Georgia Judge Rejects ‘Birther’ Challenge to Obama

ATLANTA (AP) — A Georgia judge has rejected a complaint that sought to keep President Barack Obama off the state’s ballot for next month’s presidential primary.

Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi filed his decision Friday. The complaint contended Obama isn’t a natural-born U.S. citizen and therefore should not be on the state’s ballot. Malihi said in his decision that it has been determined that Obama was born in the U.S. (More)

We can’t wait 2012 BARACKOBAMA.COM

Friend —

Now that each and every Senate Republican has vowed to block measures that would create jobs, President Obama is not going to wait for them to rebuild the economy and bring financial security back to the middle class.

Today, he announced new rules on federal mortgages to prevent more families from losing their homes to foreclosure. And that’s just the beginning — the President said he would continue to make the changes he can by executive action, while continuing to urge Congress to act on legislation to strengthen the economy and create jobs.

If Congress doesn’t act, he will — because millions of Americans can’t just wait for Congress to do their jobs. That’s why thousands of you have been calling and tweeting your representatives over the past month, joining the President in sending a message to lawmakers in Washington that they need to act now.

We’re not just going to continue to wait — and we’ll be keeping up the pressure by making sure they’re hearing from folks across the country every day about why they need to act.

Will you share your story — and join President Obama in telling Congress that we can’t and won’t wait?

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly filibustered the President’s ideas to create jobs now — ideas that until recently were supported by Republicans.

The President’s action today also stands in stark contrast to the positions of the Republicans running for president. Mitt Romney even told a newspaper last week that we actually shouldn’t act; we should let the housing crisis "run its course" and "hit the bottom" so that "investors" can come in and buy up these homes at cheap prices. He’s saying to homeowners that they are on their own, forcing thousands of families to explain to their kids why they have to give up their homes.

Doing nothing while families struggle: that’s the opposite of what this president and this campaign stand for. President Obama isn’t going to let Congress’ inaction stop him from doing what he can right now.

So here’s what the President’s announcement means:

— More families whose homes are under water will get help and save money on their monthly mortgage payment through the Home Affordable Refinance Programs.

— If the value of your mortgage is $100,000 and your house is valued at $75,000, you previously weren’t able to refinance to save your home — forcing many families to pay higher interest rates. As a result of today’s announcement, many more responsible homeowners will be able to lower their rates and pay their debts.

— And this is just one of the incremental changes to come. Next, the President will announce new steps to help young people manage their federal student loan debt while they look for a job and get on their feet. He’ll also take action to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, spur the engines of job growth, create new jobs, and assist veterans in finding them.

These measures alone are not a comprehensive solution to the economic challenges we face. That needs to come out of Congress — and if they’re going to finally put party aside, they’re going to need to keep hearing from us. President Obama is stepping up the pressure, and he’s counting on us to keep going, too.

Get the President’s back and keep the heat on Congress — tell your story of why we can’t wait any longer:



James Kvaal
Policy Director
Obama for America

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THE “WHITE LIKE ME” TOUR by William Reed Columnist

Before he went to Martha’s Vineyard for 10 days at a 1,200-acre, $50,000 a week hobby ranch, President Obama’s three-day tour of the American heartland illustrated his reelection plans and strategy. In the “White Like Me Tour”, Obama sought to get the attention of population segments disillusioned with him and infuse Middle-American voters with optimism, while convincing them that his approach offers the most rational path to economic stability.

The tour allowed Obama a picture-perfect platform to strategically define the Republicans as so unwilling to compromise they would risk financial chaos. But, the “White Like Me” tour allowed Obama to “press the flesh” among America’s heartland and brought controversy and discussions about Obama’s presidential job performance and the policies he supports. The bus tour had the trappings of a candidate wooing voters. The trip, with all the presidential accessories in tow, took Obama through rural hamlets in Minnesota, Iowa and western Illinois and allowed him to shore up his posture in the polls and his political position with White voters. Obama went to Henry County, Ill., which has a Black population of 2.2 percent; to Winneshiek County, Iowa which is 0.6 percent African American. In Decorah, Iowa, Obama declared he’d propose a major jobs package to Congress in September.

Obama’s not delivering for any segments of the American population except the rich. But, a soaring jobless rate among African Americans and a newfound comfort by Black lawmakers to criticize Obama’s economic policies should prompt White House officials to focus more directly on Black America. Urban Blacks are experiencing 25 percent unemployment and the White House needs more collaboration and cooperation from leaders in Black America. At a jobs forum in Detroit, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) blasted the president’s bus tour and has asserted that Obama skipped hard-hit African Americans and their communities. Waters said “We want to give him every opportunity but … the unemployment is unconscionable.”

The poverty rate in Black Caucus districts is 50 percent higher than the national average. African American joblessness is 16.2 percent, and nearly 41 percent for Black teens. In spite of those numbers, a Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Obama still enjoying rock solid support among African Americans – an 86 percent approval rating for the way he’s handled the economy. Among Whites and independent voters, Obama gets a 26 percent rating. Waters is right saying: “it’s time for us to step up and note that our communities are not being dealt with and to make sure that this administration understands that we cannot continue to go on this way and … we cannot be quiet. We have decided that not only are we going to remind the administration about the devastation and the pain that we’re experiencing, but we want to be a part of helping to develop the solution. Whatever the plan to be unveiled in September, we intend to be a part of it.”

When will the administration pay attention to Black needs? What will it take for African Americans to be a part of Obama’s plans for the nation? Obama need not go further than National Urban League President Marc Morial’s 12-Point Plan for Job Creation. The League’s Plan is based on Urban Jobs Act legislation sponsored by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Brooklyn Rep. Edolphus Towns. The Urban Jobs Act provides federal grant funding to non-profit organizations to offer job training, education and support services for urban youth and young adults. Funding Urban Jobs Act programs makes sense. It can help eliminate Black unemployment. The Obama administration needs to fund targeted programs that connect at-risk youth to jobs and gives 18 to 24 year olds skills training, mentoring, and GED preparation. When President Obama speaks to the nation in September about the labor situation, he’s expected to present new and relevant initiatives to grow the economy and create jobs. It would be gratifying to see Obama present the Urban Jobs Act to the public among his recommendations to put Americans back to work. See the full plan at

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Who to Blame for Unemployment: The White House or Congress? – Source: Your Black World

I had a conversation today with Rev. Al Sharpton that took us back to the heated debate that Rev. Sharpton had with Cornel West on MSNBC last month (it was VERY interesting and you can watch it here).   At any rate, the discussion revolved around who to hold accountable for the shocking and unacceptable increases in black unemployment. (Read more)

Note: I have said this many times. The same goes for those who continuously talk about “Our” President not pushing for Reparations. Oh well I am so glad I understand politics and do not have to rely totally on other folks as it relates to POLITICS. This is why everyone should get involved in politics so they can be somewhat knowledgeable of what is real and what is perceived. This will allow them to not be mislead because some folks main thang is to mislead folks. Yep I said main thang. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Mission Accomplished: Navy Seals Kill Osama bin Laden – Source: Gregory Boyce Columnist

Nine years nine months after the worst terrorist attack on American soil, an attack that killed nearly 3,000 human beings (Christian, Muslim and Jew) and shattered the lives of tens of thousands of surviving friends and relatives, Osama bin Laden, the Saudi born mastermind and chief financier of the infamous 9/11 terror attack, was killed by a team of Navy Seals in a mansion in Abbottabad, an affluent city in Pakistan located approximately 30 miles north of Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad, according to a U.S. State Department official. (Read more)

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