"Republican supermajorities in both North Carolina chambers are likely to push . . .

"Republican supermajorities in both North Carolina chambers are likely to push for income tax cuts and sweeping education changes, including broader merit pay for public school teachers and expanded tax credits for parents who send their children to private schools. Also on the agenda: a photo identification requirement for voting that was vetoed in 2011 by Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue.

Deflated Democrats, who haven’t been so shut out of control in more than a century, hope new Republican Gov. Pat McCrory will at least consider their concerns.

“We’ll go forward. We have no choice,” said minority whip Rep. Deborah Ross."

Thanks Deborah Williams for sharing.

Republican supermajorities turn red states redder

There’s a new superpower growing in the Great Plains and the South, where bulging Republican majorities in state capitols could dramatically cut taxes and change public education with barely a whimper of resistance from Democrats. (More)

Black Vote in Ohio Fueled by Voter-ID Bills – The Next America

For African-Americans in Ohio, coming out to vote during this election was personal. Many saw the state’s voter-ID bills as a direct threat to rights denied their ancestors decades earlier. Fueled as much by angst against the ID mandate as enthusiasm for a black president, African-Americans voted at a rate so much higher than 2008 that they may have been the decisive voting bloc. (More)

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Fantasyland – Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too.

Mitt Romney is already slithering into the mists of history, or at least La Jolla, gone and soon to be forgotten. A weightless figure unloved and distrusted by even his own supporters, he was always destined, win or lose, to be a transitory front man for a radical-right GOP intent on barreling full-speed down the Randian path laid out by its true 2012 standard-bearer, Paul Ryan. But as was said of another unsuccessful salesman who worked the New England territory, attention must be paid to Mitt as the door slams behind him in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s brilliant victory. (More)

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So Why Is It Black Folks Can’t Celebrate The Victory Of President Obama Being Re-elected

I just don’t get it some folks think that black folks can’t celebrate the victory of President Obama being re-elected. Is celebrating not what someone does when they are victorious? I just don’t understand why some want to change the rules when things are in favor of certain folks.

Have they ever stopped to think about it black can’t celebrate alone because they didn’t re-elect him alone? Yeap with the help of white and other folks black folks are able to celebrate.

Well I am going to celebrate up until shortly after the inauguration in January. I can do that because that is what other folks would do if they had been victorious. So let’s not get it twisted. I know the rules and you just can’t change them in the many of the game.

FL Election Results 2012: Barack Obama Defeats Mitt Romney – HuffPost

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — President Barack Obama was declared the winner of Florida’s 29 electoral votes Saturday, ending a four-day count with a razor-thin margin that narrowly avoided an automatic recount that would have brought back memories of 2000. (More)

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Now We Better Get Ready For The 2014 Elections Remember 2010?

The people have spoken and re-elected President Barack Obama so what’s next?

Do you remember that in 2010 two years after “our” President was elected in 2008 the Democrats lost the majority in the US House of Representatives and also lost the majority in the NC General Assembly?

You can think the battle has been won if you want to but if you do not get “our” President some help in 2014 then we will be in the same predicament for the next 4 years.

Yes I am happy we re-elected President Barack Obama but all politics is local. We have a Republican majority in the NC General Assembly so now we have got to trust that they will govern within the best interest of all folks. I respect all of the winners who have been elected/re-elected be they Democrat or Republican.

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