Republican launches new bid for state House – Rocky Mount Telegram

Well we can put the rumors to rest but Johnny Cunningham told me that Check was going to run against Rev. James David Gailliard again. Andre Knight called him out on how he ran his campaign the last time and Check said he didn’t have anything to do with the commercials and the information put out their on Gailliard that it was a group out of Raleigh.

Check message was nasty when he got mad when Tj Walker forgot about his appointment for his show when he was campaigning. 

And The WSBS Movement continues. This dude is on WHIG-TV every week talking about Black Leadership. But what gets me is when Black folk go on the show and not check his ass.

Well here we go now I am going to see how the campaigning go now since there was a sense of Silence during the local Rocky Mount Election from certain Black Leadership.

What in the hell are values of the district?

“Check said in his statement that he believes that the residents of the district deserve a representative who reflects the values of the district.”


Republican launches new bid for state House – Rocky Mount Telegram

“After much prayer and numerous conversations with local leaders and supporters, I am announcing that I will run for N.C. House District 25. After receiving nearly 14,000 votes in the last election, I will continue a grassroots effort to bring the seat back to the citizens of District 25,” Check said in a statement.

Check ran for the District 25 seat in the 2018 election, when former representative Jeff Collins, a Republican, declined to run. Democrat James Gailliard won that election with 51.5 percent of the vote, while Check took roughly 45 percent and Libertarian candidate Nicholas Taylor captured the rest. (Read more)