I Support Vila Anderson For Register of Deeds Appointment

On Tuesday December 17, 2019 6 PM the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee will meet on the Tarboro Campus of Edgecombe Community College in the McIntyre Auditorium to appoint someone to fill the unexpired term of Robin Williams Braswell who are retiring in December.

I support and will vote for the appointment of Vila R. Anderson because she is a Certified Assistant Register of Deeds by the University of North Carolina – School of Government at Chapel Hill and she has the education to ensure the legal integrity of all records. Anderson has almost 13 years of experience within the Register of Deeds office and her knowledge of new technology, registry operations, and budget matters will ensure that any new initiatives increase the efficiency of the Register of Deeds office. Anderson is committed to seeing the office expertly records stores and provides information that is accurate, legible, timely and easily retrievable for public and private use.

Vila R. Anderson is rooted in the Edgecombe County having grown up in Martin County and resided in Edgecombe County since marriage in 1981. She has 2 children whom both still reside in Edgecombe County. Anderson was employed by The Daily Southerner for 17 years prior to joining the Register of Deeds office and I remember her from back then because I used to write letters to the editor and stop by the papers to pick up extra copies. She was very professional back then and also during the times I visited the Register of Deeds Office.

While I am quite sure Anderson could have gone on to seek other employment that could have increased her salary, she chose to stay with the Register of Deeds Office because of her passion for the office.

I am asking that my fellow Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee to join me in supporting and voting for Vila R. Anderson who is qualified, experienced and dedicated to the office. She has a good relationship with her fellow co-workers and I strongly feel that since she has been in the office working up until Robin Williams Braswell last day that the office will not miss a beat serving the citizens of Edgecombe County but not limited to.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair 11-1

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