll showing we don’t trust politicians, a complaint against Wayne County Schools, more problems for our alcohol beverage control system, and potential problems for Charlotte’s 485 loop.

The panel includes:  former Attorney General and Secretary of State, Rufus Edmisten; Chris Fitzsimon, Director of NC Policy Watch; John Hood, President of the John Locke Foundation and Cash Michaels, columnist for the Wilmington Journal and The Carolinian. Tom Campbell will moderate the discussion.

Tom Campbell`s Spin

When the well starts running dry you need to conserve, not use more.  Check out this week’s column Going to the Escheats Well Too Often.

Carolina Community

This was the only town named for the General that he actually visited.  Check out this week’s Carolina Community.

Heard on the Street

Rand problems surfacing

There was plenty of speculation that the reason Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand stepped down from his post was because he was under investigation. “Hogwash,” Rand said. Maybe not. The accusation of insider trading by Rand from the former CEO of a company in which Rand is chairman of the board may be the first hint of future problems. This one comes from an obviously disgruntled former employee but at least one other employee appears to substantiate the charges.

The Carolina Journal, in a separate article, links Rand with questionable real estate transactions on Bald Head Island involving former Governor Mike Easley. According to Don Carrington’s report Rand purchased beachfront property from Mike Easley then transferred it to another owner, a company that had built a house for Easley. Easley had just been elected Attorney General and helped broker exclusions for beach erosions laws for homeowners of Baldhead. The story gets complicated but is worth reading. Bottom line: Easley is further implicated in conflict-of-interest insinuations and Rand plays a questionable role in the transactions. Read the story.

Memo to Governor Perdue: Get ready for another letter from Joe Sinsheimer requesting that you withhold your nomination of Rand to chair the Parole Commission until after these and other charges are cleared.

Who will succeed Rand?

We reported to you that Senator Rand and other heavyweight Cumberland Democrats were in favor of elevating Representative Margaret Dickson to Rand’s Senate seat. Now we hear serious discussion about the wisdom of this move. Dickson has some seniority and is widely respected among House members. If she leaves the House, that clout vanishes. She would be another freshman in the Senate and would be replaced by a freshman in the House. Cumberland County will not likely enjoy the prominence in the near future they have enjoyed in the past, but more Democrats are beginning to see they could get a double whammy if Dickson gets the Senate seat. If Dickson doesn’t get the seat we hear Coy Brewer, power in the Cumberland Democratic Party, favors David Boliek, Jr. 

Traffic snarl

Until now Governor Perdue’s leadership has not been marred by serious missteps, but seasoned observers are describing her administrations’ handling of the Charlotte I-485 loop as the “amateur hour.” Perdue had promised Charlotte she would expedite the long-delayed finalization of the loop around the city. To fulfill that political promise Perdue was desperate to find a solution. But her desire to play to the Charlotte crowd superseded the need for due diligence.

Borrowing $250 million using Garvee bonds is a practice North Carolina has been reluctant to employ. Essentially you are getting money today that must be repaid through the reduction of future federal funds. Some might call it “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.”

But the project would require some $50 million in funding from the contractor who wins the bid to build the road. This is where the wheels come off this buggy. In her haste, Perdue didn’t vet this properly with her State Treasurer and Attorney General. Her office and DOT went so far as to say that both had signed off on the concept. Now we know it isn’t true.

Treasurer Janet Cowell’s office had trouble with the concept from the get-go. Further, Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office says there’s no way they approved the idea. There are Constitutional considerations to address in addition to determining whether this is even good public policy.

Now Perdue may be hung out to dry. One fact is inescapable. This project is going to get delayed yet again, despite what the Governor says. She would be very foolish to push ahead on a project in which her Treasurer and Attorney General are not 100 percent in agreement. Further, Perdue would be wise to get approval from the legislature and the Council of State if she wants to make sure this doesn’t come back to bite her.

Look for more discussion on this topic on week’s NC SPIN.

Hoyle not running

We keep hearing the Senator David Hoyle is saying he won’t run again next year. The Senate could face some interesting changes next session. Rand is gone. Jenkins will be getting a serious challenge in the primary. R.C. Soles is in trouble. Wilmington’s Boseman isn’t running. Senator David Weinstein (Roberson and Hoke Counties) has resigned to become Highway Safety Program Administrator. Republican Senator Jim Jacumin is retiring from his seat representing Burke and Caldwell Counties.  Don Davis, former Mayor of Snow Hill, will face another stiff challenge from former Representative Louis Pate. These are just the ones we can rattle off the top of our heads. There will be others who decide to retire or get serious challenges. Bottom line: The Senate is likely to see more new faces than normal in January 2011.

Escheats fund in danger

When property goes unclaimed it is placed in the Escheats Fund administered by the State Treasurer. Our Constitution says money from this fund can be used to provide scholarships for needy and worthy residents for higher education. But this fund is being drained rapidly and is in jeopardy of drying up. Action is needed to halt the outflow.

Read more in My Spin “Going to the Escheats Well Too Often.”

Unemployment debts grow staggering

On top of the other crises in our state, claims on unemployment are forcing the state to borrow as much as $20 million per day from the federal government. Employers pay into the fund, but unemployment rates have not been raised in proportion to the claims and North Carolina currently owes $1.4 billion it has borrowed from the federal government. That number is expected to reach $2 billion by year’s end and the hole could get even deeper. There is no evidence of a surge in employment that will stop the drain of borrowings. North Carolina has no clue how to repay these debts but is hoping that the feds will forgive some or all of it.

Look for more discussion on this issue next week on NC SPIN.

ABC System needs changing

Face it, our ABC system of controlling alcohol is antiquated and in need of reform. Further proof came when the Wilmington Star-News reported that the Administrator of the New Hanover County ABC system earned $232,000 last year, considerably more than the Governor, Council of State members and Supreme Court Justices. Reluctant to provide the salary information it was quickly determined that salaries across the state varied widely, calling some to say that a uniform salary structure needs to be implemented. A growing number, however, are calling for privatization of the system. One of the latest was the editorial in the Jacksonville Daily News.

Look for us to discuss this more fully on this week’s NC SPIN.

New DA appointed

President Obama agreed to nominate Senator Kay Hagan’s recommended candidate to become U.S. Attorney. He is Charlotte attorney Thomas G. Walker. Before Walker can take office he must be confirmed by the Senate, a process that could get complicated because the nomination can be blocked by one or both of our U.S. Senators.

At question is whether current U.S. Attorney George Holding will be allowed to conclude investigations he has conducted concerning former Governor Mike Easley and former U.S. Senator John Edwards. Hagan has made it clear she wants Holding to conclude his work on these cases but so far there’s no assurance this will happen. Today’s Charlotte O has good comment on the issue. Could be interesting to see if one or both our Senators block the nomination because of this matter.

Tax reform not going anywhere

People who have been attending the joint legislative hearings regarding reform of North Carolina’s tax code are becoming more convinced little significant action will be taken anytime soon. Pity.

Banks want to pay back the feds

Bank of America announced today they want to repay the $45 billion the feds gave them, supposedly so that they can hike executive compensation without interference.

But Raleigh’s Capital Bank has a much different message. CEO Grant Yarber made a very impressive presentation to several groups in the Triangle over the past several days to announce that the homegrown community bank is planning a public offering of $55 million in stock.

Yarber says now is the time to raise money so as to take advantage of great new opportunities. The money could be used to pay back federal TARP funds, could be employed to take advantage of new opportunities from troubled financial institutions or to expand services and grow in existing markets.

Capital believes this economy provides great opportunity for them to expand and they are convinced that the North Carolina market has a bright future ahead. Yarber listed, in compelling fashion, all the reasons why community banks were good investments and good neighbors. The spirit of optimism and sound business acumen displayed in these presentations was impressive to seasoned investors who liked what they heard.

We must disclose (and do so proudly) that Capital Bank is an advertising underwriter for NC SPIN, helping to provide closed captioning for viewers.

Polls show support for video poker taxing

A new poll by Public Policy Polling showed that 87 percent of those surveyed would support taxing video poker over increased sales or personal income tax increases. More than two-thirds said it was unfair to grant video gaming rights to the Cherokee Indians and not to citizens of all counties.

William Thevaos, president of Entertainment Group of North Carolina said, “Video gaming is here in North Carolina, and if you want accountability and transparency, then you need to regulate it and tax it.

The poll showed 77 percent supported regulating and taxing the video gaming industry.

People don’t trust politicians

Speaking of polls, the Elon Poll basically told us what we suspected; people don’t trust politicians. 61 percent said they believe corruption in North Carolina politics is more widespread than it was 10 years ago and two-thirds believe corrupt behavior is becoming more common. While they didn’t trust politicians they generally supported their own Senator or Representative.

When asked about taxes, here is what the poll reported:

How fair is our current tax system at the state level?
Not at all fair: 21 percent
Not too fair: 27 percent
Fair: 41 percent
Very fair: 2 percent

How fair is our current tax system at the local level?
Not at all fair: 18 percent
Not too fair: 24 percent
Fair: 48 percent
Very fair: 3 percent

On the fairness of specific taxes:
Gas tax: 64 percent say “not fair” or “not at all fair”
Tobacco tax: 33 percent say “not fair” or “not at all fair”
Retails sales tax: 29 percent say “not fair” or “not at all fair”
Alcoholic beverage tax: 24 percent say “not fair” or “not at all fair”

Hear more about the poll on this week’s NC SPIN.

Investigate Blue Cross?

19 Democrat and 1 Republican legislators have signed a letter asking that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina be investigated because of a campaign the company conducted to defeat the proposed public option in health care reform.

The letter suggests that the company is engaging in blatant political campaigning, perhaps violating statutes for nonprofits in attempting to sway legislation. The letter asserts that insurance premiums were used to pay for a political campaign.

So far there is no word whether such an investigation will be undertaken.

More ways to watch

If you ever miss the telecast (or radio broadcast) of NC SPIN, here`s good news. You can view each week`s show via webcast. It`s easy. Just go to  and click on the “view webcast” button under the webcast box on the upper left hand side of the home page.  Shows are updated by noon each Sunday.  Archived copies of the show are available there too so you can go back and catch up on any shows that you have missed.  Tell your friends!

Become a fan of the NC SPIN Facebook page and join the discussion!

Until next week, watch out for the SPIN!

Claire Cox-Woodlief, Editor

Tom Campbell, Publisher

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The 8th Annual Durham Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Holiday Parade

The 8th Annual Durham Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Holiday Parade kicks off on Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 12:00 pm. Marching bands, floats, school and church groups, step and dance teams, horses, cars, motorcycles, unique vehicles, clowns and more will make Fayetteville Street a festive place to be.

This year’s theme… is Yesterday’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality. The Grand Marshal of the Parade is NCCU Chancellor Dr. Charlie Nelms. Entry forms available at

The Parade will line up on the corner of Fayetteville Street and Lakewood Avenue, proceed down Fayetteville Street and end at Elmira and Fayetteville Streets.

Parade participants will be contacted by January 11th with line-up information.

***Trophies will be presented for: Best in Parade, Best Theme Application, Best Marching Band. Ribbons will be awarded for: Schools with Most Participants, Non-school group with Most Participants, Best Drum Line, Best Drum Major, Best Mounted Group (Horses), Best Individual Vehicle, Best Commercial Vehicle, and Best Vehicle Club (includes motorcycles).

Judging will take place at the reviewing stand set up at the entrance to NCCU. There will be a DJ and an announcer there as well. The Parade will be televised on a cable network.

The Durham MLK Jr. Holiday Parade is a program of the Triangle Cultural Awareness Foundation, a project of Congressional District Programs, Inc – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity and is planned by Another Coley Event (ACE), an event planning firm located in Durham, NC. ACE specializes in the professional planning of festival, parades, conferences, and conventions and is publisher of Spectacular Magazine.

For more information, call 919-680-0465 or visit

Had the opportunity to release some frustration on the radio today talking about issues education and politics.

Are we really moving forward politically as a black people? Hell no!! Look at our school system.

Received a text and a call from 2 brothers whom I didn’t even know they listen to the show that enjoyed my comments.

My mission is if I can help somebody, my living will not have been in vain. If I reach 1 person that’s enough for me.


See Who Are Married And/Or Dating Outside of Their Race

The following was forwarded to me. This was a moment in history for me, didn’t know this and really don’t know half of the people. I have no problem with who a person dates and/or marries as long as they are happy and can live with it is all that matters. However I do know race matters. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Hint: they don’t look like their mothers, sisters or grandmothers..

The greatest surprise is Jimmie "JJ" Walker and Ann Coutlier.